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Sakura watched as Tenten's serve went in a high arc and came down unto the opposing side. Hinata bumped it to Kale, who set it for Ino, and Ino spiked it down. Serena dug the spike from her vantage point in the middle front, and Hari set the dig. Sakura rushed forward and tipped it. Unfortunately, Ino had blocked it, and it came right back down towards Sakura.

Serena saved Sakura's butt by digging the ball for a second time. Hari shouted for help; she didn't think she could get to the ball because Serena had unconsciously stepped in her way. Sakura set the ball, but it went a little to far for Hari to spike or tip, so Tenten claimed it as hers, and bumped it over.

Hinata bumped the ball to be set by Kale, who set it for Ino again. Ino tipped it, copying Sakura's movement, and Serena dug the tip. Hari bump-set the ball to Sakura, who started to do her approach for a spike, but on her second step, her ankle gave out and she fell to the ground.

"Ouch! Shit!" Sakura shouted. Her shout echoed in the gym, and immediately her teammates rushed over to see what was wrong. Temari dropped her clipboard on a bleacher as she jogged over to see her team member.

"Sakura, what's wrong?" Temari asked. Her tone was authorative, and it made her sound like the volleyball captain she was.

"My ankle feels like it's sprained," Sakura said through gritted teeth. She was holding on to her ankle and trying her best not to cry in front of the team. She had already cried enough on the night they played the prank on her.

"Gaara, get over here. Take Sakura to the hospital and get her ankle checked out."

"W-what? No! I don't need to go to the hospital!" Sakura stuttered, but it was no use. Temari silenced her with one of her famous glares, and that was the end of that.

Gaara sauntered over to the group and helped Sakura up off the floor and let her lean against him as they made their way out of the gym. Sakura told Tenten to grab her bag and keep it until tomorrow before she left.

Gaara guided Sakura silently to his car. Sakura didn't really care what kind it was; she wasn't one of those car maniacs who memorized the names of each kind of car in the world. After Sakura was settled in the passenger seat, Gaara made his way to the driver's seat.

"Um, Gaara, are you even old enough to drive?" Sakura asked as the boy started the engine. "Or, rather, do you have your license yet?"

"No," he stated simply, pulling out from the parking spot. Sakura seemed to bug out at that, so he continued, "I have a special permit that lets me drive on an emergency, like when someone on the team in injured and Temari makes them go to the hospital. I'm pretty sure all captains and co-captains are required to have them if the team doesn't have an official coach."

"Oh," Sakura said quietly. The pain was starting to subside, and she could feel her foot going numb. "Um, is my foot supposed to be numb?"

Gaara gave Sakura an inquisitive glance. "No, it's suppose to hurt like hell. Are you cutting off your circulation?"

"Hehe," Sakura giggled, letting go of her ankle. Her foot got pins-and-needles, and she immediately wished she had kept her grip. Luckily for her, the hospital was only a few miles down the road from the school. Gaara pulled into the parking lot, and proceded to turn off the car, get out, and help Sakura out.

In the lobby, Gaara reported a sprained ankle, and the lady behind the counter nodded, pointing to two empty seats across the room. Gaara sat Sakura down in a seat, but preferred to stand guard beside her. They waited for a good ten minutes or so, before the door to the hospital halls opened and a tall, handsome doctor stepped into the lobby.

"I have a case of a sprained ankle?" he asked, looking around the room. Sakura raised her hand, and the doctor nodded, beckoning for her to follow him. Sakura leaned on Gaara as the two followed the doctor down to the very back of the hallway. They entered an office-like room, and the doctor motioned to a table for Sakura to sit on, and a chair in the corner for Gaara. Sakura was lifted onto the table by Gaara, and the doctor immediately began testing her ankle.

After a questionnaire and two x-rays later, Sakura and Gaara were left alone in the room while the doctor developed the x-rays.

"Feeling better?" Gaara asked.

"A little," Sakura admitted. An awkward silence, and then Sakura asked, "So, why did Temari tell you to take me to the hospital? I could have just sat on the bleachers for the rest of practice."

Gaara gave a slight shrug. "That's what I'm here for. Temari likes to use me as a chaffeur for her precious little team members."

"Eh? Is it right to use your boyfriend like that?"

Gaara froze. What did she just say? "Um, I don't think you get it. Temari and I aren't going out."

"Oh. Did you guys break up?" Sakura asked innocently.

Gaara couldn't help it. He laughed. "Haruno, Temari and I can't date each other. We're siblings. That's incest."


"Uh, yes. Isn't it obvious?"

"No! It's the farthest from!"

"That's funny, that you thought Temari and I were going out."

Sakura was silent. Let Gaara laugh. Breaking the silence, she asked, "So, are you going out with anyone?"

Gaara shook his head no, and Inner Sakura let out a triumphant yelp.

"Alright, Ms. Haruno, it looks like you have a minor sprain," the doctor said as he entered the room once more. "You'll need to wrap it and walk with crutches for a while, but after that it should be good as new! I'll just wrap it for you and rent you out some crutches, and then you can go home!"


"Hey, Haruno, are you going to need a ride to school every day now?" Temari asked from within her car window. Sakura start to shake her head no, but then thought better of it.

"I guess it couldn't hurt," she said dubiously, as though she wasn't quite sure with herself.

"Kay then! I'll pick you up at 7:30 A.M. tomorrow!" Temari waved as she drove off. Sakura waved back ,and gave Gaara a small smile before she ascended the stairs to her front door. Maybe, just maybe, this injury could be a good thing...


Alrighty! So, the ending was kinda weak, and not what I had planned (as usual). For those of you who couldn't figure it out, Sakura and Gaara are now happily going out, and the question popped up as Gaara was driving Sakura back to the practice to pick up Temari. Happy endings rock!