A/N: Takes place at the end of Ronny on Empty I. Keep that in mind.


There was one thought going through Will Aston's mind right now, and that was to locate and rescue Ronny. If anything happened to her, to his yellow ranger…Will was fully prepared to make someone pay.

She had sacrificed herself for him, to ensure his safety. It was more than her just being a good teammate and a good friend…Will knew that to be a fact. He was sure of it.

And he was in love with her. He'd probably loved her since the first crazy day they had met and he loved her with all of his heart and soul. Sometimes there were secret dreams at night about him and Ronny and a family in a safe world. Ronny was the only woman Will could picture having such a future with.

If he lost her…

"I'm coming, Ronny," Will whispered. "I'm coming baby. I'm coming."

And Will continued sprinting through the forest, determined to make her sacrifice worthwhile.