OK, my friend and I were watching the Sora Song on YouTube and my friend asked, 'What if they did a song about Demyx or Axel?' And this popped up. I'm only giving you the Demyx song for now, cause I only have one Axel verse right now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And now, AFE Productions presents...The Demyx Song!

My name's Demyx

I'm Number Nine

Here's my Sitar

Don't touch! It's mine!


I have a mission

But as you see

I don't go 'cause

Cerberus scares me!


You want to beat me?

You have a chance!

Just beat my clones

Dance, water, dance!


In my free time

I wonder why

The Orgy's full

Of mostly guys!


My name is Demyx!

The others call me a fool!

But people like me more and

That's what makes me cool!


My friend Zexion

I call him Zexy

The others think

He's so sexy!


I have to bring back

That Roxas guy

Why did he leave?

They sent the wrong guy!

What'd you think? I think there were too many syllables in one or two points, but oh well.

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