Only In Your Dreams- Ch:1

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Rating: T

Twenty four year old Troy Bolton sat in his Christmas themed office.

He wrote a few lines on his paper, and then glanced at the clock.

" Ten more minutes..."

He thought to himself as he sighed and layed the pencil down.

Troy Bolton.

The name would cause certain people to listen up, or glance in that direction.

Troy Bolton: Advertising CEO.

He was the one that you needed to see if you had a problem.

He was the one that could make you famous.

He was the god of the corporote world.

Troy looked again at the clock.

" Two till...close enough."

He folded his paper's and ordered up his desk.

Troy grabbed his briefcase and walked out the door of his office, stopping to lock the door.

" Goodbye Mr. Bolton..." Heather, his secretary, said with a seductive wink.

Troy smiled as he looked her up and down.

Her short dress didn't leave much to the imagination.

Troy watched her walk down the office corridor, and out to the parking lot.

He shook his head.

He'd gotten to know Heather pretty well...if you get my drift.

Troy yawned as he flipped the lights off and walked out to his car.

He dug for his keys, then clicked the button for the automatic.

Troy slid into his Porsche.

He gripped the steering wheel and sighed as he started the ignition.

Troy leaned back into the black leather seat, then easily put the car into motion as he drove out of the parking lot.

Troy took no notice to the festive decorations as he drove through the busy streets of L.A.

The lit palm trees, and the giant snowflakes were the last thing on Troy's mind.

Troy stopped at a red light.

His vision glanced to the side, to the red open sign at the small store.

Troy knew he was a good drinker, so he pulled into the parking lot.

He walked through the many aisle, then once he decided on his drink, he went to get in line.

Troy stood for a few seconds, then began to get impatient.

He directed his attention to the front of the line, where the cashiere was giving a man a hard time.

" Sir, please, it's Christmas Eve! I just need these batteries to light up our angel, please! My kids' will be crushed!" A middle aged man pleaded to the cashier.

The cashier shrugged, " Tough luck man. You're twenty cents too short. No cash, no product. Sorry." He said coldly.

Troy rolled his eyes.

" For god's sake..." He mumbled as he walked to the front of the line.

" Here." He said, throwing a twenty dollar bill at the cashier.

" That should take care of it." He added with a frusterated eye roll.

The cashier shrugged as he rang up Troy's six pack of beer.

He handed him the reciept, and Troy was out of there.

" Excuse me!"

Troy heard a voice coming from behind him, but he really just wanted to get home.

" Wait!"

Troy stopped in his tracks and sharply turned around.

The man, who was the customer, caught his breath, then smiled at Troy.

Troy, who was already dumbfounded to begin with, gave a half smile, out of politness.

" I just wanted to say thank you." The man said, reaching his hand out.

Troy blankly looked down, then back at the man. He slolwy returned the gesture.

" It might not mean alot to you, but it does to me...and my kids..." He said, a certain glint of happiness in his eyes.

" They'd be crushed if the angel didn't light's a family event every year..."

The man began rambling, and Troy stared blankly at him.

The mand stopped and laughed, " Well, I suppose you don't need me wasting your time, I mean it's Christmas Eve! I'm sure you have a girl to go home to." He said pleasently.

Troy nodded, even though that didn't describe him at all, and then went to leave, but the man's voice stopped him.

" Are you happy with your life?"

The question caught Troy by surprise, so the man reworded it.

" I mean to say, is this the way you want to spend the rest of your life?"

" What are you saying?"

The man shrugged and looked at Troy, " You seem...distracted."

" I'm just busy."

The man nodded, " Have you ever second guessed yourself?"

" What gives you the right to ask that?" Troy spat angrily.

" Nothing."

Troy's puzzlement was written accross his face.

He shook his head and turned to leave.

" Do you ever regret June 7th?" The man asked out of the blue.

Troy's eyes enlarged as he froze in his steps, " Who are you." He asked, not turning around.

The man's beaming smile turned into a smirk, " I am who you want to be."

Troy's brow scrunched in loss of knowing, he slowly turned to face this man.

When he looked back, however, the man was nowhere to be seen.

Goosbumps began sneaking up Troy's arms as he shook of his strange emotions.

Inhaling the brisk air, Troy walked back to his car.

" I am who you want to be..."

Troy shook his head, denying all of what his mind was telling him.

Author'sNote: well...i totally just thought of this idea of a story...i dont know why, but yeahh.. anyone willing to read it? lol

this first chapter's kinda weird, but i have the next one planned out, and you're supposed to be confused...i mean, Troy is.

i swear i'm working on Here...but, like, those chapters are always so long! i just can't focus through a whole chapter...i'm pretty sure i have undiagnosed ADD...just saying