Megan awoke to the agonizing pain in her left leg. Groggily opening her eyes, she looked around at her surroundings. "What the hell?"

A back seat. Sitting up a little, Megan groaned in pain. I'm in a backseat of a car. But why? How the hell did I get in here? Megan then noticed that she wasn't the only one in the car. Sitting in the front seat was a short-haired brunette woman, in her thirties, whom Megan recognized as Dr. Brennan.

Megan tried to remember the events before she was put in a car with her.

48 hours earlier...

Booth and Brennan stepped out of the jeep and walked over to the crime scene, where people were gathered all around, talking to policemen.

"My superiors say to let you look at the flying saucer." A sheriff said to them as they crossed the yellow tape.

Brennan shook her head. "It's not a flying saucer."

"Well, it sure looks like one." The sheriff pointed to some kids." Some kids were dirt biking, and said that they saw something shiny in the ground. They dug it up, and looked into the window to see aliens."

"Did you look?" Brennan asked.

He nodded. "Yes ma'am... then I called for backup."

"Why?" Booth wondered.

"On the account of..." He trailed off. "Well, they're aliens."

They all looked at the mysterious ship that was laying in the dirt. The sheriff walked away and Brennan walked up to the object's window, wiping off the extra dirt. After gazing at it for a moment, she looked back at Booth. "Alright... do you wanna take a look?"

Booth nodded and walked up to the object and peered over Brennan's shoulder to get a good look inside. "Oh god." Inside the ship were two skeletons, each with red and black shirts on, clinging on to each other. "Are those what I think they are?"

"Yes, as long as you think that they're two adolescent human males." Brennan said, looking back at Booth.

"How long?" Booth asked.

"The amount of dehydrated tissue suggests the tank is sealed and intact... years." Brennan said.

Booth sighed. "Two kids, huh? I liked it better when they were aliens."

"Don, we got a case." Colby said, walking into the room.


Colby nodded in response, and handed Don the folder. "A beer-vat was dug up at a park in Washington D.C., with two sets of human adolescent male skeletons in it. They want us to work with a team from the Jeffersonian and some FBI agents there."

"Why us?" Don asked.

"Don't know." Colby said, shrugging. "The director just said that he wanted us to go and check it out. He got us plane tickets... we're leaving in two hours."

As Colby left, Megan and David entered the room. Don turned to them, and showed them the folder, which Megan examined first. "We're going to Washington D.C.?"

Don nodded. "Yep... two male skeletons were found in a beer-vat. They wanted FBI Agents on the case, so they chose us."

David stared at the picture of the skeletons. "It's so weird... they look just like aliens or something." Megan and Don just stared at him. "Just saying."

"One set of remains show trauma to the legs, compound fractures, and his pelvis is broken in three places. The other was virtually untouched." Zach said, pointing to the bones that he was explaining.

"Cause of death?" Brennan asked.

"The amount of blood suggests that at least one of them bled out... probably the one with the injuries." Zach said. "I've also noted a constellation of identical non metric variants. Extra foramina."

Brennan's eyes grew wide and Booth walked up to them, approaching the platform. "Does that mean that they were twins?"

"How did you know?" Brennan asked.

Pulling out a picture, Booth showed it to the two. "Matthew and Ryan Kent, kidnapped October 31, 2001. No one has seen them since."

"Brennan, Booth, we have the FBI team that the director requested." Angela said, leading three men and a woman with Cam and Hodgins walking right next to her.

Angela scanned her card, allowing everyone to walk up to the platform where Booth, Brennan and Zach were standing.

"Booth, Brennan, this is Agents Eppes, Sinclair, Reeves and Granger." Cam said, pointing to each one as she said their names.

Brennan smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure to be here." Don said.

"Anyone want to fill us in on what the case is?" Colby asked.

Booth nodded and showed them the picture, which Megan and Don examined together. "The two boys in the beervat were positively identified as Matthew and Ryan Kent. They were kidnapped on October 31, 2001, and no one has seen them since."

Don noticed that Megan had a surprised look on her face. "What is it, Megan?"

"I've seen this case before... when I was in L.A." Megan told everyone, still staring at the picture.

Brennan looked confused. "Why was the file in L.A.?"

"I think it was a copy." Megan sighed. "They never closed that file, though. I'm not really sure if the file closed here."

"Well, I guess we'll find that out soon enough." Booth said. "They want us to meet with the parents, and the other agents that were working on the case."

"The remains in the beer-vat have been positively identified as Matthew and Ryan Kent." Brennan said, showing a man and a woman the photos.

Booth and Brennan were sitting in the Jeffersonian Conference Room, along with a man, a woman, Don and Megan.

"Oh god." The man said.

The woman sighed, looking at him. "Hey, come on Peter... at least it's better than not knowing."

"Agent Sanders, you were assigned to the Kent kidnapping?" Brennan asked. It was more of a statement than a question.

"Uh, Mr. Sanders... I uh, retired from the FBI to pursue a career in general contracting." He said. "Uh, when I'm sober... uh, Kim here was the Assistant United States Attorney attached to the case."

Kim nodded. "Still attached... the file's still open. The boys were snatched after a drinking party."

Megan glanced at Don before looking back at Kim. "Was the ransom paid?"

Agent Sanders looked at Kim. "As the dually sworn representative of the FBI, I advised Mr. Kent not to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, the Kent's listened to me and not the K&R guy, and uh... now their sons are dead."

Brennan had a confused look on her face. "K&R?"

"It's the kidnap and ransom experts." Megan explained.

"The Kent boys were the Gravedigger's third victims." Kim said.

"Third of the six that we know of." Agent Sanders said. "Uh... all together, four payed the ransom and lived."

Don sighed. "And the other one that didn't?"

Kim shook her head. "Never found him."

"That's why they call him the Gravedigger." Agent Sanders explained. "Uh, he takes people... and he buries them. You pay the ransom, he tells you how and where to dig them up. You don't, and uh... you never see them again." Everyone just stared at him. "You won't catch him."

"With all due respect, Agent Sanders, we have the beer-vat and the human remains." Don said.

"What are two dead bodies going to tell you that four live victims couldn't?" Kim asked.

Booth smiled. "Dr. Brennan, she's uh, pretty good at making dead people tell her things."

"Look... my advice, talk to the K&R guy." Agent Sanders said to them.

"Kidnap and ransom expert Thomas Vega." Kim pulled out a book. "Former FBI... he literally wrote the book on the Gravedigger."

Brennan, Megan, Booth and David were in another Conference Room with Thomas Vega and another woman.

"I became a kidnap and ransom specialist after I realized that the bureau's policy on non-payment to kidnappers is antiquated and dangerous."

"You've dealt with the Gravedigger how many times?" Megan asked them.

The woman looked at her. "In total... five."

"Janine is a journalist, she helped me write the book on the Gravedigger." Thomas informed them. "Next to me, she's the ranking expert on that son of a bitch."

This comment caused Janine to smile.

"Journalist, huh?" Booth asked, suspicious.

"Don't be like that, Agent Booth." Janine said, smiling, then turned to the others. "The Gravedigger is totally consistent... no one ever sees the victim taken, the ransom demand is made using a digitally altered voice. The time limit is given. There's never a second call." She sighed. "As soon as the ransom is payed to a numbered untraceable account in the Caribbean, Jamaica, excetera, the GPS coordinates are provided, leading to the victim."

"None of the surviving victims remember anything before they were taken?" Brennan asked.

Janine shook her head. "Nothing... burn marks on the back of the neck suggest the use of a stun gun or a cattle-prod."

"Whenever you try to trace the container that you found the boys in, well, you'll reach a dead end." Thomas told them. "He gets everything from landfills or cash auctions."

"Is there a last chance to pay up?" David asked.

Thomas shook his head. "Never."

"You know, most kidnappers are caught because they negotiate for the ransom." Janine explained. "The Gravedigger simply won't play."

"Really not looking to help you write another book, you know... Capturing the Gravedigger." Booth joked.

"Agent Booth, I have seen what the Gravedigger does to families... up close. You know what, dislike me as much as you want... but I'm still gonna help you because I want this bastard caught." Thomas said, and walked away with Janine right behind him.

Brennan looked over at Booth. "You were kind of mean to him."

Booth set the book down on the table. "Yeah... thanks."