"If we're less than four feet beneath the surface... this charge could blow us... to freedom."

Megan's face held a worried look. "And... what if... what if we're buried more than four feet? What will happen?"

"Let's see... how do I put this nicely." Brennan quietly asked herself. "If we're buried more than four feet, the concussion from the blast will... it will turn our brains into jelly."

"Alright, they have to be here." Don said, still scanning the area back and forth.

Booth nodded in agreement with Don and began shouting orders. "Come on, people, let's get moving!"

"Look for anything... tire tracks, recent digging, mounds, depressions... anything!" Cam shouted and in seconds, FBI agents were running around, milling their way through the desert area.

Colby and David each grabbed a shovel and began making their way downhill, but not before passing Don. "We'll find them."

"Megan... where are you?" Don whispered to himself.

As Booth kept digging, he felt soft skin against his calloused hands and immediately realized that it was a hand. Grasping it tightly, Booth managed to pull the body out of the dirt and onto the ground.

It was Brennan.

Don, David and Colby kept digging and they saw the familiar brown hair that belonged to Megan. Grabbing her upper body they pulled her out from the dirt and onto the safe ground, but fear and shock ran through their veins when they saw that she wasn't breathing.

"No." Don whispered. "No, no!"

Booth and Brennan looked over at them, wondering why Don was freaking out, and they soon realized that Megan wasn't breathing as well.

Don soon began to give CPR to Megan, with him operating alone.

"Don, why don't you let me help." Colby offered, but he immediately backed away when Don gave him a glare.

"I got this." Don told him. "I can do this."

Minutes passed, and Don's muscles were aching, but he pushed that pained feeling aside and continued to push the palms of his hands into Megan's chest while simultaneously locking his lips to hers, pushing air into her lungs. Brennan, now able to function on her own now sat next to Booth, who stared at the scene in front of him, along with everybody else.

"I need two ambulances down here!" Booth spoke into his phone and hung up, his eyes traveling back to Megan's lifeless body.

"Don..." David began, but Don wouldn't let him finish.

"I am not giving up on her!" Don yelled while still pumping Megan's chest. "I can't... I can't give up on her. She's done too much... come on, Meg." He locked lips with hers once again, then lifted his head. "Come on, you can do it."

A hand rested on Don's shoulder, and he paused for a moment before continuing with what he was doing. It was Colby. "Don."

Silent tears fell from Don's eyes and rolled down his face. His hands began to slow down as they stopped pumping Megan's chest, and his upper chest collapsed onto Megan's. His body shook with sobs as he buried his head into her chest, afraid to show is face to the others surrounding him.

Megan's lips were slowly turning a light shade of purple, and her skin began to feel like ice. Anger began to run through Don's veins as he realized that what he was doing wasn't working. As hard as he tried, he just couldn't bring Megan back.

"Megan." He whispered, and his eyes slowly opened, revealing their redness and puffiness. Salty tears were still running down his face, and they didn't seem to stop. "God damn it, Megan, why?!" His fists suddenly came down on her chest, pounding it repeatedly.

"Don!" David scolded him. "Stop it!"

Don immediately stopped, his breathing now labored. A soft cough could be heard, and everybody glanced down and gasped in shock.

Megan was alive.

Her skin began to slowly regain its warmth, and her lips were no longer tinged blue. As she coughed, specks of dust flew out of her mouth, and Don maneuvered both their bodies so her head was laying on his lap, elevating it so she could cough more easily. Megan's eyes slowly opened, and they peered up at Don, who smiled down at her. Don's hand slowly stroked her hair as his other hand cupped her cheek. "Thank god you're okay... I thought I lost you."

Angela looked down at both of them and smiled. "Aww, they're so cute. This is a total movie moment."

The ambulance sirens could be heard, and they stopped up on the ridge, unable to come down to the group.

Don's head lowered down onto Megan's, and their lips locked softly.

Colby patted David on the back with a huge grin on his face. "We did it."

"No." Everybody turned to look at Thomas, who had a disturbed look on his face. "This isn't possible."

"What are you talking about?" Cam scoffed. "We found them, thats it... what's so hard to believe about that?"

Thomas shook his head. "No one has ever survived being buried alive by the Gravedigger."

"Well guess what." Thomas turned to look at Angela. "Now someone has... I guess you're going to need to write a new book now."

"Come on, we have to get you guys to the hospital." Hodgins said, and began walking up back to the ridge, along with Zack and Angela.

Brennan and Booth stood up and Booth swooped Brennan's arm around his neck, holding her up and helping her walk. Don picked Megan up, holding her so she wouldn't have to walk.

"Are you okay?" Don asked Megan as he saw her coughing once again.

Megan nodded her head and raised her hand up to stroke Don's cheek lightly and chuckled. "You worry too much, you know that?"

Inside a dim lit church, Booth and Brennan were sitting in the first pew, the only ones in there. They heard the door creak open and Cam, Zack and Hodgins entered, walking up to them and sitting in the same pew as them.

"We knew we'd find Booth here, but we never expected you to be here, Dr. Brennan." Cam said.

Brennan shrugged. "I thought it would be nice if I gave Booth some company." She saw Booth finished praying. "What did you ask for?"

"Can't say." Booth said. "It's between me and a certain Saint."

Zack sniffed the air, and his nose crinkled up. "What's that smell?"

"The candles." Booth told him and sniffed the air as well. "Smells like Jasmine."

Hodgins scoffed. "And how would you know what Jasmine smells like?"
"Hey, I have to make my room smell good every once in a while." Booth said. "I said thanks."

"What?" Brennan asked.

Booth looked up at the big statue of the cross sitting in the front of the church. "I said thanks to God... you should really try it sometime, Bones."

Brennan shook her head. "If I were going to pray, I would have done that just before I set off the explosion in the car."

"But you didn't?" Cam asked her.

Brennan shook her head once again. "No.. see, if there was a God, which there isn't-"

Booth clamped his hand over Brennan's mouth, silencing her. "Shh... do you see where we are, Bones?"

Brennan said something, but it sounded muffled through Booth's hand, and he removed it. "But I'm okay with thanking God for saving me and Megan."

"By the way, where is Megan?" Hodgins wondered. "When we went to visit you guys, she wasn't there... was she discharged?"

"Nope." Brennan told them. "She left."

"And you let her?" Cam asked her in disbelief.

Brennan nodded. "Yeah... I trusted her... I knew that she wasn't going to do anything bad."

"What did you thank God for, Booth?" Zack asked him.

"For saving-" Booth was cut off.
"Dr. Brennan and Agent Reeves." Zack said, but frowned when he saw Booth's face.

Booth shook his head. "No... not just them, but all of us. Every single one of us. If you took one of us away, we wouldn't have been able to find Megan and Bones. And I'm very thankful for that."

Brennan smiled. "I knew that you guys wouldn't give up."

Don walked into his hotel room. Colby and David had a different room next to them, leaving Don with Megan in their hotel room. Don could see a single light on in the back of the room. Walking into the room he shrugged off his jacket and shut the door, kicking off his shoes. Walking farther into the room, Don saw that it was Megan who was sitting in the back of the room with her glasses on and her hair pulled back in a clip. FBI files were piled out in front of her as she scanned them again and again.

"I went to visit you at the hospital... you weren't there." Don told her as he walked up to her, sitting down in the chair next to her,

Megan kept staring at the files, not even looking at Don. "They... they let me go home."

Don shook his head. "No they didn't, Megan. You left the hospital without being discharged by the doctor."

Don could tell that Megan was not ready to go home. Her body was tense and stiff, bruises were covering her body as well as cuts, and her leg was wrapped in a cast. "They pumped me full with gallons of antibiotics, stitched my leg and cuts up and gave me tons of painkillers... I think I was ready to go."

She still wouldn't look at him, and Don was getting annoyed. "Could you please look at me?" Megan slowly glanced over at him, her eyes watering. "You need to rest. You were buried alive and you were operated on without an anesthetic... and you were pumped full of god knows what drugs. You should be laying down in bed." He laid his hand down on hers. "You don't have to be strong, Megan. You don't have to hold this... barrier up. You don't have stay strong forever. It's okay to just... let it out."

"He's-" Her voice began to break. "He's out there, Don... I can't let him bury anymore people. I-I have to catch him. Plus, the... the bit of-of bumper sticker thing that Dr. Brennan found in my.. my leg-"

"We're going to catch him." Don interrupted her. "We are going to find him and make him pay for what he did to you. I promise you, okay? We'll start tomorrow, everyone. You just need to rest."

Megan shook her head, silent tears falling down from her face and she mumbled, "I can't sleep."

Don looked at her, confused. "I thought that they gave you pills for that."

"No, no... I mean... I'm afraid." Megan confessed. "I'm afraid that when... when I close my eyes and open them, I'll be back in that car, buried. Buried alive and running out of air."

"Well, everything will be different this time." Don told her.

Megan glanced up at him. "What do you mean?"

Don took the glasses off of her face and removed the clip from her hair, letting it fall down over her shoulders. "When you open your eyes... I'll be there."

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