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Chapter One


Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and his team where off-world, as per usual, Teyla was explaining what she knew of the people, while Rodney complained about their barbarian like lifestyle. Ronon just grunted and rolled his eyes. John opened his mouth to tell Rodney to shut up when they heard screams coming from the direction of the village.

The entire team sprinted for the people and when the village came into sight, they found the Wraith culling the village. No darts were in the air, it was a ground attack. They were desperate. Ronon and Teyla bound off without orders to help try and save the villagers. John was about to join them but a cry from the forest took his attention and he ran for it.

"Sheppard!" Rodney bellowed, following John into the dark woods.

John dodged trees, logs, stumps, rocks and branches with ease until he came upon a tall, gangly Wraith closing in on a young girl, no older than three years old. He quickly emptied half the ammo from his P-90 into the life sucking alien. The Wraith fell on top of the girl with scream. John rushed to the dead Wraith and threw him off the little girl. She sprang up and launched at his chest, whimpering as she clutched his vest.

"It's ok," he cooed, rubbing her back. She held herself closer to him and almost jumped when Rodney finally caught up to him.

"What was that about?!" Rodney sputtered before seeing the little girl clinging to John. He caught his breath with a confused face. "What's with the kid?" he asked rudely.

John rolled his eyes and stood with the little girl still in his arms. "Where your parents?" he asked, leaning his head down to her ear.

She sniffled and pulled away from his chest and point to two shriveled corpses leaning against a tree. John and Rodney shared a grim look before the little girl buried her face in the crook of John's neck.

"We better go find the others." John said lowly.

"Yeah," Rodney said wide eyed, before following John back to the village. The walk was longer than the run, but they still got back to the village in short time.

"Where were you?" Ronon asked angrily, before noticing the little girl.

"Heard a scream." John shrugged, glancing down at the reddish brown curly hair of the little girl.

Teyla ran up to the group, out of breath and confused as she looked at the girl. "Where are her parents?" she asked breathlessly.

Rodney shook his head grimly. Teyla's breath hitched and her heart dropping for the little girl who clung to her friend.

"Are the people ok?" John asked adjusting the girl in his arms.

"We came too late, most were already fed on." Ronon grumbled, holstering his gun.

"We managed to save a handful of people." Teyla chided Ronon.

"We should get back to the 'gate." John said nodding in the direction of the Stargate.

"Ronon and I will gather the remaining people and meet you there." Teyla said before turning back to the village with Ronon.

"Keep an eye out, there might be more hangin' around." John called out, Ronon glanced over his shoulder and nodded.

"Wait-wait, more?" Rodney squealed. John rolled his eyes again and started moving quickly for the 'gate. If there were more lurking around, he didn't want to get into a fight with a toddler in his arms.

"If you keep talking I'm sure what's left of them will find us." John said dryly, but enough seriousness for Rodney to take notice.

"Shutting up." Rodney said in his panicking tone.

The whole walk to the 'gate the little girl barely moved, John checked her pulse every once in a while to make sure she was still alive. When they got to the 'gate there were no signs of the Wraith and Rodney quickly dialed Atlantis.

John pulled out his radio. "Col., we need some medic's in the 'gate room." He said calmly.

"Is everyone alright?" Carter asked worryingly.

"We're not sure yet, just wanna be on the safe side, Ma'am." He explained, adjusting the little girl in his arms again.

"Alright," she sighed.

"We'll come through once Teyla and Ronon get back." He explained before shutting down the 'gate.

"Is she still alive?" Rodney asked rather rudely. John threw him a nasty look at him. "What?" he asked innocently.

"Just keep an eye out for Teyla and Ronon." John hissed.

"Fine," Rodney huffed indignantly, turning to the woods to watch for the sickly green aliens.

Ronon and Teyla, along with seven villagers, showed up in a hurry a few minutes later.

"Any sign of the Wraith?" John asked as Rodney started dialing the 'gate.

"Other than the dead ones, no." Ronon grumbled, tightening his grip on a teenage boy who was almost unconscious as the 'gate activated.

"Good," John breathed a sigh of relief. Rodney sent his I.D.C. and the group stepped through.

"Get these people to the infirmary!" Carter called out and the medics jumped into action. Dr. Keller quickly helped the get the teenage boy onto a stretcher, with Ronon's help, while Teyla and the other nurses led the rest of them to the infirmary. "You wanna let her go, Colonel?" She asked almost amused.

"I doubt she would let me." John said holding his arms away from his body to show the girl clinging tight to him. Carter's mouth formed an 'o' and John wrapped his arms back around the little girl before she fell.

"Get her to the infirmary." Carter said with a nod behind her.

"That's where I was headed." John sighed, trekking after the rest of the villagers.

John found a spare bed in the infirmary and pulled a chair up next to it and sat. He wouldn't sit in an infirmary bed unless he had too. He pulled his head back and looked down at the scared face of the little girl.

"Hey," he said taking her little chin in his hand. Her forest green eyes darted to his hazel eyes. "It's ok, you're safe, no Wraith here." He said pointing around the room.

She didn't look convinced.

John sighed. "Don't worry, no one will hurt you."

She gave him a questioning look.

"I promise." He said giving her his best smile.

She pulled away from his neck, just a few inches.

"There we go." John said with a lopsided smile. She ran her hand under her nose with a sniffle. "What's your name?"

She blinked.

"My name is Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, but that's a big name to remember so you can call me John." He explained swiftly.

Her voice was so tiny and quiet, he almost didn't hear her. "Ilah," she chirped.

John smiled a bit bigger. "That's a very pretty name."

"What do we have here?" Dr. Keller asked amusingly. Ilah quickly resumed her old spot in the crook of his neck.

"She doesn't like people." John sighed, rubbing her back softly.

"Well, she likes you." She muttered with a smile.

"That's not saying much." He said dryly. She rolled her eyes.

"Can you get her on the bed so I can examine her?" She asked once more amused with the situation the Colonel was in.

John looked down at Ilah. "You wanna sit on the bed for the nice doctor?" he asked with a pleading tone.

Her bottom lip pushed out and a deep frown formed on her face. John had no idea how she did it, but Ilah's pout was pulling on every last one of his heart strings and a few he didn't even know about.

John looked up at Dr. Keller. "How 'bout I sit on the bed with her?" John said jumping from the chair to bed. If he had to look at that pout any longer his heart would have broken into a billion little pieces.

"Oooh, she has you whipped already." She smirked.

"Just examine her." He snapped. She giggled but did start to examine her.

Within seconds of beginning the examination, it was clear Ilah didn't like to be touched. She whimpered and clung harder to John. When Dr. Keller slipped her stethoscope under Ilah's shirt, she cried out in pain. John looked at the doctor with horror plastered to his face. He held her tight to his chest while Dr. Keller pulled her shirt all the way up to expose her back. A look of shock and anger danced across her face for a moment.

John looked over Ilah's shoulder to look at her back to see a thick bruise covering her small back diagonally. John instinctively held her tighter, bringing his hand up to her head and combing his fingers threw her reddish brown curls. She was crying now, her tiny body shaking under his arms.

"I need to get an MRI to see the damage." Dr. Keller said as she fixed Ilah's shirt.

"Give me a minute with her with the MRI." John said standing up, carefully placing his hand on the back of her head, not wanting to hurt her anymore. Dr. Keller nodded and left, while John walked toward the MRI.

It was nothing like the big bulky ones on Earth that made you claustrophobic. There was a cot, uncomfortable, but it was open, with what looked like a 14 inch flat screen TV, hanging over the cot on a mechanical arm.

"Hey," John said crouching down in front of the cot and looking over his shoulder to Ilah. She sat up but kept close to him. "You're gonna lay down here," he said patting the thin mattress pad of the cot. "And this big hunk of plastic is gonna move, like this." He stood and pushed the arm of the MRI in some of the ways it would if it were working, "And were gonna make you better." He said with a bright half smile. "Okay?" he asked leaning his down closer to her.

Tears streaked her dirt sodden cheeks once more and he quickly wiped them away with the pad of his thumb.

"Hey, hey, none of that." He cooed, dusting the tears away. "Look, I will be right over there." He pointed to the wall seven feet away. "So when it's done you can jump right back to me, okay?"

She sniffled, but seemed to understand him.

"Okay, if you're a good girl, you can come with me down to the mess for a nice big sandwich." John said with a bright smile, as he set her down gently on the cot. He kept his hands on her sides, making sure she would stay still.

"Are we ready?" Dr. Keller asked peaking her head in. Ilah started to shake and her little hands gripped his.

"She's cool," he cooed. Ilah sniffled again but let her grip on his hands go.

"Can you lie down for me?" Dr. Keller asked sweetly. Ilah looked to John, he nodded and she slowly laid back. Her eyes darting around the room, scared. "Once I start, I need you to stay very still, I promise this won't hurt." She said warmly. Ilah nodded and looked back to John, who smiled down at her. Dr. Keller leaned toward John. "I need you to take off any metal you have on." She whispered, nodding to the other side of the room. John

"McKeeny." He hissed toward a Marine. McKeeny quickly walked to him.

"Sir?" McKeeny asked befuddled. John quickly pulled off his vest and removed his side arm and gave them to the Marine.

"Take this to my quarters, but don't touch anything." John ordered with a pointed finger.

"Yes, Sir." McKeeny nodded and left the infirmary. Once McKeeny cleared the MRI, Dr. Keller started.

Ilah clenched her little fists tight but didn't move. She's a trooper, John thought to himself. A minute passed and Ilah started to pout, but didn't turn her head to him. A little tear dropped from the corner of her eye and John tensed.

"How much longer?" John whispered, trying to stay calm.

"I want a full scan of her body, just another minute Colonel." Dr. Keller said firmly.

Ilah's lip was trembling and she was shaking. John shifted and straightened his back.

"J-John-n" Ilah squeaked. John gave Dr. Keller a painful look and she nodded begrudgingly and John strode over to the MRI and swiftly scooped Ilah up. Her shaky fingers clung to his black shirt as she buried her face back into his neck.

"I should have enough." Dr. Keller sighed.

"We'll be in the mess." He muttered, adjusting Ilah in his arms.

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