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Chapter Fifteen

One Year Later

John felt a little person sit on his chest and he made and exaggerated noise that made the little person giggle. He opened his eyes and saw Ilah looking down at him excitedly.

"Today Daddy?" She asked bouncing a little.

He nodded, feeling a little nervous. "Yep."

"I hold it?" She asked looking like she was in a candy store.

"Not yet." John chuckled.

"Okay," She said with a little frown.

"Get some clothes and we'll go to Teyla's." He said as he tickled her sides.

She nodded happily and scrambled off his bed and over to her dresser.

It had been a year since John and Teyla had been officially became daddy and mommy to Ilah. She seemed to do better having two set parental figures, even Heightmeyer agreed it was better for her to have parents to attach too.

John was also still working on his own relationship with Teyla. So far, it was good and solid. They didn't tell anyone but it seemed that all of Atlantis knew anyway. No one ever said anything and their relationship hadn't interfered with missions so even Weir let it rein free.

But today was the day John was going to do something he hadn't done in a while and was petrified. He watched Ilah try to put on her favorite dress over her pajama's and took the small box off his bed side table and twirled it in his hands, feeling his pulse quicken and his hands start to sweat.

"Daddy!" Ilah yelped as she got twisted in her dress and fell over.

John chuckled at her and put the box back down and helped her get dressed properly. When they were both dressed John pocketed the small box and they left the room. He made them stop at the mess for breakfast first, mostly to stall, and Ilah wasn't happy about it.

They sat with Ronon and McKay and he wondered where Teyla was. If Ronon was here that meant they were done training for the morning and they both would be eating. John settled Ilah in the seat next to him and ordered her to eat her fruit and looked to Ronon.

"Where's Teyla?" John asked trying to sound casual.

Ronon shrugged. "She wasn't feeling good, went to see Beckett." He explained in his normal gruff manner.

John was worried then. She was never sick unless something terrible was happening on Atlantis.

"Its probably a bug, everyone has been getting sick lately." McKay grumbled sourly over his oatmeal.

"Right," John said absently with a nod. He wondered if he should take Ilah with him to check on Teyla. But then he knew if he didn't he would have a bigger mess on his hands.

After breakfast Ilah practically pulled him to Teyla's. When he got to her room they found it locked which John thought was strange since she rarely locked her room. He knocked a few times on the door and sounded the chimes on the sensor. He heard some scrambling on the other side of the door and when it opened Teyla was before them looking very dishelved.

"Are you okay Mommy?" Ilah asked confused.

Teyla looked to Ilah and softened a little. "I am not well." She answered sounding very tired.

"Wha's wrong?" Ilah asked worryingly.

Teyla blanched. "Teyla?" John asked becoming concerned at Teyla's lack of color.

She went to say something but grabbed her mouth and dashed for her bathroom, and all John could hear was a wrenching sound. John rushed Ilah into the room and shut the door behind them.

"Go play with your toys, I'm gonna go help Mommy." He said quickly.

She nodded solemnly and shuffled to the small amount of toys she had in Teyla's room.

John moved into the bathroom and crouched down next to Teyla as she heaved in the toilet. He waited for her to finish, grabbing one of the nearby face cloths, ready to hand it to her.

"How long has this been going on for?" John asked when the vomiting stopped and Teyla rested her head on the arm that was grasping the toilet.

"Two weeks." She moaned.

"Why haven't you said anything?" John asked alarmed.

"I did not want to alarm you unnecessarily." She explained weakly.

"This is necessary." He told her firmly.

She sighed and slumped against him. John handed her the face cloth and wrapped his arms around her, sitting on the ground so he could comfortably hold her.

"Must be a nasty flu." John commented.

Teyla tensed as much as her tired body allowed her to.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" He asked.

"I am tired, John." She said with a little sigh.

He wasn't going to push her while she was vomiting all over the place. "Okay," He said simply and scooped her up into his arms and stood, carrying her to her bed.

Ilah looked at Teyla sadly from the floor as John placed her in her bed.

"Come on Ilah, we need to let Mommy sleep." John said herding Ilah to the door.

"No," Teyla said weakly from the bed. "Stay, please?" She pled.

Ilah had already let go of his hand and ran to her, slipping into bed with her gripping her hand tightly. Teyla held Ilah close to her and closed her eyes. John smiled and moved to the other side of the bed to lay behind Teyla.

John didn't know how long they were just lying there. Ilah wasn't sleeping but she wasn't moving either and he knew she probably wouldn't until she knew Teyla was okay. Teyla had passed out as soon as John had his arms around her. He was worried that whatever she had might be contagious, but neither of them had caught whatever it was yet and had been exposed to her for the past two weeks.

Teyla started shifting next to him and Ilah twisted to sit up and look at John. "Now?" She asked excitedly.

John tensed. He had almost forgot but wasn't surprised that Ilah remembered. He shook his head.

"Yes," She said firmly.

John's brow arched and looked at his stubborn daughter. She wasn't going to let him leave the room. He sighed and nodded.

She smiled and bounced a little.

John almost thought about making a run for the door because his nerves suddenly paralyzed him. He didn't make any movements but that didn't stop Teyla from opening her eyes and looking at him with a soft smile. He relaxed a little then, seeing her so comfortable with the both of them.

"Feeling better?" He asked grinning.

"A little," She said with a yawn.

"Ilah and I have a question for you." He said keeping his smile.

Ilah nodded excitedly.

"Oh?" She asked as she brushed Ilah's hair behind her ear.

John dug into his pants pocket for the box and propped himself up on his elbow, looking down at Teyla. "Would you wear this?" He asked giving her the box calmly.

Teyla looked confused but opened the box and her eyes got big when she saw what was inside.

"On Earth it's a promise to be married." John explain with his throat tightening with each word.

Ilah was looking at Teyla impatiently, bouncing a little more than she already was.

"John, I can't accept this, not without telling you first." Teyla said panicking.

John felt his heart fall to his toes and felt like he needed to vomit now. Ilah was looking confused between the two of them. John sat up and swung his legs off the bed, with his back to Teyla.

"You don't have to explain, a simple no works." John muttered as he stood.

Ilah was looking around frantically, not liking what was happening. "John, I did not say no. Please sit before I make you." Teyla ordered forcefully as she sat up.

John sat at Teyla's feet and Ilah climbed into his lap, looking at Ilah strangely.

"I should have told you sooner and I apologize for not doing so." She said as she held the box delicately, like it was going to break in her hands.

John felt like something horrible was coming, like she was supposed to get married to another Athosian or that she really didn't want to marry him.

"I am pregnant." She said with a deep breath.

John froze for a moment. He knew that the baby was his without a question but he couldn't figure out why that made a difference to his proposal. "Did you think that would really make me change my mind?" He asked almost amused.

"It is not a small detail John." She said frustrated.

"No its not, but that doesn't make me want you as my wife any less." He said with a smile.

She looked at him for a long time, clutching the box, and then smiled. "I thought you were supposed to kneel with a proposal." She said with a raised brow.

"I'm not very traditional." John said shaking his head.

"I have noticed." She said with an even bigger smile and leaned forward to kiss him.

John took her hand and the ring and placed it on her left ring finger. The ring had been his mother's engagement ring and never thought he was going to give it to another woman in his life but he was glad that it was Teyla.

Seeing the ring on Teyla's finger, Ilah cheered.

John chuckled at Ilah as she launched herself at Teyla for a hug. Teyla caught her easily before she collided with her stomach but she wasn't worried.

"I suppose we should live together now." John offered.

"We will need a much larger space." Teyla agreed.

"She'll need her own toy room." John joked.

Teyla laughed. "Possibly."

John watched as Teyla tickled Ilah, making the toddler laugh infectiously. He was happy then. He had Teyla and Ilah and a baby on the way. He was a family man now. He never thought it would happen, but somehow it did and he didn't have a problem with it.

"Oh, John." Teyla gasped as she fled to the bathroom, depositing Ilah into his lap as she did.

Not much later he heard the vomit hit the water of the toilet. He shuddered a little and looked down to Ilah. "So, you're getting a little sibling." He said easily.

"Where?" She asked confused.

"In Mommy's belly." He said simply.

"Is she gonna puke him out?" She asked worryingly.

John couldn't help but laugh. "No, Kiddo." He said as he rustled her hair then put her down and walked to the bathroom because his place was at her side, cleaning away the puke and making her feel beautiful.

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