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Chapter Eight

A Reason to be Lazy

John looked down at the massive pile of bags, his face twisted in half discontent and half fear. What made it worse was there were two missing. Teyla and Ilah were getting ready for a lunch out while he was all ready to go. There was no noise coming from the bedroom, making John fidget a little bit more. He had been waiting for them for almost thirty minutes. Ilah had popped her little head out every few minutes to make sure he was still there, but other than that he was on his own.

Just as he was about to blow his gasket and storm into the room, Ilah came back out, fully dressed in a white dress and white and pink sandals. Her hair was half up, pulled back by two braids, the rest flowing over her shoulders. John smiled slowly as she shuffled over to him. He scooped her up into his arms with a proud look.

"Who picked this out?" He asked picking at the skirt.

"Teya," She said in a sing-song voice. He smiled a little wider at her tiny but happy smile. He didn't see Teyla come out of the bedroom.

Teyla couldn't help but stop and admire the sight before her. Ilah was never so happy than she was with John, and she rarely saw John happier than he was with her. She was finally one hundred percent sure that she was supposed to be there, with them. "She picked out mine." She said suddenly. John snapped to her, his jaw dropping almost immediately. She wore a V-neck brown wrap dress that came to a little above her knee. John was almost drooling. "Do you like it?" She asked with a sly grin.

"I-uh… um… Yeah," he stammered, a blush creeping up his neck. "We should get going." He muttered, looking anywhere but Teyla.

Teyla chuckled and nodded. "Yes, I am hungry as well."

"So, are you gonna walk, or what?" John asked Ilah, looking down at her.

Ilah's brows knitted tightly with a small frown. John opened his mouth to protest but Ilah nuzzled her way to the crook of his neck and John's words sputtered away.

"Today is not my day." He grumbled with a sour look.

Teyla held back her laugh and looked up at John. "Why don't you take us somewhere you would like to go?" She asked sweetly.

"Alright, Smokey Bones it is." He said with a cheeky grin. Teyla was confused for a moment and was about to ask when Ilah squirmed out of John's arms and scampered back into the bed room and came back with her tiny purple backpack and holding the brown monkey Katie Brown gave her. She walked back to John's leg and looked up at him.

"Monkey Mer," She mumbled.

John grinned widely. "That he is." He agreed as he helped her put the backpack on before scooping her up. "I think Mer will like Smokey Bones." He said smugly. Teyla shook her head as they left the hotel room.

The ride to the restaurant was short, though finding parking took almost as long as the ride there, Teyla didn't complain. While Ilah still didn't like the car seat, she stayed in it without a peep, but was eager to be in John's arms and out of the safety device. The restaurant was packed, but John had slipped the manager a fifty and he put in reservations for them. A few men wouldn't stop staring at Teyla and he couldn't help but notice a few women were checking him out. Or Ilah. He couldn't really tell.

They were seated at a table with a TV tuned into ESPN nearby. Teyla sat across from John while Ilah sat to his right. They were given menus and were told their waitress would be by in a few minutes.

"There are so many dishes to choose from." Teyla gasped as she looked over the menu.

"Yeah," John muttered as he looked just over her head.

"John, are you even listening?" Teyla asked tiringly.

"Uh huh," He muttered again. She sighed, shaking her head.

"Ilah, what would you like?" Teyla asked sweetly as she leaned over to Ilah to glance at the children's menu she was given.

Ilah shrugged with a small pout.

"John," Teyla asked while she continued to look at the kids menu. When John didn't answer her, or even move Teyla looked over to John to see him staring wide eyed at the TV. "John!" She whispered harshly, snapping her fingers in front of his face, trying not to bring too much attention to them.

John blinked a few times and looked across the table to Teyla. "Yeah?" He asked blankly.

"Do you know what Ilah will eat?" She asked with annoyance laced through her voice.

"Oh, uh." He mumbled, craning his neck to look at the kids menu Ilah was coloring on. "The grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and…. Chocolate milk?" He asked looking down at Ilah. She smiled brightly at the mention of chocolate milk. Teyla sighed and looked back down to her menu, she would let John do as he wished. For the moment.

It wasn't much longer before a leggy red head came up to the table with a note pad in hand and a saucy smile on her face.

"Hello, my name is Corrine, can I get you guys anything to start?" She asked, more toward John than Teyla.

"A Heineken, and chocolate milk for the little lady." John said with a grin as he looked down to Ilah, who was excited for her drink. "Teyla?" he said glancing over the table to the slightly irritated Athosian.

"I will have the same as you John." Teyla answered with a fake smile.

"Any appetizers?" The waitress asked, leaning toward John. This gained a raised brow from Teyla.

"Uh, no," John mumbled, trying to keep his eyes away from both Teyla and the attractive waitress and settled on Ilah.

"I'll be back soon with your drinks." The waitress declared before she turned and left, her hips swaying more than they needed to.

Teyla waited for John to look back to her so she could give him the exasperated look. "What?" John asked incredulously.

"Nothing." Teyla said with a shake of her head as she looked back down to the menu.

"Hey, it's not my fault, it's the Sheppard charm." He said with a wink.

"I'm sure." She said unaffected by his 'Sheppard charm'.

"It's not working is it?" He asked with a desperate smile.

"It is not." Teyla said with feign smile and tense brow.

John leaned down to Ilah with an almost worried look. "I'm in trouble." He whispered. Ilah looked at him with a shy smile and sneezed a second later. John's brow knitted as she looked back up at him with slightly red, watery eyes. He scooped her up quickly out of her seat and into his lap, where her head found its place in the crook of his neck.

"What is wrong?" Teyla asked worriedly as she moved from her seat to the seat Ilah once occupied.

"I think she has allergies." John murmured as he smoothed Ilah's hair down.

"Lemons?" Teyla asked confused.

John tried his hardest not to smile or laugh. "No," he coughed, suppressing the chuckle. "I don't know what she is allergic to." He said with a baffled look. He glanced around the room, analyzing every object to try and find something she may have been exposed to.

Their waitress had walked up to the table without anyone noticing. "Here are your drinks," Corrine said with another seductive look in John's direction, but he was more concerned with Ilah at the moment.

"Thanks," John said absently, grabbing the plastic cup of chocolate milk for Ilah and she stole it from his hands eagerly before he could give it to her. He was too busy keeping his eyes on Ilah to even steal a look at the woman vying for his attention.

"Can we get our meal to-go?" Teyla asked the waitress, her tone still slightly worried about Ilah's condition.

"Sure," The waitress sounded disappointed and Teyla felt a little sense of pleasure at the woman's disillusionment.

"Brisket and mashed potatoes for me, and the kid's grilled chicken and mashed potatoes." John said while he watched Ilah hold the red, white and green cup miserably and sipped from the straw, gaining a little bit of pleasure from the sweet drink.

"And I will have the honey glazed salmon." Teyla said with a polite smile, handing the waitress her menu.

"I'll bring them out to you as soon as they're done." She grumbled and grabbed the menus roughly and stomped away from the table.

John looked to Teyla with a raised brow who just shrugged with a smiled sweetly. John chuckled slightly and held Ilah tighter to him.

"You feel okay?" He asked quietly.

Ilah gave a pathetic little nod that told him otherwise.

"Yeah…" He breathed, unconvinced. "I'm gonna go pay, stay with Teyla, okay?" He asked as he passed Ilah over to Teyla.

Ilah snuggled up to Teyla without qualms and John figured that was all the answer he needed. He stood and walked to the front of the restaurant and tried to wrangle his way to the front desk.

Teyla looked down helplessly at the toddler in her arms. She wanted to help but was absolutely baffled as to how. "Are you in pain?" She asked desperately.

Ilah shook her head.

"Are you tired?" Teyla asked confused.

The toddler shrugged.

"Is there anything you need?" Teyla asked desperately.

Ilah snuggled closer to Teyla and wrapped her little arms as far and as tight as they would go around the older woman. Teyla smiled a sad smile and wrapped her arms around Ilah, hugging her gently, but with enough firmness for the little girl to know she was safe. John showed up a moment later.

"That's normally what she wants." He said with a grin.

Teyla looked up to John and smiled. Ilah shifted in Teyla's lap to look at John. Her green eyes were redder and tearing up, but she wasn't upset. John gave her a bigger smile as he leant against the table.

"She's warming up to you." John said happily and somewhat relieved. He was starting to get worried that he might be the only person Ilah would ever like.

"I believe so." Teyla murmured softly.

"Once we get our food I was thinking we go to a drug store and find something for her allergies and go back to the hotel for a late dinner." John offered.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." She smiled.

"Good," He said with a smile of his own. Ilah sneezed loudly, ending the small moment. "Here, go take Sniffles here to the car, I'll get the food." He said handing Teyla the keys to the SUV.

"Alright," Teyla said wearily.

"I swear I won't flirt with any good looking waitresses." He said with a hand to his heart.

"Somehow, I am not so sure." She said with narrowed eyes and a teasing smile.

"Well, I am John Sheppard after all." He said smugly.

Teyla sighed. "That is true." She gave him a smile before she started to leave the crowded restaurant with Ilah in her arms. Ilah waved to John over Teyla's shoulder with a sad look. Teyla went back to the SUV with a rather compliant Ilah.

At the black vehicle Teyla decided to sit in the driver's seat with Ilah in her lap. She turned the car on and let Ilah play with the steering while half-heartedly. Teyla sighed and started brushing Ilah's curly hair with her fingers. Ilah paid little attention to Teyla and played with as many buttons as she could and just as she was about to start playing with the cruise control the door opened.

"What are you touching?" John asked as he leant against the door.

Ilah jumped and looked to John, sealing her hands to her side as she did. John chuckled and plucked Ilah from Teyla's lap and held her close. Ilah locked her arms around John's neck and buried her red nose into his neck.

Teyla smiled up to John. "Did you get the food?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, yeah!" He reached up to roof and pulled a brown bag down. "Almost forgot about it." He said sheepishly. Teyla shook her head with a smile and took the bag from him. John took Ilah to the back seat and Teyla made her way around the car and to the passenger side.

John placed Ilah in her car seat and buckled her up. "Okay, no fidgeting and this will be over real soon." He pled with a smile. Ilah gave him a small pout but nodded.

John grinned and shut the door and slid quickly into the driver's seat. "We passed a Walgreen's on the way, it shouldn't take long." He rushed to get his seatbelt on and pull out of the parking lot.

"Walgreen's?" Teyla asked curiously, eager to learn more about Earth culture.

"Oh, it's a store that has a lot of Earth medicines, stuff that can help Ilah's allergies." John explained as he watched the road, but spared a glance to Teyla. "We can get some popcorn too." He added with a teasing grin.

"I would like that very much." The smile Teyla had spilt her face in two.

"You always do." John muttered knowingly.

Ten more minutes in the car and the Walgreen's they had passed was in sight. The parking lot was cramped and John found trying to navigate the massive SUV was torturous but he was finally able to fit into a parking spot.

John turned in his seat and looked back at Ilah. "Stay with her, I'll be right back." He said pointing to Teyla. Ilah only fought against her car seat. John hated seeing her trapped like that. He stepped out of the car and to the backseat and unbuckled her from the safety device. "I'm letting you out, but you have to stay with Teyla, okay?" He asked with a pointed finger, hoping it would give him some authority.

Ilah threw her arms around John and held tight. "No," she protested in a pathetic tone.

"I will stay with the SUV." Teyla said sympathetically.

"Yeah," John sighed in defeat.

Ilah's demeanor didn't change as John carried her into Walgreen's. She stared out at the world before her with half lidded eyes and feeble pout. John walked to the far back of the store, wondering whose bright idea it was to put the pharmacy in the back of the store, and strode right up to the desk.

"How can I help you?" A middle aged man asked politely.

"I need something for her allergies." John said glancing down to Ilah.

"We have generic children's allergy medication." The man said motioning to the aisle behind John, where the allergy medication was located.

"Sure," John shrugged, not knowing anything about the subject. The man nodded and walked around the desk and walked to the aisle, John followed and watched him skim over the products as he went before he stopped at the end and crouched down to pick up a blue and white box.

"How much does she weight?" He asked as he read the box intently.

"Uh," John muttered, blanking out. He pulled Ilah away from him and bounced her up and down for a second before bringing her back to his chest were she looked up at him confused. "About twenty-five pounds, give or take." He said with another shrug.

The man made a noise like something Rodney did when he was thinking and walked back behind the desk. "Okay, give her the smallest dose every 24 hours." The pharmacist said seriously.

"That will take care of all of this?" John asked confused, nodding to Ilah's red eyes and runny nose.

"Yup," The man said simply.

"Alright then." John said with a smile. He was relieved to solve a problem in under an hour.

"Is that all?" The man asked as he rang up the medication.

"Crap," John cursed, looking back behind him to find a small display of popcorn with cheap, old movies. "Watch her," He said setting Ilah on the counter and jogged to the display, grabbed three boxes and ran back. "That's it." He sighed, passing the man the boxes and picking Ilah back up.

"Alright that's-" John handed him one of his bank cards the SGC gave him before he heard the total. He really wasn't worried about that. "Thank you, have a nice day." The man said handing John the single bag of popcorn and allergy medication and his bank card.

"You too," John said over his shoulder as he gave Ilah the bank card to hold and rushed out of the store.

"That was quick." Teyla said confused when he opened the back passenger door to put Ilah in her car seat.

"The wonder of customer service." John smirked.

Once John had Ilah secure in her seat, he coaxed her to take one of the dissolvable tablets and gave her back her chocolate milk. Then he made his way back to the hotel in a calmer manner without a reason to rush. John pulled into the looped entrance of the hotel and got Ilah out of the car while Teyla carried the food and Walgreen's bag. He tossed the nearest valet attendant his keys and made his way to the elevator.

"Thank you for taking us out to lunch John." Teyla said once the elevator doors closed, looking up at him with happiness dancing in her brown eyes.

"It wasn't much of a lunch." John mumbled.

"It was the thought that counts." She said with a wink. John chortled and rolled his eyes as the elevator doors opened on their floor.

They spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the couch of the hotel room with popcorn, Smokey Bones take-out and hot chocolate. Even though Ilah's symptoms had cleared up she was still content to stay on the couch with John and Teyla, watching cartoons in-between action movies. As John watched Teyla and Ilah giggle over a cross-dressing Patrick Star, he knew it would only be a matter of time before he had to go to the court house and officially become a father, a thought he had been scared of for most of his life, but for the moment he was content with the thought.

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