Me: Oh boy, another Danny Phantom fanfic! We are on a roll here!

Arxaz: Yes, but first we need to do the disclaimer. Cue disclaimer music!

Me: We have disclaimer music?

Ansel: (ignoring her) Ahem. DISCLAIMER: Zara does not own Danny Phantom, has never owned Danny Phantom, and odds are she never will own Danny Phantom. So quit siccing lawyers after us!

Danny Fenton was walking home from school one day, when suddenly Clockwork appeared in front of him.

"What is it, Clockwork? Has my evil future self escaped?"

"No, Danny. I have come to warn you that in precisely 125 seconds, you will face a ghost even MORE terrifying than him."

"Oh, okay. Bye"

And 126 seconds later (Clockwork actually doesn't know everything after all!), his ghost sense went off. He looked up, and saw a horrifying sight.

"Hello! My name is Mary-Sue."

Razax: That was quite possibly the worst thing I've ever read.

Me: It was SUPPOSED to be. That's why it's parody.

Razax: Whatever. Anyway, reviews and constructive criticism are welcome. Flamers will have their souls stolen and sold on Ebay.


Razax: What? You can buy anything on Ebay.