Summary: Sequel to Second Chances. With wedding plans, age differences, ex girlfriends, boyfriends and flings, reconciliations, and a giant engagement ring, the gang finds themselves in another crazy time. Will Scooter and Colleen ever get it together? Can Connie and Rick plan their wedding despite large amounts of Duck interference? Can Charlie get over a secret from Carla's past? Will everyone get diabetes from Guy and Gary and Julie and Dean's sweetness? Only time will tell...

Author's Note: So a busy class schedule, and a ton of other stories, I really shouldn't be posting this one. But I have a lot of it written already. And I promised it. Sooo, here it is.

Put it together

Chapter 1: E-mail invite

10: 28 AM

Colleen O'Malley would like to inform all of her fabulous friends that as this is her 23rd birthday said friends owe her an awesome night out. She suggests going to this sweet new club she heard about from this girl in her dance class. She figures that there will be no problem getting into said club as she is 23 and hot. This is not to disparage Connie Moreau, Julie Gaffney and Carla Estevez, who are 26 and hot, which is just simply not as hot, since it is three years older. If the being 23 and hot thing doesn't work out we will rely on the deep pockets of Scooter Vanderbilt and Rick Riley, who are loaded, and also old, very, very old. Back to the topic at hand, she would also like to inform them that as it is her birthday, she will be getting completely smashed and not paying for any of her drinks, which means she will either be flirting and dancing with strange men all night or her friends should be prepared to buy her lots of drinks, she's just throwing that out there.

Thank you all for your time, please respond accordingly.

10:45 AM

Dean Portman would like to respond to Colleen O'Malley's message, by saying this, the club sounds great, however he disagrees that Colleen is hotter than Julie Gaffney. He does not believe that any one is hotter than Julie Gaffney, especially when she walks around their apartment in nothing but her bra and underwear like this morning. He would like to put in formal request that she repeat this blatant exhibitionism tonight.

Also he seconds the notion that Rick and Scooter are old.

11:13 AM

Julie Gaffney would like to respond to Colleen O'Malley by saying age brings and added hotness that Colleen could not understand. She would also like to apologize for Dean Portman being a pervert, and remind him that it is in fact Colleen's birthday not his, so he does not get to make requests in regard to her state of nakedness. Although the bra and panties thing is a definite possibility, probably less will be worn actually. Also if he could remember to buy milk on his way home from work as she finished the last of their milk this morning that would be awesome.

11:17 AM

Rick Riley would like to agree with Dean Portman, except change "Julie Gaffney" to "Connie Moreau" and "bra and underwear" to "his old Eden Hall sweatshirt that she stole from his mom's house and no pants, but still socks." He finds this look highly adorable.

Also, he and Scooter are not that old, Colleen is just young.

11:30 AM

Connie Moreau would like to agree with Julie Gaffney about the added hotness that comes with their three years over Colleen O'Malley. Also she would appreciate it if Julie and Dean Portman would cease being gross, and thank Rick Riley for his compliments of her sweatshirt and socks look, and agree that he's not old. He is in fact perfect and they should all be so lucky to have such a perfect fiancé.

11:52 AM

Gary Peterson would like to know why he and Guy Germaine have since been left out of any discussion. He is very sad that he's left out. Also, he agrees that Dean and Julie are being gross, however so are Connie and Rick. He and Guy are equally in love and manage to not make disgusting little comments about their sex life. Which for your information is amazing

12:02 PM

Colleen O'Malley apologizes to Gary Peterson and Guy Germaine, but explains that they were left out of the original message because they would be no help with the bouncer since they have no money and its not that kind of club. Also, ew.

12:05 PM

Connie Moreau would like to tell Gary Peterson to stop whining like a little girl.

12:07 PM

Carla Estevez sends regrets and birthday love from both herself and Charlie Conway, who is being a little bitch and not getting on a plane to go celebrate this fantastic occasion. She promises to send Colleen a fantastic present to make up for this. Love you all!

12:10 PM

Guy Germaine would like to know why we are sending emails in the third person. And he would also prefer it if Gary kept the details of their sex life private.

12:11 PM

Connie Moreau would like it to be known that she saw Guy's penis before Gary.

12:12 PM

Guy Germaine would like to remind Connie that as they used to take baths together as babies she has in fact seen his penis before everyone but his parents and pediatrician. And he still doesn't understand the third person thing.

12:14 PM

Charlie Conway resents that Carla Estevez called him a little bitch. It's not his fault that he has work. And he also bets that he and Carla have better sex than all of you. And that he was born before Connie so may have seen Guy's penis before her, however he does not recall, because he's not into that kind of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with it.

12:15 PM

Guy Germaine is starting to feel uncomfortable with this line of conversation and would greatly appreciate it if everyone stopped discussing his penis.

12:20 PM

You're all insane, I'll see you tonight.

12:21 PM

Colleen O'Malley would like it to be known that Scooter Vanderbilt has killed her birthday buzz. Not cool man, not cool. This is a further indication of his oldness.

12:22 PM

Scooter Vanderbilt wants to remind Colleen O'Malley that that night on the beach she didn't seem to mind that he was "experienced."

12:26 PM

Colleen O'Malley was under the impression that Scooter Vanderbilt wanted to forget that the night on the beach ever happened. She would be happy to reopen the subject another day, but since its her birthday it should be avoided today.

12:28 PM

Dean Portman wants to know what exactly happened on the beach. No one has ever told him, and he finds it extremely annoying.

12:30 PM

Julie Gaffney promises to tell Dean Portman later and also says that she can no longer participate in this exercise as her boss just came in and asked what the hell she was doing. She will see you all tonight.

12:31 PM

Connie Moreau will miss having Julie Gaffney in the conversation, and has to leave too, because she's hungry and is going to lunch.

12:32 PM

Rick Riley is joining Connie Moreau for lunch, so has to go too. Happy Birthday Colleen!

12:35 PM

Colleen guesses she should go too, and really appreciates every one going along with the third person thing.

12:40 PM

Even if it was crazy.

12: 41 PM

No one asked your opinion Scooter!

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