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Chapter 18: Vegas, Baby Vegas

"I'm not going," Scooter walked into Julie and Dean's apartment. She looked at him.

"No, you're going," She said, "You have to go Scooter."

"I have to go?" He said, "Why do I have to go? To see Colleen shacking up with her dance partner?"

"How did you know about that?" She stopped and looked at him.

"Don't tell Gary anything Jules," He said. She laughed and looked down.

"She's not living there anymore, she moved out," Julie said, he sniffed, "Scooter."

"She's still sleeping with him though?" He asked. Julie shook her head. "For real?"

"If she is, she didn't tell me," Julie sighed, "Ask Brian."

"No thanks," Scooter said. "That guy hates me."

"Remember the first time Dean left me?" Julie asked. He nodded. "Same thing."

"Fair enough," He nodded.

"So you're coming?" Julie said, he shrugged, "You promised that you'd play blackjack for me!" He laughed.

"Fine," He hugged her.

"Good," She said, "Go pack. We leave tomorrow."

"I have no clothes!" Connie shouted.

"You spent $1200 on clothes in Europe," Rick said, "There has to be something."

"I'm too fat for all those clothes," She pouted.

"You're not fat," He said, "You're perfect."

"I'm gonna look even more fat when we see Colleen," She sighed, "And she's all tiny and perfect and eating more than Guy." Rick laughed and kissed her. "I'm just going to get fatter."

"Yeah," He nodded, "I've heard that's how pregnancy works."

"Stop it," She said, "I'm very insecure right now."

"You're beautiful," He whispered and kissed her, "You are glowing." She smiled and kissed him.

"I have to find something that fits me," She groaned and stood up.

"It's Vegas sweetie," He said, "Not Monte Carlo, if you need to wear something stretchy, that's allowed."

"Don't you ever say that word again until I'm in my third trimester!" She pointed at him.

"Hi!" Tammy squealed from across the lobby at the hotel they were meeting them. Julie rolled her eyes.

"Be nice," Dean said and kissed her cheek.

"I will if she will," She sighed. They walked over. "Hey Fulton, Tammy." She hugged them.

"Hey Cat," Fulton smiled, "Congratulations miss agent, you gonna sign me?"

"Yeah Fult, I'll get your minors contract bumped up," She laughed, "You're first on my list."

"That's what I'm talking about," Fulton laughed, "Portman, let's hit the tables."

"Absolutely," Dean laughed, "You OK babe?"

"Yeah," Julie nodded, "The show's at 8 though."

"I know," He said. "I'm gonna win big baby."

"OK," She laughed, they walked away.

"So," Tammy said, "The promotion came, where's the ring?"

"We're waiting for the right moment," Julie said. She nodded, "You haven't set a date yet Tam, any reason?"

"Just waiting for the right moment I guess," Tammy said with a sly giggle.

"Ah two found," They heard Charlie behind them. They turned around. "Ladies."

"Hey Captain," Tammy hugged him.

"Carla!" Julie squealed and hugged her. "How's Texas?"

"Hot," Charlie said.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," Julie laughed and hugged him.

"You getting me into the NHL Jules?" He teased.

"Yeah," She nodded, "Right after Fulton."

"So," Fulton said, as Portman settled in at a table, "What's the deal?"

"With what?" Portman said, as the dealer put him in.

"With what?" Fulton rolled his eyes, "With Julie, she got the promotion."

"Shit, you sound like Marisol," He shook his head. "I bought the ring, I'm just waiting."

"For Julie to get fed up and walk out?" Fulton said. "She's not going to wait forever man."

"Blackjack," He smiled, "Let it ride."

"I hate this shit," Fulton shook his head, "You always do this, you're gonna come out of this weekend with like 10 grand."

"I'm a lucky SOB," Portman smiled, "When are you getting married?"

"Tomorrow," Fulton shrugged. Portman looked at him. "We want to surprise everyone. We barely know Colleen, you really think we came out here for her?"

"So you're getting married here," Portman said, "Tomorrow?"

"Yup," Fulton nodded, "Best man?"

"You're a fucking nut job," Portman laughed and shook his head.

"Fine, Charlie'll do it," Fulton said.

"Um, like hell he will," Portman said.

"You're what?" Connie said, as the girls all sat at lunch.

"We're getting married tomorrow night," Tammy said, "All our friends are here, it's perfect."

"What about your parents?" Connie said, "And Tommy."

"Please, my parents will be thrilled when I come home married," She laughed, "And Tommy, well, it's regrettable that he won't be here. You'll maid of honor me right?"

"Um, sure," Connie said and looked sympathetically at Julie, "Of course," She looked around. "Do I smell cinnamon?"

"Pregnant Connie has super smell," Julie explained. Carla laughed.

"So," Tammy laughed, "How is married life?"

"I love it," Connie nodded, "I love Rick, and I'm going to have a baby, and everything is great."

"I got a book deal," Carla said, the others looked at her, "I didn't want to monopolize the weekend, but, I'm doing a coffee table book, with the pictures that I've been doing in Texas."

"Carla that's fantastic," Julie hugged her, "God, who would have thought a year ago."

"To us," Connie said raising her orange juice, "Having our lives right where we want them." They cheersed and Julie took a sip with a quiet smile.

"Hey babe," Dean said as Julie walked into their hotel room, "Check it out, made $2000 and we've only been here a few hours." She smiled and walked over and kissed him. "Well hello there."

"Hi," She smiled and walked him over to the bed and kissed him again.

"Oh we're doing this now?" He laughed. She nodded.

"Yeah, we are," She whispered. "I love you."

"This is about the wedding right?" He sighed.

"What wedding?" She asked. "Oh Tammy and Fulton, no, this is about me, and you, and a gorgeous hotel room, and the fact that we are on vacation, you remember the kinds of things I'm willing to do on vacation right?"

"Really?" He asked she nodded, "What were drinking at that lunch?"

"I had to make up for the fact that Connie can't drink," She teased. He kissed her and moved her quickly into position under him. She giggled.

"I love you so much," He laughed and kissed her neck.

"I know," She smiled.

"Hey Col," Brian said. She smiled and hugged him. "So, I'm not the guy you're supposed to be talking to."

"I wanted to see you first," She admitted, he looked down. "How are you Bri?"

"I'm fine," He said, "How are you?"

"I am lonely," She said quietly. "And I love him."

"Yeah," Brian said, "So why are you sitting here with me?"

"Because," She sighed, "I'm scared, Brian, I can't just go back."

"So give him something," He said. "Anything." She kissed him gently on the cheek. "So what's it like?"

"It's amazing," She smiled, "It's like, remember junior year, when we did La Mancha, and we got that standing O after curtain on closing night?"

"Yeah," He nodded.

"It feels like that, but every day," She said.

"I'm glad for you," He smiled, "Break a leg OK?"

"OK," She laughed. "Bye Brian."

"Wow," Dean said as Julie snuggled into him in bed. "And in the middle of the day no less." She laughed

"Well, I'm on vacation," She said. He laughed. "I love you." She said softly and slid her hand up his chest, he picked it up.

"I love you too," He whispered and laced his fingers into hers. "Julie?" He said.

"Mm," She nodded.

"Will you marry me?" He said. She looked up at him. "You gonna make me wait?"

"I'm thinking about it," She laughed, "Yes," She smiled and kissed him. He stood up and walked over to his bag, and pulled the ring out, he opened it and slid it on her finger. She kissed him gently. "Right where I want to be," She smiled.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing," She smiled. "Love you."

"Love you too," He laughed.

After the show, everyone stood waiting when Colleen came out she was immediately swept into a hug between Guy and Gary she giggled.

"You need to come home now," Gary said. She looked at him.

"He's not kidding," Guy said, "We're at each other's throats without you in that apartment."

"One more month," She smiled, "And I'm going to be doing the modeling, so I'll be able to contribute to the food."

"I liked Colleen the waitress," Rick teased her. She hugged him. "How you doing kiddo?"

"Good Daddy," She smiled, "Congratulations. And you," She hugged Julie, "Where the hell were you for the opening?"

"Sorry," Julie laughed, "I got a little um, held up," She held her left hand up, everyone gasped, she smiled.

"Holy shit Cat," Charlie said, "Jesus Portman, it's about fucking time."

"Yeah, thanks Charlie," Dean laughed. "Hey O'Malley."

"Hi Dean," She smiled and hugged him. "Congratulations to you too."

"Thanks babe," He winked, "Great job tonight. We're super proud."

"Thanks," She said. She walked over to Scooter. "Hi," She said softly.

"Hey," He said, "You wanna go get a drink?" She nodded. "Come on." They walked away.

"That'll be fun," Rick laughed his arm around Connie.

"You look good," Scooter said.

"So do you," She said. "I'm glad you came."

"I wouldn't miss this," He smiled. "Some day when you're a big star, I'll be able to say, hey, I used to sleep with that girl." Colleen laughed.

"So we're in the past tense now?" She asked seriously. He looked at her and shook his head.

"I don't know," He sighed, "I don't." She nodded, "I do know I'm really happy to see you again."

"Scooter, I come home in a month," She sighed, "I want to know if there's something to come home to. Besides playing Will and Grace with Guy and Gary."

"There's Brian," He shrugged, "He's not seeing anyone, unless you count Gary."

"Scooter, I'm serious," She said, "I love you, and I want to be with you." He smiled. "And I've been thinking, that I know you want more of a commitment," She sighed.

"Wait," He said, "Col are you talking about ma-"

"Do not say the 'M' word," She cut him off, "When I get back to New York, I'd be willing to move out of the loft."

"Move in?" He said. She nodded. "You'd move in with me?"

"That is what I'm saying yes," She said. He kissed her. "Scooter," She whispered. He kissed her again. "You're not answering."

"I love you," He said, "You're the one."

"I still have a few months before you start that talk again," She stopped him. He laughed. "What am I going to tell Gary?"

The End

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