A Confusing Spiral of Emotions

Chapter 1

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Definite- EyesAyumu, KiyotakaMadoka

Probable- KousukeRyoko

Possible- HiyonoRio

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"Ayumu-san," Hiyono said hesitantly. It was lunchtime, and she was alone with Ayumu Narumi on the rooftop for the first time in a quite a long while. For the past two and a half months, the Blade Children had been eating with them almost everyday since Kanone had left and Eyes came back.

"Yes," he asked lazily opening one of his eyes slightly annoyed at his almost nap being interrupted. After all, he hadn't been able to get very many lately with all the crazy, hyper Blade Children around. However, after spending as much time with the perky girl as he had, Ayumu knew she would only get more annoying if he responded later rather than sooner.

"Ayumu-san, I love you," she rushed out with a bright red blush staining her cheeks. Ayumu was floored, both his eyes opened wide in shock. He slowly sat up and stared at Hiyono. "Now would be a good time to say something, Ayumu-san."

"I'm sorry, Hiyono," Ayumu replied with a hint of sadness in his voice. "I only like you as a friend." After hearing this, large wet tears rolled down Hiyono's cheeks as she ran away. Rio, Kousuke, and Ryoko came through the door to the roof, just seconds after Hiyono had left, with slightly worried looks on their faces. After all, the three Blade Children had become closer to Hiyono and Ayumu since Kanone had left. However, the two non-"cursed" teenagers had had next to no contact with Eyes Rutherford. This was a fact that bothered Ayumu much more than he would care to admit. He also had no idea why it bothered him, making the bothersome feeling downright irritating.

"Why was Hiyoko-chan crying?" Kousuke asked the chocolate-haired boy who was still looking slightly shocked.

"Because she told me she loves me," Ayumu replied slowly not sure if he really wanted to tell them. "And I turned her down." All three of them sighed in unison making him wonder if they had expected something of the ort. "So it finally happened, huh?" Rio said quietly. Then, she turned around and dashed away with an expression of sympathy and understanding on her face.

"What's with her?" Ayumu asked staring at the door again. He really didn't want to go running after a multitude of girls during his lunchtime, but if this kept up, it looked as though he might have to.

"Rio just went to comfort of Hiyono," Ryoko replied. "A few weeks ago, she finally confessed her love for eyes (not that it wasn't already obvious). Anyway, he turned her down too. So, she's the best one to be with Hiyono now. It also doesn't hurt that they're practically best friends now. Y'know, sharing your stolen lunches and all." The younger teen just nodded in understanding.

"Anyway, why'd you turn her down Little Narumi?" the spiky redhead spoke up again. "I thought you and Hiyoko-chan were dating."

"We never were dating," Ayumu responded annoyed at the assumption. "And I don't know why I turned her down. I just don't like her like that okay?" He had unconsciously stressed the "her", and the one who noticed it was the only other person on the roof with brown hair.

"So, who do you like?" Ryoko asked him. Ayumu just shrugged making it very clear that he honestly thought he didn't really have romantic feelings for anyone. Then, the bell rang, and the three of them went back to the classroom.

In a Girls Bathroom on the 2nd Floor

"Hiyono-nee-san," Rio called out only peeking her head through the door. Since this was the 30th bathroom she had checked, she didn't want to spend too much time looking in one particular place during her search for Hiyono. "Are you in here?"

"No," came a miserable voice from the largest stall that was farthest from the door. Rio sighed, shaking her head and stepped fully into the bathroom. She found Hiyono curled up in a sitting position against the wall. Rio knelt down next to her older friend and hugged her.

"Hiyono-nee-san," Rio started slowly, tears stinging her eyes with the recent memory of her own rejection. "I know it hurts. I really do. Eyes-kun doesn't love me the way I love him. So, cry as much as you need to before you start moving forward."

"Thank you," Hiyono said through her tears without looking up. She wrapped her arms around Rio's waist returning the hug as she buried her head in the silver-haired girl's shoulder. Soon, a very small stream of tears were also flowing from sad cat-like eyes.

Eyes's Hotel Room

"What are you doing here after so long?" Eyes asked from his seat next to the piano. He was glaring at the person who was standing about ten feet away from him. "And what are you doing here? Does your wife know you're back yet?"

"No, she doesn't," the person answered. "I'm actually quite afraid of her reaction to seeing me, so I don't want to go home yet. As for why I'm back, Kanone finally let me go."

"Why did you let Kanone capture you in the first place Kiyotaka?" Eyes asked frustratingly confused.

"A few reasons actually," Kiyotaka replied smiling. "First none of you would believe in Ayumu with me around. Also, Kanone didn't believe that my little brother could beat him. So, I made a bet with him with my freedom at stake. Anyway, he was in denial when he came back, and it took longer than it should have for me to be free again."

"Fair enough," Eyes replied. "So, do you still play the piano?"

"I can no longer play as well as I used to," he said holding up his left hand that had a horribly deformed index finger. With a much lower voice, "In his last act of defiance, Kanone took it away from me forever."

"So much for the duet world tour my producer had planned," Eyes said sighing. "I really hate listening to her whine and complain."

"A duet world tour, eh?" Kiyotaka repeated. "Sounds exciting."

"Sure, Narumi," Eyes replied sarcastically as he started to play the piano again.

"I have one more question," Kiyotaka said. "When I mentioned my little brother, a flicker of emotion appeared in your eyes. What was it?"

"I don't know," Eyes confessed. "I have not seen him in the ten weeks since Kanone left, because whenever I think about him, my feelings become conflicted."

"Oh," was the only response Eyes received before Kiyotaka left.

Earlier Outside the Room

Eyes's producer, Hinami was currently ecstatic. She had just listened to what she believed to be the most wonderful conversation in the world. Now, she was rushing off to tell the president of Eyes's agency, Miracle Talent Agency (MTA).

This is what she had heard through the door:

Eyes: So do you still play the piano?

Narumi: I can play as well as I used to.

Eyes: So for the duet world tour my producer planned.

Narumi: A duet world tour, eh? Sounds exciting.

Eyes: Sure, Narumi.

After hearing this, Hinami was positive that Eyes and this Narumi person had just agreed to do the duet world tours she'd been wanting for months. She couldn't wait to start the preparations.