A collection of short stories taking place in Mineral Town. Won's apples, blue feathers, bad weather, Harvest Sprites and more.

Mineral Moon

Harvest 01: Apples for Sale

It's always the same. Won puts so much effort into making those apples and after all that, no one wants to buy them. He tried to sell them at the inn and Doug got angry, it was his business and he was upset that someone else was selling food. Doug even told his customers not to take the food out of the shop. What did he think they were going to do? Try to figure out the recipe. It's not hard to figure out in the first place and that's without taking the food out.

Won wasn't worried about people figuring out his recipes, he was sure they were special, too special. Ann wasn't happy about the business either, though she once bought an apple. Won was sure she was trying to figure out the recipe but judging by her mood the next day she probably didn't. She didn't buy any other apples after that.

Duke wasn't too interested in apples; he preferred grapes, liquid and old, known as wine. Manna just wanted to talk, about her daughter who left long ago, about the May's mysterious mother, about the weather, about how Doctor was so dense not to notice Elli has a crush on him, about how Sasha said she saw the Harvest Sprites heading towards the nearby farm early in the morning, about anything and everything without letting Won get a word in. Before he thought he talked fast, but he was no competition for Manna.

Mary was always busy reading, writing or spending time with Gray. Karen, the beautiful Karen, she ignored him most of the time in favor of spending time with Rick. It seemed that most people had something to do that didn't include buying apples. The Harvest Sprites even liked flour more than anything else, including apples. Not even Kai, who came only in the summer, would buy an apple as a souvenir.

Basil, Anna, Seibara, Carter, Cliff, the mayor, Gotz, everyone... Won even tried to sell the apples to Zack and even he wouldn't buy them. Excuses, excuses, too busy, too tired, in a hurry, not hungry, just ate, already have enough apples, the excuses were endless and clearly people didn't appreciate the fact that Won's apples were not ordinary apples. Not even the Harvest Goddess showed the excitement and happiness Won thought she should show when he offered her the apples he couldn't sell.

Feeling frustrated, Won decided to take a shortcut through the farm after visiting the Harvest Goddess and once again, try to sell the farmer who lives there some apples. He had failed to do business in the morning but he would try again.

After Won delivered his usual speech about the apples he had for sale, the farmer paused in thought and decided to buy one. Won had his offers refused so many times during the day, that he replied automatically, upset that once again the farmer had refused to buy an apple.

As Won left, the farmer stood there for a moment wondering what was his problem, did he want to sell the apples or not? The farmer shrugged and went inside the house for dinner, while Won walked home disappointed that he didn't sell a single apple.

End of Harvest 01

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