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This is an Ino-centric fic, with first person POV. It borrows some elements from Elfen Lied but most of it is straight up fanfiction.

Whenever someone crosses over Naruto with Elfen Lied, usually a Naruto character is found to be a diclonius-human (which will be explained later), and that's always Sakura for her pink hair. I thought, Sakura is strong enough on her own without needing to be a diclonius. Hinata and Tenten are pretty powerful too, so why not Ino?

If you don't like my choice of who's a diclonius or whatever, then this fic probably isn't right for you.

This first chapter is a bit dark, so please be careful!

Blood is dripping into a puddle on the floor. The crimson liquid is running down my arm from a bullet in my shoulder. I pluck the bullet out and fling it away. I would heal that cut, but other wounds are deeper, so I ignore my shoulder and focus on healing the other wounds. Healing is easier when you can use your hands, but mine are chained to the wall. My metal helmet obscures most of my vision, but I can see that I am covered in a mixture of blood, sweat, and water. They sprayed me with a hose earlier. It's been a while since I have taken a bath or even a shower.

My name is Ino Yamanaka. I am, or used to be, a Konoha shinobi, but my village sent me away in fear. Sending me away is the least offensive term I can think of. Betrayal is the worst.

I don't really blame anyone, even though most people in my position would. It is no one's fault that I am what I am. A month or two ago, I wouldn't have guessed I would be here.

A group of foreigners had come to Konoha. They were not shinobi, but they were quite powerful. These people had weapons, guns, they call them, that can fire sharp objects called bullets much faster than a ninja can throw a kunai. Naturally, Tsunade-sama invited them to stay for a short period.

The foreigners were part of an organization that hunts down mutated humans called Diclonius. These humans have pink hair, red eyes, horns that protrude from either side of the head, and invisible or nearly transparent arms called vectors sprouting out of their backs. Vectors vibrate at a high frequency, allowing them to penetrate through objects. These arms are what make a Diclonius so deadly.

I was passing by out of curiosity to see what these people were like, when I saw a group of them pointing their guns at a pink-haired girl with horns chained to a strange metal machine. One of them was saying something to another man.

"This is a test to see how much pain a diclonius can endure before it can't use it's vectors. If you can't stand watching, then go help the director."

It was pure torture. They turned on the machine, and I saw something like a miniature bolt of lighting leap out of the machine and strike the girl. She screamed, and the men shot bullets at her. The bullets stopped a few feet away, and the girl started to cry.

"Please, please stop! This is hurts!" she cried. Another lightning bolt, larger this time, struck her. She shrieked and began crying, more bullets were aimed at her, she deflected them. A few more times, the electricity more deadly every time, and eventually the bullets hit their mark. The girl was alive, but in critical condition.

"Serves you right, you inhuman freak of nature," said one of the men, lowering his gun.

I couldn't take it anymore. This was pure sadism and inhuman torture. I leapt in front of the men.

"Who do you think isn't human? Human people aren't supposed to act like this." I was speaking in a voice that was lower and somehow colder than my normal one.

"Hold on there, girl, we're just doing our job," said one of the men. I didn't care.

"Sadists!" I yelled. Suddenly, something broke free inside me, like a bird flying away from it's cage. I could feel something strange in my back, arms. I reached out a few of them, and slashed my way through all the people.

"It's a diclonius! Get away and call the director!" yelled some men in white coats. I stood with my head down and arms at my side. This was a new feeling to me. Normally, Ino Yamanaka is not really the type of shinobi who was strong or had power. To tell the truth, I wasn't very confident in my abilities as a ninja. But with this new vector power… I felt stronger. No one could stand in my way.

After healing the poor diclonius girl, I went to Tsunade and told her of my newfound vectors. So I was a diclonius after all, I just didn't have the hair, the horns, nor the red eyes. When I first informed the Hokage, she looked shocked, Shizune almost fearful, and Sakura half in awe and half horrified. The massacre in the foreigner's camp did not improve my reputation. Soon, word got out in Konoha that I was a diclonius. Rumors built up, and even though I could control my power, some people thought that I might snap anytime and murder everyone around me, just like I did to the diclonius hunters. The only people who were not wary of me were my parents, and my friends. But a handful of people couldn't convince a village that I wasn't dangerous. In a way, maybe I was. So it wasn't long before they sent me away to the foreigner's facility as an imprisoned diclonius. I didn't try to fight or escape, because since I'm not welcome in Konoha anymore, where can I go?

Sometimes, if I snap back at the scientists, yell at them, insult them, or injure anyone with my vectors, they call for a round of shots to be fired at me, or tell me that I won't have lunch or dinner or whichever meal happens to be coming next. So I'm basically a meek little guinea pig that doesn't bite back.

Everyday, I am put under experimentation. Sometimes they test their weapons on me, to see what I can deflect or not, or sometimes they want to see how much pain I can take, or to see if I can control my vectors without eating for a long time. That may seem awful, but that's not the worst.

Too many diclonius have been dying. The facility needs more test subjects. When I got my period in my cell, the scientists were overjoyed. Hooray, I can reproduce and give them more guinea pigs to torture. Apparently, there are two types of diclonius: Diclonius and Silpelits. They are basically the same, but diclonius can reproduce and silpelits can't. The reproducing diclonius are called 'diclonius queens'. I sure don't feel like a queen.

So frequently, though not everyday, after I am exhausted and nearly unable to fight back, they send someone in to well, inseminate me. The more concise term would be rape.

One might think that I would have gone insane by now, or committed suicide, or at least allowed myself to be killed by the scientists. But I haven't really lost hope. When I first arrived at the facility, I thought I felt a chakra signature in the area. Back then, I just dismissed that as homesickness.

Later, I sensed chakras appearing more and more frequently. It may be foolish to assume the shinobi whom I kept sensing were rescuers, but they were familiar, almost comforting, to me. They reminded me that I shouldn't give up hope.

A draft is blowing from a nearby ventilation unit. I shiver, and bring my legs around my naked body. That's another drawback to living here. You don't get clothed, and people stare at you. Luckily, if I bring my vectors out, they can sort of cover me, but not fully. They only blur whatever is behind it.

I wish I could escape, but I can't. The chains contain electricity, so if I stick my vectors through them, the electric current will run through my vectors and I will be electrocuted. Not a good idea. Also, my helmet has its own electric current, so something that is not connected to anything else has to strike the surface. Even a crack would be enough. The electricity will then escape through the crack, and I could smash the helmet open with my vectors. That's my escape plan so far.

A chakra is coming closer to me. The person is avoiding all the scientists that are still working at this late hour. They're stealthy, I'll give them that. I pull my legs closer. Even if they've come to help me, I don't plan on letting them see anything.

The shinobi is closer now, I can sense that. A few more steps and they would be in the room outside my cell, where the scientists usually watch as I go through experimentation.

A few seconds pass. Someone has turned on the lights, and I look up from my seat against the wall.

It's a… girl? Boy? I can't tell. But they are blond, just like me, and wearing this strange black cloak with red clouds or something on it. Akatsuki?

"Ino Yamanaka?" I nod. The person's voice is decidedly male.

"Who are you?"

"I'm from the Akatsuki. We want to make you an offer, work for us and we'll help you escape, un." Great. Well, I would rather be somewhere else than here, even if it's with a bunch of psychotic maniacs.

"What if I say no?" I ask. He smirks. I can only see one blue-gray eye, his left is covered by hair. He has the rest of his hair in a ponytail, eerily similar to my previous hairstyle.

"Then I'll have to detonate the bomb inside you, un. I heard you can feel that you can have it?" Darn. I stretch one of my vectors out, keeping in invisible, and move in around my body. There's something strange in my stomach.

"How did that thing get there?"

"I put it in your food and you ate it earlier. So, Ino-chan, what do you say?"

What else can I do? It's either die, or work with Akatsuki. Neither of those options are good. But I think I have a better chance of survival and eventually escape if I go.

"Fine. I'll join," I say. He smirks again.

"Can you get these chains off? Without touching them physically, like with your skin? Whatever breaks them will be electrocuted, so I haven't tried till now." He's still smiling. It's getting a little bit creepy. He reaches into a pouch on the side of his waist and places his hand in it. After a while, he takes his hand out, and I see a- what the heck is that thing?

"What's that? On your hand," I ask. Then I get a closer look. A mouth? It's smiling at me while chewing away on something.

"Nevermind," I say quickly.

"You talk a lot, un," he says.

"And you say 'un' a lot." He looks at his hand, and the strange mouth spits out a wad of something. After squeezing the stuff, two small spiders are sitting on his palm.

"Interesting," I say. He smiles brightly. The spiders jump on my handcuffs, which are connected to the chains, which are connected to the wall.

"Now you'll get to see why my art is a bang, un," he says. With a small explosion and a puff of smoke, the spiders disappear and I slice the metal off with my vectors. He's still smirking at me.

"Um… could I borrow your cloak?" I ask, timidly. No way am I walking around naked in front of anyone. He takes his cloak off and holds it out to me. I grab it with my vectors, which must look a bit strange, because they are still invisible and it probably looks like the cloak is levitating on it's own. Fastening the cloak around me, I make sure it covers everything and stand up. It's been a really long time since I walked. I have to walk slowly, or else I'll fall.

"How are we going to get out?" I ask.

"Wait a bit, un," he says. Another gulp of the white stuff, and there's a large white owl in front of us. Oh my.

"What's that made of?" I say. He smiles again and replies, "Clay."


"It's my art, un. I infuse the clay with my chakra and then sculpt it," he says. Not bad. He jumps on the bird, and I hesitantly climb on.

"Hold on," he says. I stretch out a few vectors and fasten them around the bird. The owl slams its way through the wall, and we're flying in the night sky. A few security guards fire at us, but we're too far away.

"Woo-hoo, freedom!" I yell. Laughing, I turn to my strange rescuer.

"Thanks! By the way, what's your name?" I ask.

"It's Deidara," he says. I smile, but I realize he can't see it. Pointing to my helmet, I say, "Can you get this thing off?" Deidara's hand eats some more clay, and he places his hand on the side of my head. Another explosion, and I smash the helmet. My hair whips free in the wind, and I smile brightly. He's staring at me, and I look at him curiously.


"Nothing," he says, quickly turning away. I look backwards and smirk to myself. I guess being pretty does have its perks.

"Can I lie down?" I ask. Without waiting for an answer, I fall on my back, curl up, and close my eyes. It really has been a long time since I've done anything remotely related to lying down. Being chained to the wall doesn't help.

I can sense Deidara looking at me, but I don't care. I'm free, or as free as a person who has to work for the Akatsuki can get.

I noticed I never did say Ino's number of vectors nor range. That will be revealed later. Also, I know diclonius have pink hair, horns, and red eyes, and Ino doesn't have those. Those features just converted themselves into extra vector powers, I guess.

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