The Alternate Ending

Sid rid himself of the spell Hermione had shot at him, and stumbled out from behind the tree.

"Avada…" He breathed in a crazy ragged breath. "Kedavra."

A spell shot from his wand, and hit her father right in the heart.

Hermione couldn't even scream this time. She crumpled to the ground all of the fight falling out of her. Her father was dead. She was an orphan. Nothing could fix this. Not right now. Draco knelt down beside her holding her close. Ron and Harry came to her side, worried for their friend.

"You!" Sid came toward them his hair rumpled, dirt on his clothes.

He wasn't kidding about having death eater support. More than half of them seemed unsurprised by the turn of events. Anyone who wanted to disapprove was easily shot down with a spell. All eyes were on them.

"You fucking bastard!" Sid raised his wand at Draco.

Hermione's wand lay feet away, and there was a hole in her heart where her father had been. Where Neville, and Pansy had been. She couldn't take any more.

"Draco." She sobbed, wanting him near.

"I'm going to finish this." He said determined. He kissed her head and raised his wand, but Sid got to him first.

"Stupefy!" He shot a stunning spell at Draco and he fell to the ground. Harry and Ron knelt down to help him, and Sid shot spells at both of them in turn.

He and Hermione were the only ones left in the forest, bodies around them, and death eaters surrounding.

"Snape!" Sid commanded through his teeth. "Bind. Her."

Hermione had never seen him so mad. She reached for where Draco lay crumpled but before she could touch him ropes came out and bound her, just as they had Ron. She looked up into Snape's eyes.

"Stay calm and play along until I come up with a plan. You'll be safe." Snape whispered, lifting her in his arms.

"You're coming with me Hermione." Sid said menacingly to her. To the rest he shouted. "You have a new leader! Follow me to Hogsmead! We apparate to our new home where we will rule the wizarding world!"

Hermione screamed through her ropes, calling out one name.


The End of the Alternate Ending

This one was a tough one for me. I began this fic so many years ago when I was in a really dark place in my life. I'm sorry it took me so long to finish, but I appreciate every review and every fan I've had from it. If you haven't read my other Dramione fics please check out my profile and read a few others I've done. This alternate ending leaves some room for possibly a sequel of Draco saving Hermione from Sid. We will see where my imagination leads me.