A large, warm hand cupped her between her legs as a rough, deeply accented voice growled "Mine" into her ears….

She knew there was no escape

Chapter One

On the outside he appeared a statue of control.

Hair in place, dark, silken, and tied neatly by a leather tong.

Clothes immaculate, expensive and individually tailored to his requirements and build.

Inside however he was no longer a man, he was the beast he had spent centuries fighting to control.

He stared around the study.

Black and white shades coloured the furniture, paintings and antiques. The colours where as lifeless as his soul now was.

No feelings. Nothing.

He couldn't even remember what colours where like, it had been so long.

An eternity.

An eternity of nothing but darkness and blood.

It was all he deserved, or so it seemed, fate had not provided him with the ultimate gift. The ultimate salvation, haven and light. A lifemate.

His lifemate.

He could hear his brothers conversations, he could hear their life mates responses, the teasing, the love. He could hear each and everyone clearly in his mind.

And felt each one like a whip across his control.

Leaving welts in the barriers he had built, clawing at his sanity, eating away at his iron will.

He could take no more. He could bare no more.

He was too far gone to meet the dawn.

That left only one option to him.

He would turn.

God help anyone who crossed his path then…

Nya looked over the sea of old, drunk male faces and wondered when she had reached this low. Was this where her independence had gotten her?

A exotic dancer in a foreign land.

If so, maybe an alcoholic mother was the better alternative.

She scoffed at the idea of going back home, there was no way back for her now. She had made her decisions. She wasn't going to go back on her decision now.

In a couple of months she wouldn't need this job anymore, she could leave the country and go to America.

America to her was a new start.

A clean, fresh start.

No alcoholic family members, no dancing, no regrets. Fresh and new. Just like she wished she could be…

She heard her number come on, Theo the music guy, nodded in her direction and counted down from five with his fingers. She strode out on the stage. The lighting magenta and a hazy pink, the lighting shining off the metal and glitter of the stage.

Chairs drawn close to the stage, eager faces hidden within the shadows.

She was glad she couldn't see them. It made it easier. She could close her eyes and pretend she was alone. Dancing to the music. To a lover. Not to a room of drunks.

She plastered on her stage smile and allowed the music to flow through her.

Her body barely concealed in lingerie picked up the beat instantly and danced seductively.

Nicholas wandered the streets in search.

Of something… At first he thought it was prey, but he had passed many humans and had still felt the desire to keep walking.

He knew his brothers hated his walks alone. Fearing the temptation of humans, and fresh blood, the call of the kill all around him.

But it was what he craved.

The life.

He watched the humans scurry around him, unaware he was a predator and they where nothing more to him than prey.

He walked to the shadier side of the town. Where the bars where. He came here often searching for prey, easy pickings when they where intoxicated or criminals congregated in the alleyways.

He was inexplicably drawn to the exotic gentlemen's club.

He had been in there before, once, curiosity had gotten the better of him. He had instantly disliked the place. Small, and crammed full of sweaty, drunk men.

He hadn't glanced at any of the woman. He wasn't interested in them.

Nicholas wasn't known for following his instincts, he preferred logic but he decided to throw caution to the wind, tonight was the last one for him as a Carpathian warrior, he had nothing left to lose.

He walked down the staircase into the bar. The smell of sweat, alcohol and smoke thick in the air, so bad in fact he wondered how the humans could breathe in it.

He scanned the bar and was disgusted by the amount of married men. Nicholas couldn't comprehend their behaviour. Why weren't they at home? Taking care of their women? Their families? He shook his head, he would never understand humans.

He sat in an alcove opposite the stage and looked around the bar, wondering what could have caused his compulsion to come here. It was then a seductive tune began to play, and a woman walk onto the stage.

He saw her and his world changed.

Nicholas gripped the table as emotions, raw and ugly ripped through him. He could see the bar in colour.

The bright, fake lights shining down on the exotic dancer. Her skin illuminated perfectly by the array of pink lights falling on her frame. He saw her smile at the men within the bar and jealousy thick and dark thickened his blood, tightened his chest and made his fingers bite deeply into the wood.

The exotic dancer was his lifemate.

His woman.

And she was seducing not one man, but a bar full with her body.

His body! She belonged to him!

He growled at the men at the stage, their eager faces devouring hers, as her hips swayed to the beat.

He gritted his teeth at the sight.

So erotic.

His heart pounded and his breathing became frantic as his body tightened and burned to a killing degree.

He was aroused.

A deadly mixture when he was also consumed with rage, desperation and jealousy.

He knew he needed to gain control. He had always been practical and now watching his woman bathed in light, dancing for other men he had no longer the desire to be practical, logical, in control.

Not anymore. Never again.

She was his. His alone.

No one would take her from him.

No one.

Nya loved music.

Loved the way her body always caught onto the beat, always knew the rhythm and dance. Whenever music came on, her body became separate to her. Allowing her complete freedom of movement, moving by itself, without her control.

She closed her eyes and allowed the beat to soothe her, flowing through her body, ignoring where she was and what she was doing.

Concentrating only on the beat.

Her hands moved down her lace covered body, like the hands of a lover. Her nipples budding at the slight contact.

She heard a deep, rumbling growl come from somewhere in the bar, her eyes crept open to look in search. Fear engulfed her.

Was it an animal?

She didn't have to look far, as soon as her eyes opened, her green eyes became locked with a man within the alcove, at the back of the bar, opposite the stage. She couldn't take her eyes away from him.

Was it a man?

In the darkness of the bar, all she could make out was his silhouette and two glowing red eyes hidden in the darkness.

Nya guessed his eyes where just picking up the lighting within the bar, but the effect was still frightening.

She could see the outline of his frame, and was impressed and worried at the same time.

He was huge.

Even though he was seated, she could see he was tall. His shoulders broad and looked muscular, although they might not be, it was hard to see through the lights shining down upon her.

She had the strange feeling he was inside her mind, speaking to her, telling her body what to do.

She shivered as her hands followed an unseen pattern being placed in her head.

She undulated her hips and caressed her hands from her neck down the swell of her breasts.

Her own hands cupped her laced covered breasts in her hands, and felt the impression of a males hands there too.

Large. Warm. Rough.

They held her hands to herself and moved them over her body as they wished.

She felt a tremble engulf her body.

She wasn't sure if she was feeling pleasure or fear from the mysterious contact, but unable to stop, she danced and did what the hands upon her suggested.

Feather light contact across her navel.

Sweeping over her hips.

Her hands smoothing down her thighs as she bent her knees to the floor and then curved her back, before coming back up.

She turned around and got the impression of a hissed in breath at the sight of her laced covered bottom, she felt so sensual she couldn't help rocking her hips side to side, before returning to face the crowd.

Her heart pounded as her music ended.

She was unusually disappointed it was over.

She wanted to dance more.

Dance more for this stranger.

She blew a kiss to the audience with a wink, and a sassy grin as expected and strode off the stage.

Well aware, red flaming eyes still followed her every step.

She went through the back corridor heading for the back door, suddenly seeming in desperate need of air.

Fear began to engulf her.

She had been controlled upon the stage, and it was more than her usual freedom of movement, it was a command to do as he pleased.

The large man within the alcove had somehow made her dance for him, as he wanted.

She ran now towards the back door, desperate for the air to sooth her frantic heart.

Her palm was a mere caress against the metal door handle, before she felt herself being yanked back. Her body slammed hard against a large, powerful frame.

Arousal, hard and unyielding burned into her back like a brand.

One strong arm crossed her chest, tight and crushing her to a formidable chest.

She could feel the muscles beneath the fabric, solid and full of deadly strength.

A large, warm hand cupped her between her legs as a rough, deeply accented voice growled "Mine" into her ears.

She knew then there was no escape.

She thought of screaming but before she took in the necessary breath to do it, teeth pierced deep, and pain ripped through her throat...

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