She's The One
By Herm-Own-Ninny879

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Chapter One: From Sakura's Point of View

"Sakura-chan, wake up!" Mrs Haruno shouted from the end of the hallway. A young pink-haired girl yawned and rolled to the other side of her bed, still asleep.

"…" nothing.



"HEY, NEECHAN!" a little girl's voice squealed, crashing through the old door of the teenage girl. The teenage pink-haired sixteen year old girl put a big pillow over her head, attempting to muffle out all sound around her.

"Shut the hell up, Koichi!" Haruno Sakura mumbled to her little sister. Haruno Koichi pouted and ran off down the apartment hallway to her mother shouting "MOMMY! SAKWUA TOLD ME TO SHUT THE HELL UP!"

"Ugh, that little monster…" Sakura moaned, getting out of bed groggily. It had been a very long night, working on that project for her art class.

"SAKURA!" Mrs Haruno shouted once more. "DON'T SWEAR AT YOUR SISTER!"

"God, mom, I know, I know…" Sakura groveled. She walked slowly to the apartment building's only female restroom only to find it occupied by Mrs Tazuna from next door.

"Aw man…" she muttered. "I'm going to be late for the bus again."

"Sakura!" a boy's voice shouted from the upstairs area. Sakura looked up to see her friend, Inuzuka Kiba, with his little dog, Akamaru waving at her from the stairs.

"ECH! Kiba! I'm still in my pajamas!" Sakura shouted. "Good mornin' to you too….blegh…"

"Did you finish the still life for Chizuro-sensei last night? I finished mine," Kiba grinned, flashing a canvas painted with a picture of Akamaru sleeping.

"Kiba, that's not a still life. Akamaru's just asleep," she laughed. It looked more like a bunch of doodles to her.

"Oh. I thought still lives were just pictures of things staying still…"

"Well actually, they're pictures of things that are immobile. Like a bowl of fruit. I chose a table of food," Sakura shouted.

"Oh okay. Hey, Mrs Tazuna's getting out of the bathroom. See ya," Kiba shouted, walking into his apartment.

"Sigh. Morning, Mrs Tazuna," Sakura yawned. Mrs Tazuna just grunted.

She walked in, brushed her teeth and took a short shower, walked in a towel towards her small, very small, apartment room and put on her old school uniform.

Looking at her watch, she realized that she was going to be late for the bus if she didn't go downstairs in about half a minute. In frenzy, she grabbed her backpack and her still life, plus her flute for band class, and hurried downstairs, shouting a quick goodbye to her mother, who tried to stop her for breakfast…but yet again, she didn't succeed.

"That girl…she deserves better…" Mrs Haruno said, her voice downcast. "KIBA! WATCH OUT FOR HER AGAIN TODAY, ALRIGHT?"

"SURE THING, MRS HARUNO!" Kiba shouted as he followed Sakura downstairs. Akamaru barked after him and he waved sadly towards his dog.

"Eyuugh…What did you bring for lunch today, Kiba?" Sakura sighed as she took out her brown bag.

"I brought a sandwich. Plus some leftover chicken from last night."

"I brought the same. Ha…awkward to be living in a boarding house, isn't it?" she smirked.

"Yeppers," Kiba said, getting out his saxophone. The bus seemed hotter than usual. Besides, it was only springtime, and around this time of year in Japan…it was slightly hot.

"Hey look, the cherry blossoms are blooming," Sakura giggled. Kiba smirked at his friend.

"They look like you, Pinky," he laughed.

"Hey, don't call me that," she said, hitting him.

"Whatever, Saku. Oh no…we're at the Kuchiki Twins' spot…" he moaned as the bus screeched to a halt in front of a beautifully proportioned home. Two girls, perfectly identical entered the bus in their uniforms, swaying their hips in a way that made the boys on the bus swoon. They said hello to each and every girl on the bus, and every boy, except for when they stopped at Kiba and Sakura's seat…

"Oh, it's Pinky, and her little sidekick, Dog Man," Kuchiki Rookie said sweetly.

"Shut up," Kiba said, fixing his glasses. He looked down in annoyance.

"Pinky, 'eh?" Sakura laughed, "Can't you two come up with some other new nickname?"

Kuchiki Rukia glared at her. "Just watch out after school today, Pinky…" she said warningly.

"Oh! I've got some nicknames for you. Paris and Nicole."

Rukia looked like she was going to hit Sakura right then and there, but when Mr Joo, the bus driver glared at them, they sat right down, behind the two friends.

"Watch out, Haruno. You're going to get it," Rookie muttered, looking over at them from above their seat.

"Riight. What are you going to do, giggle at me?"

Rookie looked away, offended.

"Thanks, Sakura," Kiba muttered.

"No prob, Kib."

Mrs Haruno was busily cleaning up the family's tiny room in the boarding house. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and when she opened it she saw the postman, Koichi-san, whom she held a soft spot for.

"Mail for you, Rin," Koichi-san smiled, his hand reaching out a letter and package for her. Mrs Haruno giggled. I'm so happy he's my age…she thought giddily.

"Thanks, Koichi-san," she smiled.

"It's for both you and Sakura-san," he winked. "I think she'll like it, and so will you."

Confused, Rin waved goodbye to him and closed the door.

"To Miss Haruno Sakura, from the KONOHA ACADEMY OF THE ARTS?"

The bus pulled up to an old, run-down looking school, called Konoha Public High. Sakura sighed at it, and walked off the bus with Kiba towards the locker hall. On the way, they saw some bullies, like Kin and Dozu, your normal punks, beating up some kid from freshman year. Her eyes widened when she saw little Konohamaru, one of her friends.

She dropped her flute and handed her canvas towards Kiba, who caught it automatically.

"ECH! SAKURA-SAN, WAIT…oh well," he sighed.

"Konohamaru, we need some money today. Can't you get your mommy to bring you some more money for us?" Kin giggled, pushing Konohamaru into a tree.

"B…But my mom doesn't really have enough money right now, with bills..and crap…OW," Konohamaru shouted when Dozu punched him in the cheek.

"HEY DOZU, KIN!" Sakura's voice pounded through the air. Kin sighed.

"Oh, it's the great protector, here to watch over the little punk," she rolled her eyes. She and Dozu got ready to fight.

Sakura walked over to Kin and kicked her shins. Kin growled and slapped her in the face. Dozu stayed out of this catfight, not wanting to get into a girl's battle.

Sakura then pulled some of Kin's hair.

Kin, who screamed in pain, pulled back. She grabbed Sakura's ankles, but Sakura retaliated, swinging forward and grabbed Kin's legs. She dragged her down with her and both got into a really bad tussle.

"Oh God, not again," Kiba muttered, slapping his face. His glasses fell off his face, and he blindly began looking for them.

A group started to form in front of Kin and Sakura's fight.

They began to do the normal 'fight' chant, and Kiba blindly bumped into a tall, football-playing senior.

"Oh, sorry…" Kiba gulped. He could see the outline of the football player in front of him. Shit.

The football player turned around and cracked his knuckles.

"Oh teh noes…" Kiba ran for it.

Haruno Rin read her daughter's letter over and over again. She couldn't believe it.

Dear Miss Haruno,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for a musical scholarship to our school, the Konoha School of the Arts, or KSOTA. This scholarship can last for up to the end of your college education.

The Konoha School of the Arts is a wonderful Private, Boarding School, top-ranked in the Land of Fire. We house students from all over the continent ranging from Land of the Waves to the Land of Lightning. We would be happy to have you accept this music scholarship to the best of your ability.

Once you arrive, you will be sorted immediately into the Music Department, where you will be increasing your Musical ability even more. Your entrance tapes and resume, plus your composed music helped with your entrance.

Please send us a letter back saying you accept.

Yours in Partnership,

Katzuki Adrienne, Headmistress, the Konoha School of the Arts

"She actually made it…" tears sprung to her eyes. This will help her so much…She'll have a better education and life…

She looked over at an old family portrait hung on the wall with her, Sakura, her daughter Koichi, and her late husband

"Oh, Kororo…If you were here…" she said sadly.

"Got into a fight, once again, Miss Haruno, Miss Tatsuki," the principal, Mr Kakazu, said sternly. Sakura looked away, arms and legs folded in the chair.

"Hmph," Sakura muttered. Kin just glared at her.

"What happened this time?"

"She was beating up Konohamaru again!" Sakura blurted. Kin looked innocent.

"Oh, Sakura, Kin couldn't have done that…" Mr Kakazu rolled his eyes.


"Sakura, a week's detention for you."

Kin smiled. "Thanks, Mr Kakazu, sir."

"No problem," Kakazu said, smiling at Kin and scowling at Sakura. "You both may go. I'll be calling your mother soon, Miss Haruno."

"Alright," Sakura mumbled under her breath as she left. When she opened the door, Kiba was already waiting for her.

"What happened? Kin got her way again?"

"Yeah, and—"

"—and Kin wins again," Kin laughed as she walked past them contentedly. They waited until she was out of sight and began to talk.

"You've got a tear in your skirt," Kiba said warningly. Sakura saw the notch near her waist.

"Damn," she scowled.

"I just got out of the nurse. Zetzu beat me up again," Kiba sighed. Sakura rolled her eyes once more.

"You should be more assertive, Kib," she said calmly to her friend.

"Yeah, but I'm labeled a nerd. No one likes assertive nerds."

"Whatever," Sakura muttered. "Where's Konohamaru?" she added.

"Over at the nurse right now. His mom is going to pick him up…" Kiba said sadly.

"Oh no…he's going to transfer…" Sakura said sadly, kicking the ground. Whenever a student was told his parents were going to pick him up, it usually meant that their parents were going to transfer them to another school.

"Yeah. I talked to him in the office. He said one more beat up session, and he's gone," Kiba shuddered.

"Ech…this school sucks," she said, picking up her canvas. The pair walked over to the Art Room and took their seats.

"I know," Kiba sighed. "I really want to go to that Arts School you applied for. Did you get a letter yet?"

"No, not yet. But mom said it should be coming soon," she said excitedly. "I want to go to KAOTA really badly," She said, grinning.

"I didn't get my letter for WAOD, the Waves Academy of Doctory yet," he said, shrugging.

"I bet you're going to get in, being a medical boy and all," she joked.

"Aw, shut up. It's not my fault I have a bunch of freaking allergies," he muttered. "Except to dogs," he added.

"Right, Kiba, right," she smiled.

Mrs Haruno was furious. She had gotten another call from Mr Kakazu again…about her daughter. He had said she got into another fight.

As she stepped into her car, she tucked the letter from KAOTA into her purse and sped off.

"Once again, Miss Haruno gets an A+." Chizuro-sensei said happily. Sakura got her canvas back in ectasy.

"YES!" she whispered to herself. "An A!"

"And from Mr Inuzuka…a C+," she smiled at Kiba. Kiba grinned. "Kiba, you'll need some help with your still lives, so can you come over after school for a tutor session?"

Secretly,Sakura knew that her best friend had a soft spot for their pretty Art teacher…who was only fresh from Art School.

"Alright," Kiba said cooly.

"Suck-up," Sakura smirked at him. He just stuck his tongue at her.

"And today, she got into a fight with Tatsuki Kin," Kakazu said, lowering his glasses to see Mrs Haruno better.

"Oh. Do you know the reason?"

"Yes. Well…I'm not sure if she's telling the truth this time. She said that KIN and DOZU were beating up little Konohamaru from freshman year."

"Then, who did you belive, Mr Kakazu?"

"Well, I believed Kin of course. Kin is one of our star students! She would never beat anyone up. Taking her side is the best choice. But Miss Sakura on the other hand…is not very adept when it comes to her studies," Kakazu sighed.

"OH really? Have you ever paid any attention to students other than KIN? Is it always her?"

"N-no, I mean, Mrs Haruno--"

"--If this school is going to be like that, I'm taking my Sakura out of it. You see here--" she rummaged through her bag and pulled out the acceptance letter for the Konoha Academy of the Arts, "That she has been accepted into the most prestigious arts school in ALL of Konoha. And you say she is not...adept...when it comes to her studies?"

Mr Kakazu stared at the note and grabbed it. Scanning it, he placed it gently down on the desk and cleared his throat as he adjusted his glasses.

"So I see," he said in shocked surprise. "Well, you can uninroll her at this school, I doubt there will be anyone who will actually care."

"What did you say?" Mrs Haruno growled. Kakazu rolled his eyes. "Well in that case, your school will be short an excellent student. Good day," she said, got up, and stormed out of the office and into the Registrar's room.

"You what?" Sakura shouted once she got home.

"Yes I did."

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?" she screamed, pulling at her hair.

"Sakura. Don't you swear at me, young lady!" Mrs Haruno shouted back. Sakura looked at her angrily.

"Why did you pull me out of Public High?"

"Because you got a letter today."

"From who?" Sakura said, infuriated.

"The Konoha Academy of the Arts," Mrs Haruno said simply, clearing her throat as she handed her daughter the letter from Katzuki Adrienne.

Sakura, with trembling hands and shocked eyes, took the letter and read it. Not believing what she read, she read it again, and again, and when she got the message, threw her arms around her mother and hugged her tightly.

"I GOT IN!" she squealed. "Mum, thanks for taking me out of public hi--what about Kiba? Shouldn't he know?" she asked, loosening her grip. Mrs Haruno looked sadly at her.

"Yes. KAOTA is a private/boarding school. But you can come home for the weekends every month," she said slowly. Sakura's eyes dropped.

"Oh..." she said in a small voice. Just then, little Koichi ran into the room.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy! Onee-chan got into the Academy place, right?" she squealed. "YAY! Can I have her room?"

Sakura scowled. "No, buttface."

Koichi scowled and stuck her tongue out at her sister. Mrs Haruno smiled.

"I'm going, right?" Sakura said slower, "Now that I'm out of Konoha Public?"

Rin thought for a moment. "Yes."

"I'll have to tell Kiba tonight."

"Yes, Sakura," Mrs Haruno said, biting her lip. All of a sudden, she hugged her daughter tightly and cried.

Sakura, surprised, hugged back, unsure of what to say, and put in a lot of unsaid things she felt for her mother into that hug.

"THE KONOHA ACADEMY OF THE ARTS?" Kiba questioned in a loud voice as he and Sakura sat at a table in Starbucks later that night.

"SHHH!" Sakura shushed him. "It's supposed to be secret, alright? Kib...I...I don't want to leave my best friend alone at Public High," Sakura muttered.

"Don't worry about me, Saku! Just take this as a big adventure, going to a private school. I wonder what that's like," he said dreamily.

Sakura smirked and sipped her mocha.

"You know all the right things to say, Kiba," Sakura smiled. Kiba grinned back.

"Of course I do. I'm a best friend."



"Pencils, school supplies?"



She thought for a moment and checked her flute and guitar cases.




"Big long rope..."


"Just kidding, dear," Mrs Haruno smirked, and continued the list. "Daily Planner?"

"Moooooooomm...Fine. Yep."




"Yes, mother," Sakura smiled, all dressed in her academy uniform, which was much nicer than the uniforms her old school had. She had a short-sleeved button down dress shirt, a blue-and-green-tie, and a blue and green plaid school skirt. She had knee-high socks that seemed preppy to her, and some honest, good school shoes. The Konoha Academy patch was stitched to the breast pocket of her shirt.

"I'm so happy," Rin said, dabbing her eyes with a hankerchief and pulled Sakura into a hug. "Got all your bags ready?"

"Yeah, I do," she said, her eyes lingering at her room for the last time.

"I'm sorry Kiba can't come to see you go..." Mrs Haruno said sadly. "His mother told him to go to school..."

"Don't worry. He can use my room anytime he wants for invasion. Tell him to not take down my posters of Anime, alright?"

"Okay," her mother smirked through tears.

"And tell Koichi to stay away from my room," she laughed. Mrs Haruno stopped crying.

"Sure, dear."

All of a sudden, a loud car horn was heard outside the boarding house. Sakura and her mother looked up immediately.

"Well...this is it?" Mrs Haruno said, taking a deep breath.

Sakura nodded. "I love you, mom."

"I love you too, baby," she said, hugging her tighter than ever. After a few seconds, Sakura grabbed her bags and walked slowly down the steps and when she got to the bottom, she saw her mother at the top, smiling at her. She smiled back and walked out of the door and into the car.

Without thinking, Rin ran down the stairs, and caught up as soon as the car left. She saw Sakura look back through the back window and waved. She waved back, and stayed until the car turned the next corner.

The driver's name was Percy, he told Sakura. Percy was his American nickname, but his name was Pachiko. Sakura giggled when he told her, and he was her chauffer for the day, just to take her to the academy since no buses ran in her community except the public school ones.

"So which classes will you be taking, Miss Haruno-san?" Percy asked her curiously as he drove.

"Well, probably music, art, and creative writing. I'll decide once I get to the school."

"I would like to suggest fashion designing. It is an interesting class I think you'll like," he smiled.

"Fashion really isn't my thing though I like drawing clothes I'd like to wear..."she thought for a while. "Maybe, Perce. Maybe."

"My daughter goes to KAOTA, but she's a senior, so you won't be seeing much of her around, due to semester finals."

"I see," Sakura said, nodding.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy the school. It's one of the most--"

"--prestigious schools in the country," Sakura finished, smiling.

"I see you know your school histories," he said, nodding in approval.

"Well--no, but I've always wanted to go to the Konoha Academy since i was seven."

"And now you can," Percy smiled.

"Yeah..." Sakura said dreamily.

A few more minutes turned into an hour, until Percy finally said after passing a few meadows...

"Welcome to the Konoha Academy of the Arts, Miss Haruno," he smiled. Sakura's head shot up, and what she saw amazed her.

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