Narrator: In Herby Lou and Andy are looking for something that Andy can play with. No, not boobs.

Lou pushes Andy's wheelchair into Game.

Lou: Now are you sure you want a PS3?

Andy: Yeah.

Lou: It's very expensive though are you don't want a 360 or a Wii?

Andy: I went potty before I left.

Lou: Well are you sure? Because I thought you said that whilst Sony have the flashier console, Microsoft are mechanically better and have a far superior library of games.

Andy: Yeah I know, stop paraphrasing me!

Lou: Are you sure you want a PS3?

Andy: Yeah.

Lou: Good lord.

Lou and Andy are back at the house. Lou is setting up the PS3.

Andy: I want a 360.

Lou takes back the PS3 for a 360.

Andy: I want a Wii.

Lou attempts to hold back his anger.

Andy: All done.