I don't know why I have to be here

For I am forbidden to exist, even by the almighty himself

In the Central City Military Headquarters of Amestris, there was a 20-year old man named Roy Mustang who had just been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. With his right-hand woman Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, he is now ready to go on his first task as a Lieutenant Colonel.

"Come in, Lieutenant Colonel Mustang" the Fuhrer said, after a few knocks on the door. He went inside and gave a salute to the commander-in-chief of the country. "You and your partner are now assigned to go to this place in the east called Resembool. The details of your task are written in this file" he said, as he gave a folder to him. "The train tickets are prepared. I've given it to Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye"

After a few more words, the lieutenant colonel gave a salute to the Fuhrer and turned back. He went out of the room and read the file as he walked out of the HQ with his second lieutenant.

On the train, they both sit face-to-face, mouth kept shut from each other. As the train moves and leaves the central, she wondered what kind of task that was given to them, because since her superior closed the file, she saw his face showing a great curiosity, and a great anger and disappointment at the same time.

"Sir," she suddenly said, breaking out the silence between them.

"What is it?"

"Mind if I ask what the task was?"

"We're...we're supposed to look for a man in Resembool... An alchemist named Hohenheim"

"Then why you looked so disappointed?"

"He was committing a taboo. Human transmutation, that is"


"We have to take care of the evidence and bring it back to the laboratory for further research"

"Why did the Fuhrer gave this task to us? Shouldn't the research and investigation team do this?"

"Well, recently they've been busy with investigations regarding to a children serial killer in the south and more cases of illegal transmutations done by several state alchemists. Luckily the top brass still got their trust on me in this kind of situation."

After a few days on the rail, they finally reached their destination: a quiet village in the east called Resembool. It was raining, but they can't stay in this place for long. So, they immediately went to the Elric family residence, where it had been said that Hohenheim used to live there.

Roy knocked on the wooden door. No answer. Then, he walked to the back and found a door with broken lock. As he shoved the door in, a long creaky sound echoes in the room. He then stepped in, followed by Riza at the back and the sound of a gun click, meaning that his subordinate is ready with her gun. As they went deeper into the house, they felt a scent of rusting iron on their nose that was getting stronger and stronger, mixing with the heavy scent of dust.


She nodded, and kept walking behind her superior. As they walked into a small room which seemed to be the study, they found the shelves are full of dusty books, and the floor was covered in old papers with handwritings and bloodstains on it. Their brief clack-clack-clack footsteps made by their boots were soon followed by the crisp sound of the papers and dusts arising in the air. She coughed a bit from all the dusts, while he leaned down and collected some pieces of the papers. The lighting wasn't too good in the room, so he grabbed an old piece of wood and sparked it up. She then held the fired-up wood as he grabbed a chair and studied the notes written on the paper that seemed to be alchemy notes. As Roy read the notes, Riza peeked into the notes, but couldn't seem to understand even a single sentence in it since it was full of advanced calculations, runic circles, and words that you can only find in alchemy-related books. She wanted to help more, but she knew she can't do anything but hold the fire up for him, because she's not an alchemist and he's the only one in the spot who can decipher what was written on the papers, and perhaps it can give them a clue on what was really happened in Resembool. "I'll go round the back," Riza said, as she made another torch from an old candlestick that was sticking on a plate. She shared the fire and put it on the stack of dusty books next to him. When she walked back to the door, her sharp eyes turned to an old sketch of a woman lied on top of the stack of books at corner of the room. She then turned her foot there and started to walk.

Clack. Clack. Clack. Creak. Clack

She grabbed the paper and looked at the sketch, which seemed to be incomplete. On the bottom of the paper, she found some handwritten letters. It was hard to read but it didn't take long for her to get used to.


Roy suddenly stood up, and put the papers on top of the stack of books next to the candlestick she had prepared before.


"Walk backwards"


"I said, walk backwards!"

She walked backwards as told, and again, the voice from the steps echoes.

Clack. Creak. Clack. Clack. Clack.

"Walk forward"

Thinking that he's playing fun on her, Riza walked forward again

Clack. Clack. Clack. Creak.


Before she walked on another step, she was surprised by her superior's voice and tripped over. Another rising dusts and a louder creak, followed by coughs of a man and a woman.

"You okay?" He asked, as he gave a hand to his subordinate. She nodded, and grabbed her superior's hand. As she stood up, they found that there was a hidden door on the spot where she fell.

"It's made of wood and looks pretty old. No wonder there was a funny creaking sound every time you stepped on it"

"What shall we do, sir? Shall we open it or leave it alone?"

"I had a bad feeling about this...We better open it"

Using the dusts, Roy quickly sketched a simple transmutation circle on the floor with his fingers and created an axle. He then removed the wooden closing and saw stairs that were going down.

"Shall we go down?"

"We better contact the HQ and ask for the backup team to go here. I feel that there's something dangerous in there. Could be a chimera or..."

"Or what, sir?"

"A beast...a failed human transmutation"

"How did you know that?"

"From the notes that I found, it seemed to be about human transmutation. I've seen a failure object once in the state laboratory and I never wanted to see it twice. It's horrible, and I don't want you to see it"

"Sir, soldiers are meant to see horrible things"

"May I ask why do you insist to go down there right now? It isn't like you to insist on something so bad"

She wanted to reply, but before she spit out the word, she stopped. The last sentence that her superior said hit her right on the spot. She then closed her eyes, and put her hands on her ears. As a warm and pleasant atmosphere gather around her, she opened her eyes and hold his hands, and started to move her lips and spoke with the softest voice she ever pull out in her life

I heard a voice...

A voice of a lonely soul...

Searching for true warmth and happiness...

And he wants you and me...

Roy isn't the type of man who's insensitive. He knew that there was something different about is second lieutenant. Her eyes, her voice, her aura, everything changed... as if something had been into her.

Ignoring her superior's order, she walked down the stairs all by herself with her second lieutenant following her at the back, trying not to make her go down. But it's useless. She kept walking down the stairs followed by their own silhouettes from their torches reflecting on the wall and the clack-clack voice of their boots that were getting louder due to the echo, blocking his voice. When she finally stopped, they both saw a door. The hard scent of blood made them put their palms on their noses. His head imagines a horrible creature battered in blood was inside, like one of the guinea pigs that he saw in the state lab before. Before her hands reached out to the doorknob, he grabbed her hands and put it away from the door.

"Wait, don't open the door"

He said, as he grabbed his gloves and put it on. Before they could move another muscle, a loud echoing voice came out of the room, a voice that is similar to one that belongs to wild beasts.

"Maybe there's a chimera inside. Let me go in first..."

Too late. She opened the door already. But he still had a chance to warn her not to step in.

"No, it's not a chimera, sir. It sounds like a child's wail"

She's right, he thought. It sounds like a child's wail. She then stepped into the darkness, alone with only a single torch on her left. He waited outside, grabbed his watch and look at the time.

Five minutes. If she's not back within five minutes then I'll call the backup teams.

Not long after that, he heard someone stepping back from the darkness. He sighed in relief, and he suddenly realized that he worries too much. He didn't really pay that much attention to women in the military, except to this 15-year old second lieutenant sniper prodigy, or simply put, his sensei's daughter. As he leaned to the wall, he realized that each time her footsteps were getting near, the wail was getting clearer.

"Oh no..."