(A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first Heroes fic. I've only watched about half the series here in the UK so if I make mistakes in this I do appologise. I do know some things about later on like Claire and Peter's real relationship, hiro going back to the 13th century and what the bomb is. Other then that I have no clue so it is more then likely I will slip up during this story!!! Anyway it begins a few months after the end of series one and everything is fine. So enjoy and let me know what you think! TKAMB aka Becky)

Chapter 1:

Months had passed by since the fatal day of November 8th 2006 in New York City. All the heroes survived which astonished them all especially Peter and Syler. Syler aka Gabriel had changed so dramatically the heroes had managed to accept him as one of them. Mr Bennett was occasionally sceptical about him and Peter but kept his worries to himself and kept an eye on them both. It took a while for Peter and Syler to settle their differences but knowing there was another gifted person out there more powerful then Syler he knew he had to help the group no matter what friction may occur between them and so stayed with Peter giving Peter's abilities and the power that surged between them. They were a better force together then apart

Clare wanted to stay close to Peter and Nathan so she moved to New York to attend the University and spend the time since the explosion before starting university getting used to the big city and to stay with Peter. She and Nathan weren't getting along well but she was trying for Peter's sake. When she wasn't studying she was looking after Matt who was recovering still from that memorable day. He had not seen his wife since and knew it was unlikely he would again. Their marriage was to troubled to survive and the ability he had always complicated the matter. Hiro had returned to the present and surprised everyone with his transformation from the 13th century. Molly had been taken in by Mohinder and Niki, DL and Micha had moved in with them also. Although she missed her home, Niki knew she could never return after what she had been through with her son and husband she felt safe being around the other heroes. Mohinder had become her son's teacher as well as Molly's and they both enjoyed being his students and playing tricks on him with their powers.

Everything seemed to be normal, as if the things that took place that day were oblivious to everyone except them. They were at the eye of the storm and were superior then the rest of the human race yet they were forced to hide and protect the people too blind to notice them. Ever since Molly had told them about the man they had been worried and trying to track down the force but nothing had come to light. Every day they lived in fear, at the same time they saved the world using their unique abilities. Up until then they thought they were safe. Little did they know something was about to happen that would affect them all


January 5th 2007

"Can I get you anything else Matt? Some juice? Another pillow?" Claire asked Matt who let out a small laugh

"Claire, relax. I'm ok really. You don't have to act like the perfect Stepford wife around me ok?" Matt explained and Claire sat by his side

"I know, I guess because I have the power to heal myself I feel guilty that others are in pain in front of me. I've videotaped me trying to kill myself twenty times and nothing happens. I see you in agony and I feel my heart being ripped out in front of me. I guess –" she paused and left out a small laugh and Matt looked confused

"What is it?" he asked

"My adopted dad and I do get along but there is always a divide set up by both of us. When it comes to Nathan there is a divide only on his side. Then you come along ... and for the first time I feel like I'm in a real father daughter relationship. I know it is really stupid to say that and it isn't a true father daughter relationship but it is the closest I've had to a relationship like that" silence fell over the two and Claire stood up. "I'm going to go, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, I'm so sorry" Matt grabbed her hand to stop her and Claire reluctantly sat back down

"Claire, look at me" she debated if she should but remembered Matt could read her mind so she looked up at him. "Thank you for saying that. You know I'm always here for you kiddo. You are still learning from life and you may not feel this way in the next year or so, believe me!" Claire smiled and he touched her cheek. "You are amazing Claire and I'm proud to know you. I'm here whenever you need me ok?" he pulled her into a hug and she smiled

"I'm sorry you are not a dad Matt, you would be the best dad ever"

"I don't know if my kids would agree. I mean seriously, how would you feel as a teenager if your dad could read your mind?" Claire thought for a moment

"Yeah I think I may stick with Nathan" the two laughed and he winced placing his hand over his gunshot wound. "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that. You sit back and I'll get you some juice" he did what he was told and glanced towards the kitchen

"So tomorrow is the big day? First day of college, you nervous?"

"Naturally I'm terrified. It's hard enough being 18 without having to be able to destroy your body and never die!"

"You'll be fine I'm sure" Claire smiled entering the room and handed Matt a glass of juice. She held out her right fist towards him. "Take your tablets"

"Yes dear" he replied and she giggled


Walking through the halls of NYU Claire couldn't help feeling the butterflies in her stomach. She looked at her schedule and was totally confused as to where she needed to go. "Um excuse me" she asked a student who was reading the New York Times close to her. Claire noticed a picture of Nathan on the front cover which made her feel sick to her stomach. The student, a girl lowered the paper and smiled

"Yes? Can I help?" Claire was taken aback as soon as she saw the girl's face. She was so beautiful and so familiar to Claire it startled her. She had long jet black hair, high cheek bones, and olive coloured skin with beautiful and piercing blue eyes. Claire realised she had been stood in silence for far too long and smiled

"I'm so sorry I got lost in thought there for a moment! I'm sorry to bother you but do you know where room 014B is?"

"Yeah, you are stood in front of it" she indicated to the door to her right and Claire saw the large sign on it reading 'Room 014B'.

"Ok first day at college and I make myself look like a complete idiot in front of a total stranger!" Claire muttered to herself and the girl smiled

"It could be worst. I could have been a really cute guy who you liked and then it would have been a complete disaster. But as it is just me and it looks like we are in the same class together, I'll forget you asked"

"Thank you um ...?" Claire asked and held out her hand

"Elinor, Elinor Parkman" she replied shaking Claire's hand

"Claire Bennett ... I'm sorry did you say Parkman? Any relation to Matt Parkman at all?" Claire asked confused

"You knew my uncle Matt?" Claire was even more confused now with the tense that Elinor had responded in

"I KNOW a Matt Parkman. He's a detective; he was a cop for the NYPD before his promotion. He helped my family and friends a few months ago" the girl lowered her head for a few seconds. When she finally lifted her head Claire could see the sadness and tears in her eyes

"He couldn't ignore a plea for help in any form. That was what made him so loveable. I used to call him Teddy because he always reminded me of a big cuddly bear and I was his cherry blossom. Whenever he called me that it always made me smile and laugh which he loved to see me do. He told me that I had a special smile which would always brighten his spirits and those of the people around me ... I'm sorry I shouldn't be babbling to a complete stranger! Where are you from?" Elinor asked

"Texas, but I've been in New York for four months now, around the same time I met Matt"

"You may not have heard the sad news ... my uncle Matt died nearly three months ago. He had a heart attack. He was in a bar after a stressful day at work, had a few drinks. He got up to leave and fell to the floor. Someone got him to the hospital but he died that night"

"What? No you ... you're wrong!" Claire responded making the already upset Elinor look at her with total disgust and shock for disagreeing with her on such a subject. Claire glanced over Elinor's shoulder and saw a lecturer unlock the door. "Sorry I didn't mean to upset you, do you want to get some coffee after class and talk? I need to know what happened. When I knew him, I and Matt were very close" Elinor composed herself and softly smiled

"I'd like that. I'd like to hear stories of him again. Matt was the hero of my childhood and I am glad he was the hero of your adulthood. I just wish it were me who got the chance to be with him again"


"No answer" Peter said to everyone hanging up the phone. Claire should have been home four hours ago but there had been no sign of her and she wasn't answering her phone. The heroes were around and Peter's place for dinner and celebrating Matt's recovery. Nathan hadn't turned up as he had political meeting to attend to, however he wished Matt all the best. Peter hated the fact that his brother shut them out the way he was doing but he was too concerned for Claire to celebrate Matt's recovery or focus on his brother.

"Peter, relax! I'm sure she is fine. She's probably hanging out with her new friends" Niki tried to reassure him

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel better"

"You the over protective thing you have going on is starting to turn into obsession" Gabriel commented

"Molly can you find her for me?" Peter asked

"Do I have to? No offense Peter but Claire can take care of herself. She isn't a little girl you know!" Molly replied not taking her eyes of the TV screen at what Micha was doing

"The wisdom of a little girl bets a 29 year old guy! How does it feel?" Niki responded laughing but then noticed Micha and went into mother mode. "Micha! What have I told you about using your powers on other people's property?" she said approaching him

"What? I did it at Matt's house and he didn't mind!" Micha responded and Niki looked at Matt in shock

"The boy has got me free cable at the beginning of the ice hockey season, that is not something I'm going to complain about Niki, no offense" Matt replied holding up his hands. Right at that moment his smiling face fell and everyone noticed

"Matt are you ok?" Mohinder asked

"It's Claire, I can hear her. Something's wrong"

"Ok Claire just relax deep breath. Oh God, what will he think of me?" he heard echoing in his mind and the front door slowly opened. She kept her back to them as she lowered her bag onto the floor

"Claire! Where have you been? You had us worried"

"Sorry um ... I got distracted I should have called you, sorry" she explained hanging up her jacket and Matt instantly knew he had to ask her the question everyone wanted to know

"What happened?" Matt asked and Claire lowered her head

"Matt, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. If we had never had met or if I had never been born then none of this would have happened. She would have been safe" Claire begged turning around to the group and they could see the tears rolling down her cheeks

"Forgiveness? For what? Who would be safe? What has happened?" Mohinder asked confused

"It's all my fault I'm sorry, I don't deserve your friendship. I don't deserve you at all" Claire rushed past them all and ran into her room, slamming the bedroom door behind her. She sank to the floor with her knees up in her chest crying softly. She heard the group banging on her door asking her to open it but she wouldn't budge. After a few seconds she felt a presence in the room and looked around

"Leave me alone Peter" Peter materialised in front of her then sat next to her

"You can't say something like that and leave the room. Tell me" he asked softly and she leant her head on his right shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her and she let out a sigh to calm herself down

"It's Matt; I met someone today who is close to him. Because of me her life has been destroyed and there is nothing I can do change it"

"You have to tell Matt, you owe him that. Him and this person you met today" It took a while of persuasion but Claire eventually opened the door and lent against the doorframe

"What is it Claire?" Matt asked and she wiped her eyes

"It's Elinor, she's here in New York" Matt looked completely shocked at the news

"What? H ... How? Why didn't she tell me? Is she alright?" he asked frantically and Claire nodded

"Yeah she's fine ... But she thinks you're dead"

"How can she think that?" Niki asked

"Because my dad ... Noah, he told her. So I've destroyed her life as well as yours without knowing it. I don't know what to do"

"I guess we need to see her" Peter said softly wrapping his arms around Claire to comfort her