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Chapter 9:

June 4th 2007

"Congratulations Matt, he is so cute!" Claire gushed as she held Matt's new born son Daniel. The heroes had gathered at Matt's place to welcome him and Janice home with baby Daniel. Elinor smiled the best she could but the pain in the pit of her stomach was becoming too much for her. She was sat down on one of the chairs and felt herself clutching the chair arm to be able to sit up properly. She had had this pain in her stomach for a few weeks now and had been feeling sick for over a week

"Guys, I hate to do this but I'm going to go. I don't want to get Daniel sick on his first day home" Elinor explained and picked up her bag making the others look at her concerned

"Is your stomach still bad?" Peter asked helping her up off her chair

"I'm fine! It's just a bit of food poisoning" she argued

"Yes but food poisoning doesn't last for over two weeks" Mohinder argued back

"I just need some sleep that's all. I'll come by and see this little guy when I'm all better" she responded and kissed Matt's cheek

"Stay in bed young lady and don't go all stubborn like you always do when you're ill!" Matt said and Elinor nodded

"Yes dad!" she joked and Peter took her hand

"I think we should go to the hospital" Peter said

"Yeah Elinor, it has been over two week that you've been feeling like this" Niki said but Elinor shook her head

"A couple of days bed rest and I'll be fine"

"Told you she was stubborn when she's ill" Matt replied making Elinor smile. Peter managed to get Elinor home in one piece not having to stop the car as she was feeling ill. He put her in bed and sat on her bedside stroking her hair softly as she lay as still as possible to try and get comfortable

"It kills me to see you like this" he said softly and she smiled

"Me too! I'm sure it'll be over soon"

"Can I get you anything?"

"A new stomach?" Elinor asked making him laugh. He kissed her forehead as she rested her hand on his. "Peter I need to tell you something" Peter instantly stiffened

"What is it?" he asked

"I went to the doctor the other day. He ran some tests and I got the result earlier today" she explained sitting up. He stroked her hair again

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have gone with you" Peter asked and she shook her head

"You're busy training to be a doctor. Besides, I'm a big girl. I can go to the doctor on my own"

"Is it serious?" he asked and she nodded. "What is it?" he asked and she smiled softly

"Can't you guess?" she asked and he saw her smile broaden

"You mean?" he asked and she nodded. He smiled broadly and pulled her into a warm embrace

"I'm only a few weeks gone but yes, we are having a baby. I didn't want to spoil Matt's day. He's been waiting to be a dad for so long that it would be wrong for me to do that" Peter softly kissed her and he laughed softly

"Oh my god, I'm going to be a dad" he muttered

"You'll be a brilliant dad while I'll be the most over protective mother that no one is going to be good enough for our child" Elinor laughed and she felt her stomach turn. She lay back down and Peter stroked her hair once more

"Get some sleep, I'll come back and check on you in a couple of hours"

"Yes nurse" Elinor replied making him smile

"Doctor remember!"

"I can't believe you are going for the full doctor status. I'm so proud of you Peter"

"I'm proud of you too. Now stop stalling and get some sleep" Elinor closed her eyes and within minutes she was fast asleep


September 7th 2008

"Guys, you didn't have to do this" Hiro said looking around at the birthday party around him. "i loved your present! I can't believe you got Ando to come back here" Hiro said laughing softly

"How could he refuse getting the chance to see his best friend? I think we can throw a party for our favourite friend in the world! Happy birthday honey" Elinor said and kissed his cheek

"And where is my god son Jack then?" Hiro asked

"He's with Janice and Daniel tonight" Peter explained wrapping his arms around Elinor's waist from behind. He softly rested his chin on her left shoulder making her smile. "You having a good time?" he asked and she nodded

"A night out with my mates without having to worry about our son then yes ... Do you think he's ok? I'd better check up on him" Elinor said and headed for the phone

"You've already called Janice twice and we've been here for just over an hour!" Peter said following her and Claire grabbed the phone before Elinor could reach it

"You need to relax Elinor" Claire said and Peter nodded

"I agree you need to relax Elinor. Now have a drink and have some fun" Mohinder said

"But what if there is a problem with Jack?" Elinor asked as Matt approached

"Janice will call my mobile if she needs you ok?" he explained and Elinor gave in taking a drink from Mohinder

"Isn't she cute when she's arguing with us?" Peter asked sarcastically making her smile. A couple of hours later Matt approached Elinor who was chatting with Claire holding his mobile

"Elinor, Janice wants to talk to you. You may have to go outside, it's rather loud in here" he explained and Elinor headed outside

"Janice? Is everything ok?" Elinor asked worried

"Yeah ... I think you need to come over. We have a visitor that needs to speak to you" Janice explained and Elinor heard her voice cracking with emotion

"Who is it?" Elinor asked softly

"The man from your dreams" Elinor felt tears come to her eyes from fear and she closed her eyes falling silent for a moment

"I'll be right there" she hung up the phone and composed herself before entering the building again. She found the group gathered in one of the corners chatting and laughing. She handed the phone to Matt. "Guys, I have to go see Jack. I'll be back soon"

"Is he ok?" Peter asked standing up concerned

"Yeah, Janice thinks he may have a cold bug. He can't settle and has a little cough. Besides I need to have a chat with Janice. Don't worry, I'll be back soon" Elinor explained

"I'll come with you" Matt said

"Me too" Peter said

"NO!" everyone was taken aback and Elinor smiled. "No, I'll go. Stay, enjoy the party. I'll be back" she kissed Peter softly and headed out the door. She looked back at her friends through the window as a tear fell from her right eye. "Goodbye guys. I'll miss you. Take care of Jack for me" she thought which Peter and Matt heard and they instantly looked at each other

"Oh my God!" Matt muttered and everyone looked confused

"What is it?" Claire asked

"We have to get to the girls" Peter said and the group rushed out of the building. Hiro teleported them to Matt's home and found Janice running from the house towards them in tears. Matt instantly wrapped his arms around her

"Where is Elinor?" Peter asked

"In there ... so are the boys I ... I couldn't get to them. Peter, it's the man from her dreams. He's come to get her" Janice explained

"Who?" Mohinder asked

"Sylar" They heard the boys crying and Elinor's piercing scream. Peter ran into the house but it was too late. He found Sylar was gone and Elinor lay on the floor of the living room bleeding heavily. The others entered the house and Claire ran upstairs with Mohinder to get the kids. Peter came down to Elinor's side to see she was still alive and was shakily breathing

"Why didn't you tell me about your dreams?" Peter asked holding Elinor and she shook her head

"You changed destiny once ... You can't change it again... Look after Jack, he'll need you more than ever" she explained as tears fell from her eyes. She shut her eyes tightly as the pain of the stab wounds to her stomach

"Don't leave me please" Peter begged crying softly

"Leave you? Never" she responded remembering their wedding day and he felt her breathing become shallow. He kissed her forehead and rocked her back and forth. Mohinder and Claire came back downstairs carrying the boys and watched Peter and Elinor as everyone else did. "I didn't think you'd be here now ... I love you"

"Don't say good bye, you can't go! I love you. Please stay with me" Peter begged but it was too late. Slowly she closed her eyes and her head fell against his chest. Peter began to cry hysterically and continued to rock her back and forth. No one moved or spoke; they just watched Peter cry over his dead and wife and contemplated what Sylar would do next"


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