Words Are No Longer Neccessary

[oneshot Even if their only way of communication was through small gestures, they still understood.

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Jazz heard several sobs coming from Danny's room. Not only had it woke her, but it also worried her. Her thought was her brother being in pain, wounded from fighting a ghost. She immediately got out of bed and went straight to Danny's room. Before going outside of her room, she managed to look at her clock. 3:37, it read. If it was that late, had Danny been crying the whole time? Or had he just started? She wanted to know. She wanted to help.

Inside of the room was her brother, Danny, lying on his bed, curled up like a ball, crying in his sleep.

She slowly walked near the bed and placed her hand on Danny's shoulder. She sat next to him and began shaking him to wake hime up. Danny slowly opened his eyes, red from all his crying. When he saw Jazz, he started crying, embracing her. Jazz pointed at his pillow, gesturing him to go back to sleep. Danny remembered his nightmare. His eyes widened from worry, fear and panic, and started shaking his head violently.

Jazz patted Danny's back. It was only a small thing, her doing that, but for Danny, it was everything he needed at the moment.

Usually, for two people just sitting in a certain place not saying anything at all, it would be awkward. Though in Danny's opinion, this is the time he actually felt comfortable being around Jazz. Not that the two never bonded before, it's just that for him, this is a copletely different time and way for them to bond. Maybe because the times they actually bond was when there's a ghost attack. Though neither of them would actually call it 'bonding', seeing as their focus were on the ghost they were fighting, not at each other.

Danny managed to take a look at Jazz. She had a look that she wanted to know what in the world he dreamt about. Danny averted his eyes on the floor. Jazz raised an eyebrow. Danny couldn't help but sigh. He shot Jazz an apologetic look.

Jazz being Jazz, she understood. She wouldn't want to force it out of Danny. He'll just have to tell her when he's ready, or simply when he just wants to. She noticed that Danny looked uneasy. She guessed Danny felt guilty for not telling her at the moment. She gave him a reassuring smile. She didn't want Danny to think she was mad at him just because he wouldn't tell her what nightmare he just had.

Danny felt better after seeing Jazz smile at him. For all he knows, she might be mad at him at this point. Danny was completely thankful she wasn't. He couldn't help but smile back.

Jazz took note that Danny felt better, so she pointed at his pillow, once again gesturing nim to sleep. At this point, Danny complied. But before he did, he gave Jazz a big hug and a thankful smile. Jazz ruffled his hair as a response. She laughed when Danny pouted as she did that.

She stood up, walked near the door, and was about to leave. She stopped in her tracks and took one last look at Danny. She was not entirely sure if Danny was already asleep, since it was his back facing her. But she didn't worry. She knew he would be alright, and if he wasn't, her room is next to him anyway.

She smiled as she had realized something. The whole time the two of them had not spoken any words at all. And yet, they understood each other perfectly. Even if their only way of communication was through small gestures, they still understood.

It was at that time she knew.

She knew that when it comes to Danny, that when it comes to their bonds, words are no longer neccessary.