1disclaimer: we take no responsibility for creating any of the anime, cartoon, video game, star wars or movie characters. the characters johnny omally, josh matrix, garret striker, don jones, melfina veila, the dark man and shadow lord, were created by myself and chaosblazer, this is my first attempt a writing fics, the fist few chapters are a little short but I do intend to change that in the future. oh yea there is a lot of fowl language (mainly in the first chapter ill try to tune it down in the others) and some suggestive situations in this fic, oh and if you see this () it means I have some notes on it at the end.

p.s. very rarely I may break the 4th wall, mainly for humor purposes

Young Guns

chapter 1

all your powers are belong to us

it was a dark and stormy night in Houston Texas, and deep in the bowels of an animation studio that was recently opened an employee was hard at work developing a show where the villain always wins. he was an older man with short white hair and was almost always in a white lab coat.

"at last my creation is complete, now the world will see the true power in the world of anime is the villain." it was at that moment the mans boss happened to walk by and heard this claim.

"well well well johnny omally unfortunately this cartoon of yours will never make it out of this building as long as im in charge here. in this business the hero always comes out on top. now you are ether going to change that cartoon or your fired."

(johnny omally, age 50: disgruntled animator who wants the villains to win)

"I will never change my plans for this cartoon and there's nothing you can do about it." 3 minuets later a screaming man was forcibly ejected from the building

"you haven't seen the last of me I will be back and my dream will be fulfilled!!!!!!!!!"later that day in another part of town 2 friend were coming home after raiding the local video store. the first boy was tall with short brown hair and violet eyes he wore a white shirt with a picture of knight blazer on it and black jeans, and the second was tall with glasses wearing a black shirt with a starlike symbol on the front and black pants his mid length brown hair was pulled back into a short ponytail.()

"dammit josh I cant believe you got the last copy of x-men 3 and zoids I wanted one of those."

"tough garret you should have been faster, you know I never wait if I have something in my sight. ha ha ha ha."

(garret striker, age 19: video game expert and fanfic writer)

(josh matrix, age 20: extreme starwars fan and RPG master)

"you suck my laptop got in the way."

"why did you bring that thing anyway, your obsessed with that knight blazer fic your writing." at that moment the storm that was brewing finally let lose its rain and a giant fireball came crashing down in a nearby park.

"holy shit" they both screamed.

"what the hell was that."

"I don't know josh, lets go check it out." they ran as fast as they could and arrived at the park at the same time as 2 other people. the girl was average hight and wearing a red tanktop with the full metal alchemist symbol on it and blue jeans she had her long red hair tied back, the boy was a little shorter than her and had a black shirt with the saying (there are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don't) written on it and blue jeans, he also had a beanie with the halo symbol covering his short brown hair. when they arrived at the place of the crash they found there was a large crater in the place where a wall use to be.

"damn, that made a hole." the girl exclaimed after seeing the crater. Garret looked over at them curiously.

"hey who are you."

"im don jones, and this is melfina veila. what's it to you."

(don jones, age 18: technical wizard and halo fanatic)

(melfina veila, age20: anime know it all, and video game pro)

"chill man, hey is that the new red vs blue DVD, where did you get that."

"a friend of mine works in the movie place sold it to me early." don gloted waiving the dvd around.

"your friend, ha, he only sold it to you so you would shut the hell up, I heard you all the way in the anime section."

"well forgive me if I distracted you from your slayers DVD... oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a huge lightning bolt came down and blasted the large purple rock that laid in the middle of the crater. the rock glowed bright and shot 4 beams of energy at the people above them. reflexively they tried to shield themselves with the items in their hands but the beam passed threw causing the items to glow the same purple of the rock. once the lightning ended the rock and the glow was gone.

"what the hell was that about?" looking at each other josh notesed a major chane in their appearance.

"and what happened to us..." meanwhile back at the home of johnny omally, johnny arrives home to find his house was hit in the lightning storm. unfortunately for him he did not have any serge protectors and all of his electronics were fried.

" no no dammit. why is this happening to me."

he ran as fast as he could trying to save any equipment he could find but to no avail. he finally gave up and slammed his fist on his desk causing one of the pens to roll towards him. however this was no ordinary pen, grafted to the back was a small glowing crystal.

"hey what up with my pen. what is this thing."johnny took the pen and drew a little stick man on a piece of paper. much to his surprise the stick man hoped of the page and grew to the size of a normal human.

"how can I serve you my master."

"what the... wait let me try something. minion I want you to stand perfectly still."

"yes sir." johnny quickly drew a handgun that came out of the paper and grew to normal size. johnny took the gun and shot the stick man with absolutely no effect.

"what was that for master."

"just testing something. nothing for you to worry about now get over here, we have some work to do." that night back at the animation studio a man wearing a dark cloak and carrying a pen kicked his way into the front door.

" heeerrrreeees johnny!!!!!" the guards mearly glanced up and started to chuckel

"well well well the prodical ass has returned. we were warned you might try something so you are not going to make it past this desk."

"well see about that, minions attack them and destroy any who stand in your way but the boss is mine." an army of stick men rushed the studio leaving the guards completely defenseless, slowly they made there way to the top floor of the building where the bosses office was the stick men chased him to the roof where a helicopter was waiting for him, however johnny was also waiting with one of his minions.

"ok ok I surrender you can make your crappy cartoon just don't hurt me. please."

"don't worry I wont kill you but I am taking over this company, and you will stay hear and take over my job and my stick men will never be far of so don't think you can try anything funny like messing with my dream. now get him out of my sight and get this place secure." back at the park the 4 lightning struck people had noticed a small change in themselves.

"what was up with that beam and why am I wearing armor."

"ha garret you look like your stupid fanfic character ha ha ha. and what's with master chief over there." garret somehow had gained the armor of night blazer and don was in full master chief armor, while josh was in armor that looked like the liger zero body with panzers cannons strapped to his arms, and melfina was in armor that was the spiting image of lina inverse.

"well at least I don't look like a damn power ranger, ha ha ha ahhhh... please don't kill me." josh was aiming his cannon at don from point blank range.

"no one calls me a power retard... but then you right this stuff does look crappy. I wonder if I can change it. huuuuu "as josh started to concentrate the armor vanished except for the cannons, then all over his body he started growing steel plates that looked similar to colossus but with small spikes in his arms and back the star symbol that was on his shirt appeared on his chest, then the cannon changed to blades that looked like the Snyder head blade, and finally the blades retracted.

"this is much better. hey were did melfina disappear to."

"im over here. this sucks you get cool full body armor I get this skimpy thing."

"its not so bad lina... I mean melfina."

"oh don't start, anyway where did these things come from." josh shrugged at the statment.

"what do I look like a walking dictionary of weird armor. well just have to figure that out on our own... its not like guys with answers just fall from the sky you know." at that exact moment 2 figures fell out of the sky and landed in a puff of smoke nearby. after seeing this josh looked up.

"beautiful naked women don't just fall from the sky you know...damn."

"oh aren't we tasteful." melfina responded shaking her head.

"what, I had to at least try."

"hahahahahahaha!!" the figures began laughingat this exchange.

"what the hells so funny and who the hell are you."

"calm down young guns, I am dark man, and this is shadow lord. we are here to inform you of your new abilities."

"and to warn you of a great evil that is arising in your world."

"if you need to warn us then just come out of the little cloud and face us." garret demanded, slowly the 2 figures made their way out of the smoke, and much to the young guns surprise they looked identical to josh and garret.

"what the fuck."

"no way...no fucking way."

"what the ... they look just like you."

"well actually we are you, we were just created in another fanfic." garret thought this over for a sec.

"oh ok that explains that but what are you doing here then."

"short version, the creator likes to use the old super powerful character that could easily end the enemies life appears then tells the weaker newbys that they would have to do it instead... and we are the most powerful thing this guy has come up with."

"and the long version would be..."

"in another fic."

"right got it. now you mentioned powers... what exactly would those be." josh ask slowly rubbing his hands together in an evil mannor

"well besides the armor you each have you own specific abilities. garret you have all the powers of knight blazer."

"aw kick ass."

"don, you have advanced technical knowledge and the ability to build any kind of mechanical device."


"melfina, you have gained the ability to use any form of magic or alchemy used in any anime or video game."

"I am a walking power house nice."

"and you josh, you have the ability to change into anything and gain the powers of whatever you change into."

"wait so you mean if I change into cyclops ill get that eye beam... kick ass" josh immediately concentrated and turned into cyclops then turned back to his armored form.

"alright hey wait why do my eyes burn aaaaah look out." at that moment a huge beam of light shot from josh's eyes and engulfed melfina, the beam lasted for over 1 minute until josh figured out how to stop it. when the smoke cleared melfina stood there unharmed.

"what the hell... how did I survive that."

"oh yea I forgot to tell you your armor has a special aura that protects you against most energy weapons and attacks, but don't think that makes you invincible or anything like that it can fail after repeated attacks."

"oh cool so this stuff is useful after all." shadow lord turned to josh.

"you may have the powers josh but not their level of control, and all of you will have to learn some level of control before you can hope to defeat this threat."

"now that you know what you can do you need to know what your up against. that stone that landed was not supposed to move into this realm, but unforseen sercomstances caused it to land here, however a fragment splintered off during entry and landed in an unknown location." don slowly raised his hand as if he were in a class at school.

"wait a minute, you mean to tell me you all powerful beings don't know who has the stone or what he can do."

"we may not know who has it but we do know he is capable of summoning creatures from other realms in the universe he and put them under his control. he has already started mastering this control, however finding his exact location is something well leave in your hands."

"great so all we have to do is track down a psycho who can summon the most powerful beings in exsistance to fight for him and destroy him... well that's got tomorrow covered what do you want us to do the day after that." josh yelled sarcasticly

"that is for you to decide, now we will be going we have something to take care of in another realm. but we will meet again I can guaranty that."melfina ran up to them befor they could go.

"wait a minute, how are we supposed to explain to everyone where we got this armor from."

"oh I almost forgot. josh and garret, you two can hide you armor just by concentrating, don and melfina, you will need these to hide your identities."he through don what looked like a black case with alien writing on it, and melfina a pendant with an alchemic circle emblazon across it.

"ok what is this supposed to be."

"that is a multi tool, it is also laced with mystic powers when you concentrate on it your armor will vanish, or appear, whatever the case may be. it will also change into any tool you need. melfina, that pendant will help increase alchemic creations."

"hey what about us, don't we get anything to help us out." garret exclaimed.


"fine here."dark man handed garret a glowing katana, and gave josh a random assortment of mechanical parts and two stones.

"is...is this what I think it is... it's the muramasa."

"yes it is. but I must warn you be wary when using it. it will drain your life force."

"and what the hell am I supposed to do with this junk, throw it at the enemy."

"what you don't recognize light saber components when you see them, when built it should look a little like this."dark man pulled out a light saber an ignited the blade. it was a misty white blade with dark green and blue lightning bolts coursing through it.

"must have... you've got to show me how to build that."

"no. when your better trained someone will show you, but not until then."and with that they vanished in a puff of smoke.


"ok I say we start looking for the evil guy tomorrow... I don't think I can handle any more to day."

"good idea melfina, lets meet back here tomorrow."after shedding there armor they all went there separate ways.


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