Chapter 18

End of the Beginning

Beginning of the End pt. 1

Onboard the ragnarok the young guns emerged from the closing portal.

"well it doesn't look like all of the guardians are as untouchable as that Andrea chick, we might finally have a chance to defeat at least some of them" Blazer said

"you may be right but we still need to be careful, for all we know they may not stay dead like that Faulks character. And here in case we get separated for some reason and have to fight one of those people I created a energy booster." Sarge said as he passed out small vials of liquid.

"Energy boosters, so is it like an instant power up or an energy drink?" Kiva asked.

"it will give you a temporary power boost but I haven't worked all of the side effects out of it yet so only use it as a last resort." Sarge said.

"what kind of side effects are we talking about here?" Blazer asked.

"well the test showed signs of, discomfort due to energy, a form of energy legs, some of the test animals started having babies... 400 babies, glowing sweat, and temporary power loss... But other than that nothing major." Sarge replied

"I'm almost afraid to ask... What do you call it?" Darkstar said while looking over his vial.

"Its called POWERTHIRST." Sarge said. Before anyone could respond a strange rip appeared in the air between the Young Guns. The energy in the rift seemed to call to Blazer. He slowly stepped forward toward the rip, the others tried to stop him but when he touched the rip all four were pulled through. The landed in a small clearing surrounded by mountains, four paths lead from the area.

"what the hell was that? What were you thinking Blazer?" Sarge asked.

"I don't know, the energy from that rift seemed to call to me for some reason, I couldn't stop myself... Where are we anyway." Blazer said

"the computer says the Soul Caliber world. Where ever that is I say we leave before what ever made that rift decides to show up." Sarge said before firing a portal at the wall, however no portal manifested.

"what the hell. Let me try." Blazer said trying his portal gun with the same effect. "why isn't it working."

"wait you said the Soul Caliber right?" Darkstar said.

"yea why?" Sarge asked.

"this could be bad... Kiva try casting a spell any spell." Darkstar said, kiva raised her hand and muttered a spell under her breath but nothing happened. "I thought so... This world is not new to crossovers, since we came through one of its portals we may be bound by its rules."

"their destiny lay before them, their paths laid out." a booming voice from the sky said as walls of spikes lifted out of the ground separating the group and leaving them each one path they could take.

"looks like we have to fight our way out, good luck everyone." Sarge said drawing his energy sword and a small energy shield.

"yea don't get killed." Blazer replied drawing and releasing kurokikans shikai form.

"if we can take the guardians we should have no problem with simple fighters." Darkstar said

"see ya on the other side." kiva said turning her staff into a hammer. Sarge slowly walked down the path until he came to a clearing surrounded by a river, as he approached the center a large lizard with an ax and shield appeared blocking his way. Lizard man charged Sarge deflected him with his shield and dashed in for the counter attack.

"You are one ugly son of a bitch." Sarge said as he circled Lizardman. Lizard man roared and dashed at Sarge only to be blocked and kicked twice in the face, Sarge followed with a quick slash with his sword and bashed lizard man back with his shield. Before lizard man could focus again Sarge jumped up and came down with an overhead slash causing lizard man to collapse.

"KO" boomed the disembodied voice.

Meanwhile Blazer ran into a cave falling a short distance and landing on a bolder surrounded by lava.

"this looks like fun." he said before another form fell nearby, he turned to see the rocky form of asteroth lift his massive ax and charge towards him. Blazer knocked aside his ax and punched him in the face causing asteroth to stumble back, before he could recover fully Blazer continued his attack slashing asteroth repeatedly and then grabbing asteroth by the throat he threw him into the air, as asteroth fell Blazer punched him sending him flying out into the surrounding lava.

"RING OUT" boomed the disembodied voice.

"well that was easy lets see what else they have." Blazer said to himself before continuing on the path out of the cave. On Kiva's path there laid a large mansion, as she entered she was drawn to a room with one wall lined with suits of armor and the other side had a large hole in the floor, as she entered the door behind her closed and a well dressed man wielding a rapier entered from the other side.

"I'm in a good mood, lets play." Rapheal said.

"hmm you cant handle this game big boy." kiva responded before dashing forward to smash Rapheal with her hammer. He redirected her strike but was hit with the back of Kiva's hammer. Kiva spun around and kicked Rapheal hard. Rapheal quickly slashed at Kiva with several fast strokes of his rapier, kiva barely managed to dodge the strikes and grabbed Rapheal and pushed him back toward the pit.

"Game over." she said before upper cutting Rapheal with the hammer throwing him into the pit.

"RING OUT" the disembodied voice said. A portal appeared in front of the door and kiva continued through it. Darkstar found himself on the deck of a ship, a woman wearing a skimpy purple outfit wielding a whip sword.

"you'll curse your fate" Ivy said.

"only if I don't get an armor break" Darkstar said as he assumed his fighting stance. Ivy lashed out with her whip catching Darkstar around the throat and tossing him over her head, Darkstar quickly recovered and kicked ivy into the air. He started juggling her in the air with repeated back flip kicks before doing a spin kick that caused ivy's armor to break and sent ivy into the water.

"RING OUT" the disembodied voice said.

"Heh, I love this game" Darkstar said before entering a portal that appeared before him. He appeared in the street of a modern looking city.

"wait I've never seen this level before." he said, where am I.

"your playing a whole new game young gun." came a voice from behind him. Darkstar turned and saw a blond man dressed in a suit under a lab coat.

"crap... This I just my luck, so... What's up doc." Darkstar said.

"the name is Viper, my orders are to eliminate you and your little friends." Viper said, he slashed his hand at Darkstar causing a small stream of green liquid to fly at him, he managed to jump back far enough to avoid getting splashed. Everywhere the liquid hit started to sizzle and melt.

"acid... Oh well good thing I'm fast." Darkstar dashed forward and punched Viper in the face and stomach and then ran around for a second pass. As he came close Viper sent out a wave of acid to either side of Darkstar forcing him to come strait at viper, he grabbed Darkstar by the throat and breathed a cloud of poisonous gas in his face. Darkstar slashed his lightsaber up causing viper to let him go and jump back but not before receiving a cut across his face. As Darkstar collapsed to his knees due to the poison he saw vipers face slip off, under the human mask Viper's face looked like that of a snake.

"impressive, most would have succumbed to that poison by now, you have impressed me enough to show you my true form." Viper said. He started to shift lousing his arms and legs and growing an extremely large tail, his head also enlarged until Darkstar was faced with a massive cobra like snake.

"(cough) shit... Shit you need to move." Darkstar said to himself, before he could act on that however Viper lashed out and struck him with his tail sending Darkstar crashing into a car. When Darkstars vision cleared he saw a small vial of liquid lying next to him he managed to grab it before Viper wrapped him in his coils.

"as fun as this all has been I think its time to end the game, good bye young gun." viper said and started to squeeze Darkstar.

"no choice... Sarge you better be right about this stuff." Darkstar said to himself before snapping the top off the vial and drained the liquid. Suddenly Darkstars eyes seemed to glow with golden light, the sky darkened and the moon rose high and seemed to flicker with Darkstars symbol. Viper was violently thrown away from Darkstar by a vortex of air that surrounded him. Viper spit a large glob of acid at Darkstar which was slapped aside, Darkstars hand sizzled for a second and was healed almost instantly. Darkstar turned to look directly at the moon as the shadow of a large winged wolf surrounded Darkstar. he began to howl long and low, as he howled a vortex formed at his lips and twisted skyward before turning back down and cutting threw vipers tail from the tip and worked its way to his head slicing him in two. Once viper was well and truly destroyed by the vortex the wind died down and the sky returned to normal, Darkstar managed to keep his feet for a few second before his tail and ears vanished and he passed out.

"looks like the time may be right for us to correct the dimension rift." Darkman said as he appeared beside the unconscious Darkstar.

"I would have to agree with you, they are on the verge of their awakening, as is young Slade. Let round them up." shadow lord replied as he picked Darkstar up and the three of them vanished into a portal.


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