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The wall clock chimed half past ten and Serenity was quite bored. There was nothing that was close to interesting on TV and she wasn't in the mood to stick her nose in a new book. Eventually she decided to go to bed and have some rest.

She was about to drift off into sleep when hard pounding on the front door made her eyes fluttered open. She bolted upright and clutched in her pyjama shirt in a feeble attempt to calm her throbbing heart. She didn't expect anyone and was all alone. Joey was gone with the male members of the gang for camping and wasn't due to come back until the day after tomorrow. As for their mother, she went to check on one of her relatives. Something caught inside her chest. What if something happened, something terrible? Bad news usually come at night when the person is the least prepared and more vulnerable. Shunning those ideas from her head; she kicked the sheets of f, got up and walked over to the front door.

Serenity opened the door cautiously, then swung it open with surprise. Her hazel eyes were round with alarm; then she blinked a few times.

There stood a boy and not anyone .Mokuba Kaiba looked ruffled and untidy; as if he had fallen out of bed with his clothes on. Serenity eyed him worriedly; a conversation with her brother replayed itself unconsciously in her mind. He'd done it before; she kept repeating to herself almost frantically, when he burst one night in Yugi's, asking for help when Kaiba Corp was taken over by the Big Five.

She was too much in daze to notice that Mokuba had already squeezed past her and into Joey's tiny apartment. It wasn't until he spoke that she came to her senses.

"May I stay here for the night?"

"Is everything alright?" She asked prying God that nothing terrible had happened.

"Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. So?" His tone was so nonchalant that her eyes grew wide.

"Won't your brother be mad when he finds out?" She tentatively asked.

"Believe it or not; if Yugi was in town, I wouldn't bother you! But if you're still not happy seeing me here, then I'll just have to go."

"I didn't mean that. It's just that…that I'm worried about your…you." She appealed. She was about to say your brother reaction but decided against it. The teenager that stood in front of her bore so little resemblance to the little kid she met at Battle City. He was much taller, and to her own dismay she had to tilt her head up to meet his eyes; his messy raven hair was held in a high ponytail while his bangs stick out in all different directions openly defying the laws of gravity. But what caught her attention the most was the somehow challenging look in his eyes. She found it weird and uncalled for, but she assumed that since the boy was in a quite critical age; it was kind of normal. When you are a teenager, your life is nothing but a collection of insoluble problems and funny anxieties.

Deciding to look at the bright side of things, she heaved a sigh of relief. At least Kaiba wasn't trapped in some virtual game of his own and Mokuba didn't expect her to save his brother's company or something of the genre.

Nevertheless this new situation was quite troublesome when she pondered on it. Knowing Kaiba, he will barge into Joey's apartment at any moment now. She shuddered inwardly when the scene rolled out in her mind. After all, it won't require him much equation solving to find out his brother whereabouts.

She was too absorbed in her thoughts that she practically yelped when the TV turned to thunderous volume from the living room. Mokuba had already made himself comfortable; flipping through the channels lazily. He was cosily lying on the sofa, one arm supporting his head while his hand held carelessly the remote control.

Since she couldn't come out with any theme to entertain the younger Kaiba, Serenity sat out at the kitchen sipping at her hot chocolate not before serving her unexpected guest a cup too. Besides, and judging by the stormy and somehow hurt look in his eyes, she doubted that her initiative would be greatly welcome. She needed some mental preparation herself to face the side effects of this night visit.

Serenity choked on her drink and coughed several time. 'It's time' she thought as she forcefully got up. Before answering the doorbell, She allowed herself to take a deep breath then exhaled slowly; repeating the same process a few more times. Her mind was conjuring images of heated arguments and yelling while working her way to the front door.

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