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She hadn't expected that when she opened the door, the Kaiba name was the last thing on her mind. Maybe, it wasn't there at all. She wasn't closer to them today than she was four years ago, and that thought never got the chance to even flirt with her mind. And now all those strange events did more than just scaring her.

Mokuba, amused to no end, looked at the couple wearily; a smirk that held so much resemblance to his brother's formed across his lips. He had seemingly caught onto some sort of hidden meaning as his face broke out into a teasing grin. His violet eyes danced with amusement and mischief when he quickly offered his unconditional blessing.

"Sure, see you later!" with a wink, he climbed into the limo and motioned to the driver to move not before tossing Serenity a quick grin, full of twisted meanings. If only she could grasp any!

Rolling his eyes, Kaiba turned to face Serenity staring at her through his usual steeled eyes. He wasn't mean enough to let the girl walk alone at this hour of the night; let alone the fact that she was dragged in here because of Mokuba in the first place.

He has always had a great sense of responsibility and he couldn't stand to be indebted to anyone, even in the slightest way.

"You said you wanted to walk!" he stated impatiently, looking supremely annoyed.

Serenity blinked, then gave a curt nod. Apparently, her brain wasn't functioning properly or maybe she was dreaming. Yes! This couldn't be real! She must have fallen asleep at home, her sub-conscience pulling this stunt on her. Kaiba loud sigh destroyed what had sounded just a few seconds ago like a very plausible hypothesis, and she promptly ordered her legs to carry her. After all, she wouldn't argue with Kaiba, he was the best in verbal foreplay.

Talking to Kaiba was never easy, according to Joey it was usually frustrating and mostly mind-numbing, that's why she made the decision to keep her mouth shut.

Focusing his unyielding attention ahead of him, Seto Kaiba took the lead, the younger Wheeler sibling a few inches behind. Feeling strangled all of a sudden, he loosened his light blue tie and slowed down his pace. He desperately needed some fresh air. Oddly enough he felt strangely at peace. Was it the fact that he managed to cool things down with his little brother, although those little tantrums of his were quite recurrent these days, or perhaps the soft breeze that made itself so rare this summer. It was a welcome sensation and a change, he conceded. It seemed to him that recently he has done nothing but dealing with incompetent employees and a hyper teenager on a daily basis.

That routine was starting to get a toll on him exasperating him to a degree he never thought himself capable of. The last few weeks alone had been littered with intense amounts of paperwork.

He will never openly admit it, but the girl was quite intriguing. She respected his personal space and didn't even try to catch up with him or ask some idiot questions as the others would have certainly done. Tea would have jumped at him, fishing for some kind of explanations and converting her friendship speeches into brotherhood ones. Thank to God that her brother wasn't there, he would have barked at him for trespassing. And that goody shrimp would have certainly tried to reason things out as a good friend would have done. What a joke! Who needs friends? They're just a hindrance.

Anyway, she did communicate a sense of serenity. It was something he missed in his life; this feeling of calm and serenity. Serenity? Wasn't this the girl's name. He hmphed, displeased by the new turn that his thoughts have taken. So much for the his stress- free walk!

He refuses to acknowledge the connection, it was a senseless supposition that his drained mind came up with.

Mistaking the reasons of his somehow odd behaviour, Serenity felt worse than before. He certainly had better things to do than escorting the little sister of Joey Wheeler home.

"I'm sorry."

It took him so long to respond that she started wondering if she had said anything at all. However she didn't look up or tried to speak up again.

"What for?" If she had paid more attention, she would have been able to detect a hint of veiled curiosity that peaked through his profound masculine voice.

He couldn't see her expression, her light-brown hair that seemed to be grained with blondness shielded her face; but from her voice, he could tell that she was genuinely upset.

"For being a burden, I guess."

Kaiba was staring sideways at the young beauty while slowing down his pace without even realizing it.

She got no reply but didn't expect any. She closed her eyes and exhaled, and he knew instinctively that she would say nothing more.

No more words were exchanged as they walked in silence; neither of them willing to speak. And it seemed reasonable as their worlds barely collide. They were like two diagonal lines that met at certain point then separated; Joey Wheeler being that point. The chance of them reuniting was geometrically impossible.

Silence suited them but that wasn't the case with people who started throwing odd comments at the couple. The street wasn't deserted as it had been only few days ago. The wave of heat that had kept people imprisoned into their houses had dispelled. So it was no surprise that the commotion was relatively important.

Kaiba showed no reaction and didn't seem to take a blind bit of notice of the scattered comments that were heard once and again. Serenity for her part did her best to conjure up an expression that said she was not affected. She failed miserably when she felt her face grew hotter, by every passing second. The fresh air seemed to be of assistance, but only momentarily. Of course she had an idea about what might be behind that fuss, she did read some magazines talking about the handsome businessman and the deep-seated attraction girls have for him. Some crazy girl had even the nerves to ask him if Serenity was his sweetheart but quickly trailed off when Kaiba shot her a murderous look.

Finally when she couldn't put up any longer with the rising tide of warmth that now flooded her face, Serenity rushed to cross the road after excusing herself quickly.

"I…I have to go, thank you." She stuttered

Too distracted by her fuzzy thoughts, she didn't pay attention to the traffic lights that just turned red. A sudden wave of dizziness made her hold tightly onto someone's waist for support.

"Are you going to hold onto me the rest of the night?"

That question, phrased in such a provocative manner, snapped her out the state of stupor…She contemplated his statement for a moment and soon her mouth formed the shape of an "O." Her face that had been drained from blood moments ago turned crimson. She jerked a bit and slowly tried to gain her balance back. Kaiba watched her with raised eyebrows. Using all the strength she could muster, Serenity pushed him away forcefully.

Impulsively, she clasped her hands in front of her and smiled tremulously giving Kaiba's heart a queer little twist.

"Thank you Kaiba, thank you so much!"

He was left staring dumbly at her retreating figure. He blinked; a cold chill ran down his spine when he remembered the truthful smile she had given him.

Smiling to himself or rather smirking; Kaiba stored away this particular incident, planning to use it to his advantage soon enough; hopefully.

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