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Alright, alright, enough people have asked...I'm turning this into a short story.


Caught out in the Rain

"Carter, stand down."


"I don't want to hear it."

"There are only two guards right now."

"Doctor Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Michelle Carter!" Jack growled sternly.

"I know, Sir." Sam sighed in defeat. "He's just bait."


Sam took her attention away from the radio that was connecting her to the SGC. She had made it up onto a high ridge which cut off the number of ways that she could be sunk up on. In the valley below Daniel sat on the earthy ground with his hands restrained above him.

Sam put her hand protectively on the powerful device that she and Daniel had come to retrieve. The Tok'ra had only been able to get the two of them in to the fortress, but they had no means of getting them back out again if something went wrong, and it had. Once inside they had gone their separate ways, Daniel never made it to their rendezvous spot.

At the top of each hour the Goa'uld they had come here to steal from made sure that Daniel's strained voice echoed through the valley in an attempt to flush her from the woods to save him. Sam glanced at her watch, twenty more minutes before it happened all over again. Sitting down Sam growled in frustration.

"Sir, I can't just watch this."

"The best thing you can do for Daniel is to stay put. If you get caught you'll both be executed and you will have accomplished nothing."

"I know."

"Is your current position is secure?"

"As secure as it can be."

"That's a start."

"How did this mission go so wrong?" Sam asked vacantly.

"I am amazed that it went as 'right' as it did." Jack replied sadly. "Listen, Carter, Daniel's going to be alright, he's gotten out of worse in the past. We'll get him back. In the mean time I need to close down the wormhole so that Teal'c can contact us."

"Yes, Sir."

"I'll radio back the second I hear from him."

When the radio went silent Sam suddenly felt very alone. She looked up at the sky as a few drops of rain fell on her. Minutes later the clouds tore open and began drenching the landscape. Looking back down into the valley Sam's heart clenched painfully.

Daniel was trying to drink from the blood and rain that ran down his suspended arm. It had been a long twelve hours since he had anything to drink and dehydration was probably a greater danger than the blood loss at the moment. Even from this distance she could tell that his every breath was taking effort.

The sky had turned a dark angry gray with the violent storm. Soaked to the skin Sam shivered slightly. She looked at her watch. Tefnut was five minutes late. She guessed that the storm was keeping him inside, but she also guessed that it wouldn't last.

"Carter?" The radio squawked.

"Here, Sir."

"Teal'c is on his way with a small fleet."


"About ten hours."

"Sir, Daniel isn't going to make it that long."

"If he dies Tefnut will just throw him in a sarcophagus. He may be a Goa'uld, but he's not stupid, he knows Daniel is the only leverage he has right now and he won't let him stay dead."

"Why didn't I think of that." Sam muttered angrily. "I have to go, Sir."


"I'm going to help Daniel."

"What? No..."

"It's okay, Sir. There's no chance of getting caught, this isn't a rescue."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to kill him."

Jack started to protest but Sam turned her radio off to keep him from distracting her. She laid down on her belly at the very edge of the cliff. Her sidearm was not meant for long distance shots and the fact that she was up on higher ground was going to make it even more difficult to make this clean.

Sam had almost talked herself out of the snipe when Tefnut appeared in the slackening rain. Hearing his approach Daniel instinctively fought for freedom. He had not cried out for help despite Tefnut's demands that he do so.

Before the powerful Goa'uld could torture his captive further Sam settled into position and took aim. She'd only have one shot, any more than that and she'd be in danger of making her position. Holding her breath she made a final adjustment and pulled back on the trigger.

Daniel arched back seconds after the sharp crack from the weapon. The bullet had torn through his heart and on exit had narrowly missed Tefnut himself. The Goa'uld was furious, but there was nothing he could do. Already anemic Daniel quickly relaxed in death. It would take several hours at least to revive him.

"Get some rest, Daniel...the Calvary will be here in the morning."