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Prompt: Atobe Keigo has a fetish with washing hands.

Notes: This cute prompt was given to me by dana-chaaan. I owe her big time, I broke my long streak of angst writing thanks to it! Had much fun writing this :)

Dedication: dana-chaaan

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Atobe Keigo had a fetish with washing hands, or so deduced Hyoutei's tensai after weeks of stalking… we mean observation.


" Washing hands again? " the blunette adjusts his glasses, if he was not wrong ( and he was damn sure that he was not ), this was precisely the fourth time in sixty minutes that Atobe was doing that.

" Ore-sama will not allow an insignificant ball pen mark to mar Ore-sama's perfectly beautiful hands. " the buchou frowns lightly, meticulously coating slender, elegant fingers with liquid soap, rubbing slowly till it foamed, " And its not coming off. " he mutters.

And Yuushi almost blinks – it actually looked like fun. The glasses of the tensai glint suspiciously, and if one was attentive enough, they would have noticed the tensai's lips quirk up in a smile which was reminiscent of something akin to pure evil,but of course Atobe was solely and completely focusing on his own lovely hands and hence he did not notice.

Poor Atobe.


" You are not doing it right. " Yuushi drawled.

" Ore-sama knows perfectly well what…" And Atobe started to turn around to counter the other's comment with a glare, but before he could turn around completely, or before he could even finish what he wanted to say for that matter, long arms snaked around his waist.


" Let me show you how its done? " the tensai softly drawled in his ear, and he imagined that the said tensai must be smirking.

Yuushi's breath was hot on his neck, lips warm where they unintentionally or intentionally connected with skin, and he wanted to come up with a smartass reply like ' Ore-sama has nothing to learn from the likes of you. ', or anything for that matter; but no, his body was not at all taking any commands from his brain, and the next few moments were spent in silence, except for the slosh of water as Yuushi added some more soap, taking the buchou's hands in his own, and then there was rubbing, some scrubbing, Atobe flushed slightly… and then there was some more rubbing.


" See, it came off. " the blunette grinned, drawing back when done, the look on his face was nothing short of the cat who caught the canary.

" Your assistance was really not required. " Atobe's eyes narrowed as he wiped his hands on a soft fluffy napkin, apparently his nervous system indeed resumed function once bodily contact with the blue haired one was lost.

" Hmm.. but its more fun this way. " Yuushi smirked, following suit, and adjusting his glasses, which didn't glint eerily this time, humanity was ( hopefully ) safe once more.

"…." And Atobe could not come up with a smart retort to that either.


So the next time Atobe wanted to wash his hands, the blunette found himself joining him yet again.


Thus Yuushi developed his fetish for washing Atobe's hands.





" Na, Atobe...Do you need help in the shower? "


And Yuushi promptly dodged the bath sponge hurled at his head.


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