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Rating: Super Sad, but rated K

Song: Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle

Maybe it's because it's 2am, but this is one weird story. I'm not sure many of you will like it, it's happy...but sad and tragic at the same time.

Edited it...added more in.

Summer Rain

The grey clouds, forlorn…sad, hung low in the sky the soft rain that had been falling steadily all morning was increasing and as the day nudged into the afternoon, the heavens began to shower the earth with all their might. Sipping at her wine, the woman standing at the window stared outside into the gloom, the streetlights illuminating the figures that were swaying to the music only they could hear, oblivious to the rain, to the chill that had permeated the summer that had promised so much warmth. Smiling sadly as the man spun the woman outwards and then back into his arms, catching her and holding her securely against his chest as she laughed into the warmth that only she could feel.

Oh my love it's you that I dream of
Oh my love since that day
Somewhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain
Doesn't matter what I do now
Doesn't matter what I say
Somwhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Not even bothering to wipe away the tears that fell steadily down her cheeks, Janet Frasier watched sadly as the two ghosts faded from view just as the man would sweep down and capture the woman's lips in a tender kiss, the sun broke through the storm clouds, shattering the illusion that the two figures, the two lovers who had never been in life had created for her. It had been so for many years, on the same summer day, the warmth would break and the heavens would open, and her friends, would appear in death as they had never been in life.

Every night and every day now
Though I know you've gone away
Somewhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Janet could remember that day, like it was yesterday, a promise had been made that day, the woman had told her later, that they would get there chance someday, her face had lit up with joy when she had told her that, the love that had been sparkling from her eyes was a heart breaking reminder of what they had never had. They had continued to fight, more for themselves than for the unknowing planet that they lived on, and had many near death experiences, but Janet had broken one day, when they had returned to the SGC, Sam carefully cradled in Daniels arms, as silent tears poured down his face, and Jack was slung over Teal'c's shoulder, the fight had been won. And they had never got their chance in life. Janet smiled, she knew in death that her friends were happier than they had been in life, they were safe, content, and happy as they danced their first, and only, dance in the summer rain.

Somewhere in my heart I'm always
Dancing with you in the summer rain

Told you it was weird...and sad, and tragic. Bawled my eyes out writing it too...blame that on the fact that its 2am :) I did sorta re-interpret the lyrics slightly too. Same words, just...yeah. Please review, would love to know what you guys think of this as it's different from most of my other stories.