So I got another idea, what a surprise… I actually was going to have this start out completely different. But then I thought this up and liked it better… muahahaha.

Not the Way We Planned It

By Skyy Ryder

Chapter 1 – The Bet

"You break," A voice engulfed her ears. The young girl looked up at her friend a wicked grin slipping gracefully on to her lips as she fondled the pool cue in her hands.

"You're asking for it," The girl responded with a lazy shrug. "I say we make the stakes a little more interesting…" She conjured while eyeing her shot carefully.

"How so?" Her opponent questioned.

"Since I'm tired of winning your money…" She grinned her jade green eyes focused diligently on the white cue ball connecting with the perfect triangle of balls. "I think a small bet is in order." She grinned her eyes scanning over the bar as she glanced over at the brunette.

"A bet…" Her opponent grinned sheepishly. "You're on babe," He grinned.

"Alright, if I win… or should I say when I win…" She pursed her lips together. "You have to tell Kira… about us…" She smirked letting her naturally long finger nails rake over his tanned arm.

The brunette eyed her and then nodded his head, his eyes settled on a few teenaged boys walking through the doors of the bar, "Alright, and if I win…" He stopped seeing her attention divert to the four boys that stepped through the threshold. He noticed her sudden lack of attention on him. He got a brilliant idea. "You have to make one of them, fall for you…"

"And?" She asked glancing up to meet his blue eyes.

"Cause one of those boys more pain than they have ever experienced…" He grinned.

"Aaron you're a cynical bastard…" She looked at him with a small grin on her face.

"Oh c'mon Hails, I do believe it was Reid Garwin who made a fool of you after he 'dated' and 'dumped' you…" The boy reminded her. "Before I came and picked up the pieces…" he whispered in her ear haughtily.

"Fine," She agreed nodding her head. "Garwin then?" She asked looking at the blonde that was eyeing the tables and her.

"No, he's too easy to get close to…" The brunette boy stated leaning behind her provocatively. "I think baby boy would be a good bet…"

"Tyler Simms?" She asked skeptically. Her eyes darted to the youngest of the four, legendary, Sons of Ipswich. He was handsome no doubt about that, dark brown hair, vibrant blue eyes and a killer smile, she noted. "You're on Abbott…" She grinned leaning over the table to take her next shot.

The game had been pretty even until the end; Aaron missed his shot on the eight ball and Hailey had one ball left to get in, she aligned her shot and sunk her ball. She paused for a moment taking in the eight ball that was in a very precarious position on the felt of the pool table.

She could feel Aaron's intense blue eyes on her and she groaned lowly lifting up to calm her nerves. This would either be her beginning or her end. She glanced over at Aaron who was waiting impatiently for her to take her shot; her eyes then gazed over to the brunette Son of Ipswich whom she would have to woe if she lost.

But you're not going to lose. She told herself as she tried to figure a way to get the little black ball in to one of the pockets. She gave Aaron a small smile and found a good angle.

"Eight ball corner left pocket…" She grinned taking her shot.

She hit the eight ball expertly; the ball seemed to roll in slow motion towards the left corner pocket. The smile on her face grew as the ball inched closer, Aaron's face fell, though he found the stakes of their bet win, win situation for him.

He was tired of Kira and hoped that he could get rid of her, though seeing the demise of one of the Sons of Ipswich would be great as well. But he wasn't sure exactly how the bet would pan out. If all things worked out like he would hope Hailey would rope in Tyler Simms and then break him down. Worse case scenario, Tyler Simms would shun her because of who she hung out with.

He watched as the smile on Hailey's face disappeared, the little black ball fell a few inches short of the left corner pocket. His jaw dropped slightly bemused by what just happened. He had won. He called the left pocket, tapped the ball in and did a small victory dance.

"Shit," Hailey cursed putting her pool stick up.

"You should get started Hails," Aaron hinted as he shoved her towards the bar.

Hailey's eyes darted up and Tyler was leaning against the bar casually ordering some drinks from the owner, Nicky. She glared at Aaron as she walked self-consciously over to the bar. She leaned in next to the blue eyed brunette and grabbed Nicky's attention.

"Two cokes please, Nicky…" She tossed a smile at Tyler who raised an eyebrow at her. "Hey Tyler…" She stated as if her talking to him were the most natural thing in the world.

"Hailey," He nodded shyly.

"How are you?" She asked casually as they both waited for their drinks.

"Um, I'm ok… thanks… you?" He asked as Nicky brought over their sodas.

"Better now," She gave him a small wink before grabbing her drinks and walking back to the pool table.

She could feel a pair of eyes watching her intently, she glanced over her shoulder and saw Tyler leaning against the bar watching her carefully. He looked perplexed; though Hailey couldn't blame him.

Hailey Gregory and the Sons of Ipswich were really never on the same page. She had never said more than a casual hello or asking to borrow a pencil from one of them during class. That was until she fell under Reid Garwin's magic spell, at least that what she claimed.

There was no other way that she would have agreed to bed him otherwise. Sure he was good looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, and that smirk. I was enough to drive any sane person over the brink. There was something about him though that she never liked, it couldn't be the arrogance, or the cockiness. She was used to that with Aaron Abbott as a friend, no it was something else.

It was something that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

She returned to the high top that Aaron was now residing at placing his coke in front of him as she gave him a small smirk, "Looks like you've already got him interested…" Aaron stated playing with the straw in his drink.

"Or suspicious…" Hailey countered.

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