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Chapter 25 – Secrets

Hailey and Tyler ran in to the hospital asking for Caleb, with fear in their eyes they were directed to a hospital bed in the emergency room. Both of them rushed in to the room number they were given and saw Caleb hooked up to an IV, securely in the hospital bed.

He was banged up pretty bad from what they could see, he had his right arm bandaged up pretty good but other than that he looked to be in an OK condition from what they were expecting.

"Caleb, man… are you ok?" Tyler asked coming to his side.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" Caleb asked in a groggy voice he looked from Tyler to Hailey. He noticed Hailey's agitated expression, she looked spooked by something.

"I was about to take Hailey out when the cops stopped us and told us what happened, I saw your car and asked them to take us down here…" Tyler shook his head.

"How are you?" Hailey asked carefully.

"I'm ok compared to my car…" Caleb winced moving a little bit from one side to the other. "Did you see who was in the other car?"

"No, when we got there we were more worried about you; they really didn't say anything about the other person…" Tyler shrugged his shoulder. "I suppose I could ask the front desk if they know who else was involved…"

Tyler lifted his chin and left through the door they had come through, "I can uh, go wait in the waiting room…" Hailey stated feeling a bit uncomfortable alone with a banged up Caleb Danvers.

Caleb reached out with his good arm and grabbed her hand, "Why don't you stay?" He asked.

"O-ok…" She nodded.

"Something's got you spooked, what is it?" Caleb asked as she took a seat next to him.

"It's just that…" Hailey sighed and looked at him. "The red Eclipse that hit you…" Hailey sighed. Caleb raised a cut eyebrow up at her. "It nearly ran me off the road coming back to Spencer from town about an hour ago… going the opposite direction of Spencer…"

Caleb's face turned pale as she looked up at him, "Maybe it was another red Eclipse…"

"Caleb how likely is that, it's so freaky…" She stated in a whispering tone.

"Coincidence…" Caleb stated shaking his head softly.

"What's a coincidence?" Tyler asked coming back in to the room.

"The red Eclipse…" Caleb stated looking up at Tyler who seemed a bit puzzled.

"Yeah, he's probably right babe… just a coincidence…" Tyler nodded.

"So did you find anything out?" Caleb asked.

Tyler shrugged, "They said you were the only person that they've gotten from a crash tonight…" Tyler sighed. "I'm not sure who or what happened to the other person. Maybe we can ask one of the cops when we get back to school…"

"True," Caleb nodded.

"I called everyone else; they're on their way up here…" Tyler stated.

"God, Sarah's gonna freak…" Caleb sighed resting back in to his pillows.

"I would freak out too if I were her…" Hailey offered.

"She has a tendency to make a bigger deal out of things then they are…" Caleb explained.

"Caleb, you're in a hospital bed, all banged up and bandaged… that's a pretty big deal…" Hailey argued back.

Caleb forced a smile and slapped Tyler on the shoulder, "That's your girlfriend." He pointed out.

"And damn proud of it…" Tyler smiled back wrapping his arm around Hailey. "We'll go wait out there we got reamed for barging in back here, so we'll let Pogue and Sarah come see you next…" Tyler gave his best friend their little hand shake and lead Hailey out to the waiting room.

Hailey stole a glance over her shoulder and saw a worried look replace the melancholy look that was once on his face. She furrowed her brow and wondered what could have the dark haired boy so worked up. Of course the accident could do it, but he had been like this for the last couple of weeks.

She glanced up at the ceiling and started thinking, it all started with the migraines. Those severe migraines that he started getting that made him perspire without a second glance, his veins in his body would tense up and it would seriously look like the young man was having a heart attack.

The migraines started a few weeks ago, a few weeks ago… she thought back to what may have caused them. Reid's birthday, she thought…No… couldn't be that, he had gotten them before that.

She was deep in thought when several people came rushing towards them. Sarah's eyes were blood shot from crying, Pogue and Reid both looked deathly afraid of something and Kate was wigging out as she latched on to Pogue.

"Is he ok, how does he look?" Sarah rushed her questions at Hailey who snapped out of her daze.

"He's just a little banged up…" Hailey responded with a sympathetic smile.

"You and Pogue should go in first…" Tyler suggested looking at his best friends.

Pogue nodded and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. She rested her blond head on his shoulder and they walked back to the ER room that Caleb was currently residing in. Kate started crying and Tyler got up and wrapped his arms around her to calm her down.

Hailey rose an eyebrow up at the hysterical girl and Reid came and walked over to her pulling her up in to his arms. He hugged her tightly and she could feel moisture on her neck as he laid his head in the crook of her neck.

She instinctively felt bad, she rubbed Reid's back comforting him with the usual 'Everything will be ok' and 'Caleb's strong' and the like. She didn't think he was hurt so badly to make everyone this distraught.

Hailey pulled away from Reid and the blonde boy refused to look up at her, "Reid, are you ok?" She asked.

Reid shook his head, "This happened to Pogue about six months ago when he was on his bike…" Reid sighed. "Scared the shit out of all of us… he was in intensive care for a week…"

"Caleb's ok though, just scraped up and a bandaged arm from what I could see… he was really lucky…" Hailey whispered.

"God, I feel like such a pussy…" He rubbed his eyes with the backs of his hands.

"Don't say that… you're concerned about Caleb, there is nothing wrong with that…" Hailey defended him.

Reid let out a small laugh and looked up at Hailey, she had never seen Reid like this, so vulnerable. She put her arms around him and hugged him again, he had become one of her best friends and she couldn't stand to see him hurting.

Tyler sat Kate down and Reid finally pulled away from Hailey and took a seat next to his two best friends. They sat there until Pogue and Sarah came back and Kate and Reid went back to see Caleb.

Hailey comforted Sarah for a little while and the group went back to sitting around quietly, not talking to each other, barely looking at each other and soon Sarah went back to stay with Caleb, who called his mother and she rushed down as soon as she could get dressed.

Evelyn Danvers flew through the doors and spoke with the doctors and nurses and soon was escorted back to her son's room. Hailey watched the woman intently as she walked by swiftly, she was beautiful, and she could definitely see the resemblance. Evelyn's dark hair was pulled back in to a neat bun, her make up was perfectly done and her green eyes stood vibrantly out with her green outfit that looked absolutely perfect on her.

Hailey resumed her earlier thoughts, of Caleb's migraines. They had started over six months ago, apparently, before Pogue's accident she presumed. Six months ago…


Was Hailey's only thought. Did Chase have something to do with this? Could he cause this kind of damage? Could he have somehow caused Caleb's migraines? Was that even possible for a teenaged boy to do?

She pieced it together; Chase had started the school year at Spencer, around when Caleb's headaches would have started. After Pogue's accident from what she heard is when Caleb and Chase had their huge blow out, and Chase disappeared for a while. Six months later Chase meets her and Caleb starts having headaches.

Everyone had started acting weird after she told Reid and Tyler about her meeting the new guy Chase, that they used to be friends with. Had they really been friends after all? Or were they all hiding something from her?

She glanced over at Tyler and he was nervously biting on his bottom lip, her eyes settled on Reid and he was shaking his foot just as nervously. Her gaze settled on Pogue who hadn't sat down for at least twenty minutes. He was pacing back and forth, back and forth, Kate had tried to get him to sit down with her but he refused.

She watched him for a few more moments; he chewed on his thumb nail absent mindedly as he stared down at the linoleum floors.

He was starting to make her anxious. Just as she was about to tell Pogue to sit his rear down Sarah came back in to the waiting room and let everyone know what Caleb's status was. After his mother signed the papers he was free to go home, but had to 'take it easy'.

"Thank God," Pogue let out a huge sigh of relief.

"You ready to go?" Tyler asked.

Hailey looked up at him and forced a nod, the feeling that this could have something to do with her new 'friend' irked her beyond belief. She gave Sarah a reassuring hug and left after giving hugs to both Kate and Pogue and making Reid come drive back with them.

"This is bizarre…" Hailey whispered looking at the left over area of the scene of the accident. There was still crunched metal lying around, pieces of headlights and glass all over the ground, it looked like a small tornado hit the entrance of the Spencer parking lot.

"Did you hear anything about the passenger of the red car?" Reid asked looking at Tyler.

"No, Gloucester didn't have anyone else there that had been in an accident…" Tyler stated casting a glance back at Reid who was sitting in the backseat.

Hailey caught Reid's shocked expression in the mirror; Gloucester was the closest hospital to Ipswich. It wouldn't have been likely that the passenger had been taken to another hospital. The next closest hospital would have been in Lawrence or Andover.

"Do you think that they were killed?" Hailey asked softly as Tyler parked the Hummer.

"I would think that the cops would have told us that, don't you?" Tyler asked.

"What if he didn't die until they were on their way?" Hailey asked.

Tyler nodded and Reid slung an arm around her shoulders as soon as they exited the car, "The only thing to worry about right now is that our friend is ok and he'll be back to school tomorrow to torture us…" He grinned.

"What happened to the sweet sensitive Reid that came in to the hospital?" Hailey asked as Tyler gave his friend a small smirk.

"I had a lapse in judgment…" The blonde grinned before opening the door for his two good friends, the couple walked in and Reid glanced at Tyler and lifted his chin, "I'll let you two be alone, you probably weren't expecting this to happen…" He stated jogging up the stairs to their room.

Hailey watched as Reid fled up the stairs a bit confused, "What was that about?" Hailey asked turning back to look at Tyler. He held out his hands to her and she took them.

"Well I've been trying to get you alone long enough to tell you this…" Tyler stated as he gave her a small smile.

"What?" Hailey asked her green eyes searching Tyler for an answer.

"I know it's really not the right time, and definitely not the right place, but I can't hold it back anymore…" Tyler placed his hands on her face, cupping her chin in his hands. "I love you, Hailey…" He breathed. "I've been trying to fight it, because I didn't want things to be weird between us, I didn't know if it was the right time… but I just have to tell you…"

Hailey felt a familiar stinging in her eyes and could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she leaned forward and kissed Tyler hard on the mouth. The young boy pulled her closer and deepened the kiss before he pulled away minutes later.

"I love you, too…" She smiled holding back any waterworks.

Caleb was released from the hospital that night, and was apparently babied by his mother and Sarah more than he could handle. He had a fractured left wrist, and just minor scrapes and bruises.

Things seemed to be ok, but the tension still lay thick in the air about what happened, and what was causing all the happenings around the group as of late. School picked up and Hailey found herself thinking more and more about what happened between Caleb and Chase, or even the group or Chase.

She bit her bottom lip and decided to schedule and appointment with the Provost concerning what happened to Chase. She walked in the door of the Provost office after being told to do so by his secretary.

"Miss Gregory, I heard you had some questions about a former student," Provost Higgins asked running a hand through his graying hair.

"Just a few small questions…" Hailey nodded.

"Go on then, dear…" He insisted taking a seat in his leather bound chair.

"Did you have a student transfer at the beginning of the year named Chase?" Hailey questioned carefully.

Provost Higgins looked up at Hailey, the name hadn't been thought about in nearly six months, "Why yes, Chase Collins transferred from Hastings at the beginning of the year…" The Provost stated getting up from his desk. He pulled open a drawer and looked through a few folders before pulling one out.

"Could you tell me a bit about him?" Hailey asked.

"Well from what I know Chase Collins was a handsome young man, was on the swim team and friends with Mr. Simms, Mr. Garwin, Mr. Parry and Caleb Danvers." Provost Higgins stated. "A lot of trouble happened between the group while Chase was here, they got caught fighting at Nicky's a few times, Mr. Parry was in a severe accident, and Miss Tunney was sent to Gloucester hospital the same night her boyfriend was."

"Do you know why?" The dark haired girl asked suspiciously.

"Anaphylactic shock is what I was told, spider bites of some sort…" Provost Higgins shook his head sadly.

"Wow, do you know what happened to Chase after he left here?"

"I have no idea, he really just disappeared after the Fall Fest, no one has seen him since…" The Provost sighed and looked up at her, "Why are you asking Miss Gregory?"

"I ran in to him at the Starbucks in town, and somethings have just been… off kilter…" She suggested. "I just wanted to get some more details on what was going on…" She gave the Provost a steady smile.

"Well, let me tell you something off the record…" Provost Higgins closed his files. "Someone broke in to the Admissions office and fiddled through his things…" Provost shrugged. "They found interest in the fact that he was adopted, and that his adopted parents died in a car crash on his eighteenth birthday…" The older man shook his head disapprovingly. "But there was something else… his birth name was Pope…"

Hailey looked up at the Provost and then nodded, "Thank you Provost Higgins…"

Without another word she was out of his office and in the library looking through books of the towns History. She had heard some talk about her boyfriend and his friends, noted the fact that people referred to them as the 'Sons of Ipswich' but she just took in to account that their families had founded the town.

She looked through some of the old books and found what appeared to be some kin d of answers. She sifted through the information lightly, finding something about supernatural powers, ascending at the age of eighteen, darklings and 'using'. It really didn't make much sense and she passed it off as nonsense.

She sifted through some more books and found a list of people who signed a book to have John Putnam vanished from the town. On the list of people was a woman, a woman named Agnes Goodwin Pope. Hailey wasn't sure if it was a sign, but comments in the book pointed to Goodie Pope having a dream where John Putnam came to her as an incubus.

Incubus, Hailey thought. She shook her head and closed the books putting them back on the shelf. This was all nonsense she thought again. There was no such thing as witches, and definitely no such thing as coming to someone as an incubus. That was completely absurd.

She grabbed her jacket off of the back of her chair and fled to her car. She had an inkling for some coffee all of a sudden. Hailey drove carefully down the snow ridden roads of town, finding her way to her favorite spot. Right in front of the Starbucks, and easy access when she was on the go.

She walked in and without hesitation Roxanne rang her up and started making her drink. With in minutes the hot drink was ready for her. She gave Roxanne a head nod and sat down in her corner, opening her book and calmly drinking her hot latte.

"Hello, Hailey…" Chase's voice flooded her ears.

She looked up from her book and stared in to those pools of blue, "Chase, good to see you again…" She smiled at him.

She wasn't fooling him, she could tell. He knew something was up, for some reason she could feel it in her bones that this was a bad idea to come here, but she couldn't stop her body from driving all the way up here.

"Shame about Caleb," Chase shook his head making himself comfortable next to the young girl.

"You heard?" Hailey asked.

"I did, news travels fast around Ipswich…" He stated.

"So I've noticed…" She noted giving him a small smile.

"I hear that you've asked about me…" Chase gave her a playful smirk.

Hailey swallowed hard and closed her book, "I brought you up to the Provost, to find out more about you…" She gave him an awkward look. "I was going to ask you about that, you said you were expelled…"

Chase looked down and then back up at her, "So I lied…" He shrugged. "We all lie don't we Hailey?" He smiled leaning closer to her. "I know for a fact that you lie,"

"Nobody's perfect…" Hailey muttered.

"That's right," Chase smirked and got up. "We all have… secrets…."

"Chase…" Hailey stood up her book sliding to the ground. "What really happened between you and Caleb six months ago?"

"Don't worry love, you'll find out sooner or later…" He gave her a wicked grin, placing a finger under her chin and bringing her closer to him. "When the Full Hunter's Moon rises…" He grinned. "You will get your answers…"

Hailey snapped awake, nearly falling out of her bed as she breathed heavily. That dream was so real, so-so very real. She glanced around the room and it was pitch black, the only illumination was coming from her lap top, which was open.

She remembered closing the piece of technology before she went to bed that night. She got out of her bed and walked over, carefully she glanced at the website page that was pulled up, and it was a lunar calendar for October 2008. She glanced and saw that in red letters on the fourteenth of October read, The Full Hunter's Moon.

October 14th, she knew that date. Why was it so important to her? She glanced around the room and spotted a picture of her and Tyler together. She glanced back at the calendar on her nightstand and flipped back to October 14th, 2007, there was nothing marked, but it was important… she knew it.

Glancing back at the picture of her and her boyfriend, it hit her.

October 14th. 2008, was Tyler's birthday… it was Tyler's eighteenth birthday.

Well you know what not to do!

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