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Warm and humid wind through my still wet hair ... making it stick in every direction. My hand plays with it ... with the wind ... trying to catch the uncatchable ... air playing between my fingers ... orange sun kissing my skin as I lay my head against the seat. I smile hearing him sing along with a song. My hand is resting on his thigh as we drive toward home after a long day at the beach. I chuckle as he invites me to join him singing ... he likes music ... he used it to comunicate with me when ... when he was mute ... I say no shaking my head as he encourages me to join him.

"Come on, Sam," he pouts while the wind plays with his dirty blond hair, bending his antennae as well. "Don't make me sing alone."

"We shouldn't drive at this velocity," I say trying to disract him from his quest to make me sing.

"I'm a Camaro," he replies still humming the song, "and this is a desert road ... I just want to race."

I look at him raising an eyebrow. "You and your passion for racing." He laughs as he pumps out loud dance music and I understand why Optimus Prime often repeats that Bee is still so young and wild.

"One fucking week," he says grinning widely and I nod thinking of my parents who left me for a week not knowing that my best company would be a crazy giant robot.

"Tonight, I'd like to eat pizza," I say scratching some sand away from my foot, "and also ice cream." He just turns to stare at me scratching away the sand. "Sam, what are you doing? You are scratching away sand on me."

"Ah, yeah," I reply brushing my hand on my t – shirt. "Sorry, Bee. Sometimes I forget that you are a hologram." He nods.

"Yes, I'm a car. Or better yet a giant alien robot," he says not taking his eyes off the road.

"You are perfect as you are," I try to say putting a hand on his that is on the gear shift. He shakes his head.

"I would like to be more."

"Hey, Bee, during these months you worked pretty hard on making your holo - form more real ... really, I'm looking and touching you and believe me when I say that you look and feel like a human," I explain. "Look at me." He slowly turns toward my direction.

"I did it for you," he says smiling a bit.

"Good ... but now please return to looking at the road," I say turning his face toward it.

"I'm in control," he remainds me taking his hands off the wheel.

"Bee!" I yell and he just chews his bottom lip returning silently to drive.

Once we arrive at home I get out of the car grabbing my backpack and our beach towels.

"Go grab some pizza and ice cream," I say leaning against the drivers window.

"You're not coming with me?" he asks not wanting to leave me alone. I shake my head.

"Nah, I need a hot shower and to just lie a bit." He gives me his most worried look and I lean inside the car to kiss him.

"I'm only tired after a long day at the beach," I whisper softly against his lips. "Chocolate and mint ice cream," I remind him. He nods then he backs up his car as I wave my hand. As I enter the empty house I see Mojo rushing toward me barking happily.

"Mojo," I smile grabbing him. "Baby, you missed me." I kiss him while heading toward the bathroom starting the taps to fill the tub. I start to undress as I tiredly yawn while outside it's dark and a bit windy. Sliding into the hot water makes me shiver as I sink, closing my eyes in pleasure while rubbing my stomach with wet and soapy hands.

"I should stop eating all that crap," I whisper as my hands slide toward my round belly. "Eh, Mojo," I smile turning sleeply toward my dog that is watching me intently ... and my last thought is that I would like to have Bee with me before I fall asleep, lulled by the soft wet murmur of warm water moving around my body.

Something wakes me, making me jump and yell as I feel arms hold me more tightly, my face pressed against something warm and vaguely smelling of masculine combined with a fresh woody citrus scent.

"I'm here, Sam," he whispers against my neck as he kisses it wetly. "It was only thunder." I nod sighing and pushing myself more deeply into his chest ... hiding ... wanting to be safe ... to feel protected ... my guardian.

"What time is it?" I ask while starting to suck one of his nipples and smiling as, in the darkness, I hear him jump and then hiss in pleasure.

"One a.m," he breathes.

"I fell asleep," I murmur still sucking and licking his nipple feeling it harden against my tongue.

"Yeah, when I came back I found you asleep inside the tub," he says. "You were so pale."

"I was tired," I whisper as his fingers slide lovingly over my lips ... and I can't resist. I have to just open my mouth to suck them ... just feeling them slide inside my mouth for a long moment, the silnce around us broken by my wet sucking sounds and his breath that becomes more fast and harsh. "Hmmmm ... I want you to fuck me," I murmur sleeply as I let his fingers go with threads of saliva coming out with them.

"I can smell that," he whispers.

"Yeah, it's like a warm and liquid sensation," I chuckle like I'm drunk. "Makes me wants to spread my legs for you." He remains in silence and I whimper as one of his large hands travels between my thighs.

"What do you want, Sammy."

I lick my lips while staring at his shape then silently I push him away turning on my stomach.

"Wanna be fucked," I moan wantonly as my fingers reach behind pulling and kicking away the sheets. I hear him take in air.

"What's that, Sam?" he asks drowsily while his hands cup both my ass cheeks.


"You," he breathes while rubbing his forehead between my shoulder blades. "You are different lately."

"I don't know," I reply while pushing against him. "Want you ... hmmmm ... maybe I'm in heat."

He laughs lightly while kissing my back. "Should we ask Ratchet?"

"Yeah, next time you see him ... tell him that I'm in heat for you," I moan as I reach behind to cup his erection with his sweatpants. He shudders as I massage it while licking my lips. "Bee," I call him as I feel the sweatpant fabric starting to become wet with precum.

"Yeah ... yeah, there's something going on with you," he keeps saying between harsh intakes of breath. I turn pulling him toward me to kiss him and for a long moment only the wet sound of our kisses can be heard through the room as he wrestles with taking his sweatpants off. My hand caress his pubic hair as he deepens the kiss just sucking my tongue as he towers over me. "Let me see how you spread your legs for me," he whispers against my lips as he tries to bite my bottom lip.

I moan spreading my thighs for him ... and for a brief moment there's something going on in my mind like thinking that he makes me want ... desire ... crave for something that usually I would not ever ask or want ... because I'm here naked and in need to be fucked ... to be owned.

Owned. Lately, I get off with this ... with the fact that I like to feel owned by him ... to know that I'm his ... letting him do whatever he pleases. And sometimes ... sometimes I think that it got worse since the war ended and the Allspark was gone ... destroyed with Megatron. I crave his touch ... to have him near me.

An example? Yesterday ... yesterday, as usual, he took me to school and we arrived ... as usual ... half an hour early and guess what? Yeah, we ended up with me pressed through the back seats as he fucked me roughly and quickly before I headed into school ... and it was me ... me wanting it ... asking Bee to fuck me before school because I was aroused and like in heat ... he just stared at me in disbelief because lately we end up fucking everywhere ... ehmmm, and I'm always the one asking for it.

I moan as he lets me grab him by his antennae pulling him toward me to kiss him ... and I know that now I'm blocking his delicate radar not letting him scan the whole neighborhood ... cutting him off from the others Autobots. Ratchet knows ... he knows ... and also Optimus Prime knows that ... when he asked for an explanation for the first time that he sensed Bee offline. Bee never told me what he replied or maybe Optimus Prime just understood what was going on.

I close my eyes letting myself enjoy the feeling of him over me ... covering my body with his heavy and strong one as he fucks me slowly.

"Is it good?" he asks softly caressing my cheek. I nod licking my lips as I reach for his hands going to entwine my fingers with his.

"I love you." He smiles softly.

"I love you too." My fingers reach down to touch the root of his cock as I feel it slide in and out of me making wet sounds as the bed lightly squeaks under our weight and his pushes.

"Sam," he calls me as I turn my head to stare at him. "Don't you feel that?"

I kiss him. "What," I whisper as I push down meting his pelvis ... impaling myself on him.

"I ... sense something ... I don't know," he cries as I spasm around his cock.

"Shhhh," I whisper pushing him away and he wails in frustration as his cock slides out of me.

"No, Sam," he says trying to push me down to re-enter me. I turn going on all fours.

"Fuck me from behind," I beg shoving my ass against his erect and dripping cock. He blindly nods, just roughly grabbing me by my hips and pulling me toward his crotch and I cry as he penetrates me again with full force. "Oh my god, Bee," I pant as he fucks me hard and my arms shake with the effort to steady my body. One of his hands is caressing my stomach as I press my face hard against the mattress to muffle my screams of pleasure as I reach my orgasm and my ass hole clamps convulsively around his stiff cock. I can taste the dry taste of my sheets pushing against my open mouth as I feel him slam hard once again ... just hissing something in his own language as I shiver feeling hot spurts of cum shoot inside me. "Fill me," I pant, absently putting an hand over his resting on my stomach. I let him ride the whole orgasm then he just slides off me and I whimper in pain.

"Bee," I call him sleeply.

"I'm here, Sam," he replies hugging me. I grin sleeply and he raises one finger toward the ceiling to write, "I love you," and I smile knowing that he used to do that when he was mute ... to just draw words in the air.

"I love you, too," I reply enjoying this closeness that we are sharing ... the light sound of rain hitting the window glass and the strong and fresh scent of wet grass rising from our garden mixing with the sharp after-sex odours ... the quiet silence that goes with our first night that we are alone together.

And I smile thinking that at dawn he will not need to escape from the window to avoid my parents ... I will not wake alone or push him outside the window as I hear my mum yell that it's time to go to school. I kiss him as one of his hands travels up and down my chest. "More," I ask wanting more of him ... craving for what he has to offer ... for his love and devotion toward me.

"Always, Sam," he murmurs kissing me deeply ... sucking my tongue as I let him take control over me ... as he moves over me and I feel his heavy body on me ... I want more ... my giant robot. He brokes the kiss and smiles down at me and I don't know why but suddenly I feel the urge to ask,

"Do you ever think about future?" He just froze while staring at me with an odd expression.

"No," he simply replies. I lick my lips knowing that, probably, I should just shut up and let him do whatever he pleases with my body ... nothing at all ... but lately ... lately I start to wonder about him ... about our relationship and I need to know that I'm not the only one thinking about where our relationship is going.

"So, you don't ever stop to think about our future?" I ask. He sighs rolling on his side and away from my body.

"I don't want to talk about that, Sam. You know why," he says just staring at the ceiling like he's annoyed. I just remain in silence waiting for something more ... yes, I know that I will never know the word eternity ... one day he will be alone again because we aren't made to live forever ... he will live forever but I will not be beside him and I know that this makes him go crazy ... forever is not for me ... for us.

"I know," I say.

"So, why do you ask?" he says evidently annoyed.

"Next year I will finish school so I was asking if you had something in mind," I reply.

"Sam, you still have a whole year," he points out. "I will come up with something." I nod turning his face toward me.

"I love you," I whisper.

"You don't know what I feel for you," he whispers. "I love you more than anything." I pull him toward me ... and taken by surprise he falls over me ... then he looks at me with a raised eyebrow and I can't resist starting to laugh while I try to kiss him.

"It's your fault, you are heavy." I can't stop laughing.

"You like that," he grins pinning me against the bed.

"Yeah, I can't deny that," I smile as we wrestle for a bit, laughing like crazies. As I try to escape from him I fall from the bed pulling him with me on the way and landing with a loud thud.

"Ouch, I crushed you," Bee says not stopping to laugh.

"You know ... now, I would like so much to have my ice cream," I say as he stands, lifting me up.

"What now? ... But it's 2.00 o'clock" he points out putting me down on the bed.

"I know ... please?" I smile making huge eyes. He just shrugs walking outside as I roll on his side grabbing a sheet along the way. When he returns I see him stagger and I know that his system needs to recover.

"Thanks," I smile opening the ice cream tin. "You should rest ... you know, for your system." He nods lying down.

"Come to rest on my chest?" he asks drowsily. For a long moment we just lie there with me slowly licking and eating my chocolate and mint ice cream.

"Are you here?" I ask raising my face toward him.

He nods with his arm resting on his eyes. "Just a bit."

I chuckle and he asks why I'm smiling.

"I can turn you into jelly." He laughs lightly.

"Yeah, you brat!" His other hand starts to caress my stomach and for a moment he stills resting his warm and large hand over my belly.

"What?" I ask licking the spoon.

"I feel something like another presence ... it's like an intereference" he whispers shaking his head.

"Probably your radar isn't working well," I suggest continuing to eat my ice cream while enjoying his warm hand on my stomach.

"No, it's impossible," he replies kissing my minty lips.

"Now, it's been over a month that you keep hearing this presence. You should talk with Ratchet or Optimus Prime," I say.

"Or I'm becoming crazy," he laughs shaking again his head and antennae.

"Ok, a stalking Camaro is right but a crazy Camaro is not!" I point out making him laugh harder. Putting away the ice cream I settle myself to sleep a bit and as he takes away his hands I stop him.

"No, I like that." He doesn't say anything, just keeps massaging my swollen belly slowly as I fall asleep.