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Alternation Nation

A fanfiction by Chiyoku Shibata

Chapter 1: Choices

"...I can help you there." finished Draco, as he extended his hand for Harry to shake. The latter hesitated for some moments, as he looked hastily to Ronald and then at Draco again.

I don't wanna be bullied here... thought Harry, and with that in mind, he shook Draco's hand and allowed himself to be pulled gracefully away from the unworthy.

Draco, meanwhile, sneered in satisfaction down at a shocked and quickly reddening Ronald.

McGonagall then came back and took them to be sorted.

"I'm glad you made the right choice, Potter. You wouldn't have enjoyed the alternative" commented Draco in a soft and graceful drone.

"It wasn't that hard to decide. On the way here Ronald drooled twice; at my galleons and at my food." answered Harry, glad that he had indeed made the right choice.

"Figures...they are a disgrace to the rest of us pureblooded wizards, the whole lot of them. So don't you go around calling that undeserving fool by his given name. If you're gonna call him anything, then his family name is good enough...well, not 'good enough' concerning those 'Weasley's' know what I mean."

Their conversation was cut short when they got to the front of the Great Hall. Since they had been talking the whole way they never paid attention to those around them.

Harry had obviously looked around, because honestly, who wouldn't? But not willing to take the risk of making a fool of himself, he filed away his curiosity for later. Deciding it would be better to wait for later and then read the Hogwarts history book. He'd heard a girl mention it when everyone had looked in awe at the ceiling.

After that, a hat started singing; Harry couldn't help but be surprised. A singing you'll be telling me that people can turn into animals...

"Pay attention as I call out your names!" droned McGonagall.

"Make sure you land yourself in Slytherin, Potter. Make your mother's memory proud." said Draco. Harry appeared shocked.

"My mother?"

"Gods, you didn't know? She was one of the best Slytherins to be had in her time. Who knows whatever she saw in your bully of a Gryffindor father. At least that's what I heard people say time and time again."

Harry was indeed much troubled about this. Hagrid had talked to him about how 'he didn't know a Slytherin that hadn't gone bad', but it turns out that his own mother was a Slytherin, and if this boy knew about it, then surely Hagrid would have known as well.

"Draco Malfoy!" called out the teacher.

"See you in Slytherin, then." greeted Draco as he walked away.

And a couple of names later it was his turn.

"Harry Potter!"

Walking up to the stool, Harry was both bothered and embarrassed to notice his name was on everyone's lips. Interestingly enough, the only table not to say much at all was Draco's table of the Slytherins.

Only a couple of people had said his name there, but each one of them immediately turned to a polite silence when he looked their way. This didn't happen at all with any of the other tables. And the one right next to Slytherin was especially boisterous; they were even pointing at him. And just before the enormous hat fell over his eyes, he heard a particularly loud comment from a redhead.

"Potter's bound to be with us. The savior will be Gryffindor." Harry frowned in annoyance.

Anywhere but that table... he thought.

Which table? said another voice in his head. Harry answered calmly and completely unperturbed by the intrusion.

The one with the redhead.

Ah, Percy Weasley. Yes, I understand. That boy always did have delusions of grandeur.

Harry snickered at the response, which made people look at him oddly.

Anywhere but Gryffindor, then. Well, just as well since I wouldn't want you there. You have a lot of power locked in here, a curiosity for life, and a thirst to prove yourself. I also see lots of cunning and a need to put yourself high up in a safe place. You seem to loath and fear the place you came from.

I must admit that you remind me of someone else from long ago; so much like him, so much like Thomas Riddle. And just as with him, there is only one house that will provide all that you desire, and help you on your way to greatness. Harry Potter, you belong in...

"Slytherin!" finished the hat and yelling the name aloud, shocking students and teachers alike. Harry stood up awkwardly, because everyone was still staring at him in silence; he turned to look at Draco, and the boy burst into applause, bringing his housemates out of their stupor. The Slytherins cheered loudly and Harry smiled in relief as he went to sit next to Draco.

"Good Job, Potter. But I do wonder what the hat said, since you took an awful long time."

"Nothing incredibly interesting. Just that I had a lot of power locked in me, and that this house could help me achieve greatness..." commented Harry.

"well, it is true that Slytherins are the most eager to learn all kinds of magic."

"Oh! The hat said I reminded him of someone; someone from long ago..."

"Really? Who?" responded Draco in earnest curiosity.

"Thomas Riddle was the name, I think..."

Draco froze in shock, however unnoticeably.

"I wonder if you're related, then...?" pondered Draco, aloud; as if to mask his astonishment. Because Draco knew who Riddle was, he had known who Riddle was even before he knew who the boy had grown up to be. Therefore, he figured that if Harry Potter didn't know who the boy had been... since it seemed no one had bothered to tell him yet... there was really no reason why he should bother to enlighten the boy yet.

"Why related?" asked Harry, as his curious nature made itself known, now that he knew he wouldn't be punished for asking questions.

"Well, don't know who the bloke is... but if you're like him, then it's possible, right?" reasoned Draco, and for all the boy knew about Riddle, it was possible.

"...I guess..."

"We could try to find out more about the guy... we could check the Hogwarts Archives, if you're really interested, that is..."

"What's the Hogwarts Archives?"

"Oh... just a list of names of everyone that has attended this school since it was founded over one thousand years ago."

Harry eyes immediately betrayed his shock, and Draco smirked in amusement at Harry's surprise and complete ignorance.

"As you probably may have noticed, Hogwarts is really old. And you know, there is even a rumor that there is a book containing the names of everyone that will come to this school in the future, even names of people that haven't been born yet. I guess that's how they know who to send a letter to, considering that no one really registers or applies to this school... or any other for that matter..."

"That's really cool if it was true. How do you know so much?"

"Well, my father is in the board of governors, you see. He likes to keep me informed."

Harry nodded in understanding, and turned his attention to dinner.

End of Chapter

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