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Hikaru was walking back from the park in the dark, the only light being the moonlight. Her mother had been letting her go to the park alone since she could walk. There was no one to take her: her father was always drunk, her mother wasn't going to take her. She'd always gone by herself. Walking down the street, she could tell something was wrong. Hikaru didn't know what it was, but something didn't feel right. Then she saw the explosion. A few miles away, the black night was filled with orange light. Then the light went away. Hikaru smelled smoke. Looking up ahead, she saw her street in flames. Running toward her house, more homes burst into flames. More bombs were thrown into the village, sending ugly black smoke billowing up to the sky. When she reached her burning house, she ran inside to the living room. Part of the ceiling had collapsed from the pressure. Hikaru coughed as she looked around for her mother. Then she saw her underneath the collapsed ceiling. Hikaru ran over to her mother, hoping she was alive. She felt someone pulling her away. Hikaru turned around and say her best friend, Kyo, trying to pull Hikaru out of the house.

"We have to save her!" Hikaru yelled.

"You need to get out of here!" Kyo yelled, "You could get killed."

The rest of the ceiling collapsed. Hikaru had no choice but to follow Kyo outside. The two ran away from the village, trying not to inhale the dust stirred up from the explosions. All Hikaru saw were bodies lying everywhere. Blood was everywhere. It was flowing down the street. She followed Kyo out of the city to a forest where Kyo's family was waiting. Hikaru sat alone under a tree, watching the explosions light up the sky. All she could hear were explosions and the screams of people. Hikaru felt someone's arm around her shoulder. She turned around to see Kyo sitting next to her. They turned their attention to the burning city. Hikaru covered her ears, but nothing would block out the sounds of the explosions. She would never forget it.

Then it was a few years later. Hikaru and Kyo were throwing kunai at a nearby tree. The city had been rebuilt. Hikaru and Kyo were training to become ninja.

"I can't believe we're having a test on the Escape Jutsu tomorrow." Kyo exclaimed, running his fingers through his rough blonde hair.

"Well you know Yuki and Shigure weren't paying attention." Hikaru shrugged, "Sensei would have to quiz them."

"So why quiz all of us?" the blonde protested, "Why not just them? Why make the rest of us suffer? That's not very fair."

Hikaru shrugged.

"Nothing's fair." She said.

"I guess not." Kyo nodded.

Suddenly, the two heard a loud explosion. They looked toward their school and saw smoke rising to the sky.

"Another attack?" Kyo hadn't forgotten the attack a few years ago.

"I hope not. Let's go!"

They ran out of the training grounds. Bombs were exploding right and left. Hikaru kept running forward, trying to dodge the kunai whizzing at her. She turned around to see if Kyo was behind her. No one was there. She looked around frantically, trying to find her friend. But Kyo couldn't be seen. Kunai came from behind and forced her to run ahead. Hikaru made her way out of the burning city. She didn't stop running until she was far away from the city. She was in a forest, but the smoke could still be seen. Something shiny caught her eye. She looked down on the ground and saw a Getsugakure headband. There was a scratch across the symbol. Hikaru picked it up and studied it for a moment. The rest of the headband was fine except for the scratch. Hikaru put it in her backpack as a reminder of what had happened. Maybe she could prevent something like this from happening again.


Now she was sitting on the cliff with Deidara, tears slowly finding her way down her face. Deidara hadn't said anything. What was there to say?

"I've never found out if Kyo lived." Hikaru said softly, speaking for the first time in a few minutes, "I haven't been to the village since the attack."

"But why did you want to explode light if you knew what explosions meant, hmm?" Deidara asked.

"I dunno." Hikaru said, "I guess I thought that if I could make something explode, I could deal with it easier."

"I guess that's why the mission was too much for you, hmm." Deidara observed, "My explosions made you remember when the city was attacked."

Hikaru nodded.

"I had nightmares for a while when I was living with Kyo." Hikaru said, "But they went away. After the second attack, they came back. And they went away again."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Deidara asked, "Why didn't you tell anyone before?"

"I didn't think it mattered." Hikaru said, "I guess I knew that there would be more explosions. I mean, you're always blowing shit up. I guess I was fine hearing you exploding things because I knew that you weren't destroying something. But then…"

She broke off and fell silent. She stared at the bright blue sky.

"Look, if you don't want to be here anymore, you can always leave, hmm." Deidara said, "It might be better if you…"

"I can't. Then I'd never get over it. I have to forget that part of my life. If I can't forget about it, then how am I supposed to be a ninja?" Hikaru pointed out, "And if I can't forget about it, I need to at least be able to deal with the explosions."

"Are you sure about this?" Deidara asked.

Hikaru nodded.

"Let's go back inside. That onigiri wasn't very filling."

She jumped off of the cliff and walked back to the bolder, waiting for Deidara to lift it. Once he joined her, he lifted the bolder and they walked inside. Sasori was the only one in the main area of the cave. He was eating some leftover shrimp.

"What's up?" he asked, "I didn't hear anything going on outside."

"We weren't training." Hikaru said as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Then what were you doing?" Sasori wanted to know.

"Talking." Deidara said.

"Talking?" Sasori repeated.

"Yep." Hikaru said, as she put her head down on the table.

"About what?" Sasori wondered.

"Random stuff." Hikaru said.

She didn't feel like talking anymore. Deidara could tell so he changed the subject.

"Where did Konan go?"

"She's in her room." Sasori said, "I think she's going to take a nap, so don't bug her."

"I wouldn't anyway." Hikaru said, lifting her head off of the table.

"I was talking to Deidara." Sasori said.

"I wouldn't do that, hmm." The blonde ninja said.

"There's nothing to do." Hikaru said.

"Why don't you work on a new jutsu?" Sasori suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Hikaru said.

She walked off to the room that she shared with Deidara and shut the door. Deidara and Sasori turned and looked at each other.

"I thought she was going to work on a new jutsu?" Sasori questioned.

"She needs to think of one first, hmm." Deidara said.

"What were you guys really talking about?" Sasori asked.

"Hikaru's nightmares." Deidara said.

"Is she ok now?" Sasori wondered.

"I hope so, hmm." Deidara said, "She wants to forget about them and try to be a good shinobi."

"That's reasonable." Sasori said, "She might be good as a member of Akatsuki."

It was short, I know. Look for part two soon. Thanks for reading!