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The Pack

By: Karasu

Chapter 1: The Pride of the Pack

A girl stood on top of a tall building, watching the storm quickly rolling in. Her long, blonde hair pulled into a high ponytail, whipped around her. The light of the moon shone through the night, to reflect her alabaster skin. Her aqua-marine eyes were sharp, looking out across the city, her pack's city. She pulled a piece of hair, that escaped the ponytail, behind her ear. She drew in a breath and spoke.

"Once every two hundred years, a member of the pack is chosen. The chosen are exceptionally strong and skilled.

"The pack, well, we're werewolves. Being born into the pack comes with great responsibility. From birth they swear you to secrecy.

"Once a week, we must hunt. If we do not, we get a bloodlust. We usually hunt deer." The girl's lips stopped moving for a moment to twitch into a small smile. "It's easier than explaining a few missing people.

"We're not werewolves as you think. Our eyes turn yellow, we grow stronger, and faster. Our eyesight, and accuracy is increased." The wind blew harder whipping the blonde girl's long black coat around her lithe frame. A cloud covered the moon, plunging the city darker. The girl closed her eyes.

"The pack goes to school, and work, just like everyone else. You really aren't able to tell the difference between them and your average person. Except, perhaps, for there looks. We're all unnaturally…attractive. That's because we were meant to attract humans to…hunt."

The girl paused to gather her thoughts, her eyes narrowing, before she continued. "Well, recently I've been told, I'm the Pride of the Pack. The chosen werewolf, that is exceptionally strong and skilled. And me, I'm Ino Yamanaka." Lightning flashed behind Ino, before going dark again. Her blue eye's flashed yellow before she dove of the building, jumping midair to land safely on her feet, against the pavement of an alley.