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Heart and Soul
by sshg316

Chapter One
That Magic Night ... erm ... Morning


"The Malfoy heir will be tempted by the Darkness, but will turn to the Light. The Moon of Ravenclaw will fall in love with the Dragon of the Malfoys, and he with her. She will become his mate, his heart, his soul … and he, hers."

"Well, now. That was extraordinarily direct for a prophecy, was it not, Fawkes?"

-Albus Dumbledore, upon hearing the prophecy.

The early morning light filtered through the small window of the drawing room at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, its golden rays casting an ethereal glow around the pyjama-clad girl sitting at the black piano. Her slender fingers raced across the ivory keys, the melodic strains filling the small space.

Luna smiled contentedly and closed her eyes to better experience the music flowing from beneath her hands. She adored the piano. When they had all first moved into Grimmauld Place after the war, Neville had asked Harry if he could bring the baby grand from his grandmother's house as he found it soothing to play. Luna had been delighted when Neville had given her permission to play it whenever she wanted. Sighing wistfully, she wished Neville wasn't taking it with him when he moved to his new flat in Clapham next week. She would miss the piano desperately – and Neville, too, of course.

Her one consolation to the loss of Neville and his piano was that now the only residents at Grimmauld Place would be herself … and Draco Malfoy. She sighed again, her eyes closing in bliss as she considered the possibilities. Luna had known since she had heard the prophecy in her mother's old Pensieve the summer after her fifth year that one day she would fall in love with and marry the so-called "prince of Slytherin." She had watched him carefully since learning that bit of information, and so she alone had been unsurprised when Draco had shown up at Order headquarters, grasping tightly to Fawkes' tail feathers. Whilst she had trusted in the prophecy, she had been inordinately relieved to know that she would not one day be married to a Death Eater.

That had been over five years ago. She wondered just how long Fate was going to make her wait for him. Once she had learned Draco was her soul mate, Luna had turned a blind eye to boys and dating – not that anyone had ever noticed her in that way. She had never had a boyfriend, never been kissed, never even held a boy's hand. Of course, she hadn't realised it would take quite so long for him to notice her as more than Loony Luna. If she had, she might have been tempted to experiment a bit whilst she waited. Merlin knew Draco had. The man went through women like a Niffler through a piggy bank.

After the war, Luna had watched Draco parade a stream of women through his bedroom, none lasting more than a night. She had reminded herself that he didn't know yet that he belonged to her, and so she did not hold his excursions against him, even though she was bloody sick of seeing them firsthand. When would it be her turn?

Oh, they were friends, she supposed. Since Draco had asked her to dance at Hermione's wedding reception, they had taken to spending quite a bit of time together but never as anything more than friends. Luna guessed that would be a good foundation for their marriage … some day. Not that she was complaining. Oh, no. She loved spending time with him, especially when he would relax, his dry wit and ever-present charm entrancing her each time. Most importantly, he seemed to actually see her now. She had caught him staring at her pensively several times; each time he would quickly look away but not before she had caught an unfamiliar emotion on his face. Considering she had been watching him for so many years, the fact that she was unable to identify that particular emotion both concerned and elated her. Whatever it was, it made her want to rush across the room, throw herself into his arms, and snog him into next week. Perhaps next time she would … but probably not. That wouldn't be very smart of her, pushing him into something for which he was not ready. So, she would wait. She'd been waiting for so long now, it was second nature. In the meantime, she would take comfort in the knowledge that one day he would be hers and hers alone.

Her fingers flying across the keys of the piano, Luna was completely absorbed in her task and her thoughts when she heard the sound of someone clearing his throat from the doorway behind her. Startled, she almost tumbled backwards off the bench before catching herself. Twisting her body around and bending one leg to rest her knee on top of the bench, she turned to face the doorway.

Her eyes widened at the sight before her. There was Draco, the object of all of her dreams, standing in front of her – she swallowed hard – half-naked. Not one to miss an opportunity, she immediately dropped her gaze to his feet which were peeking out at her from under the hem of his green pyjama bottoms. She studied his feet for a brief moment. They were different from hers, more muscular and toned with long toes. Like the rest of him, they were perfect. Her eyes roamed up his cotton-covered legs, studiously avoiding a certain area – she was ogling, not leering, after all. The pants hung loosely around his hips, and she followed the trail of silvery blond hair up his tight stomach to his chest. She'd never seen a man's bare chest before, and it entranced her. She wanted to run her fingers across the smooth skin, to feel the lean muscle ripple under her fingertips. She wanted to touch her mouth to his chest and hear him moan …. She took a shuddering breath. It was best to stop that train of thought for now. She could continue it later in the privacy of her room. Her mouth dry, Luna licked her lips and then forced herself to look him in the eyes.

Draco's cheeks were tinged as pink as she imagined her own to be, and she found herself staring blatantly at his eyes. Usually, they were an icy silver, cold and hard, or when he was in a good mood, they would warm to a foggy grey. Right now, however, they were the colour of a storm, dark and tumultuous … passionate. Entranced by the unguarded moment, she could not look away. It seemed an eternity before Draco glanced away, clearing his throat once again before running a hand through his sleep-rumpled hair. Luna blinked but continued to stare at him. She knew she was being impolite, but he was just too perfect, and Merlin knew when she would see him like this again.

"What's all the racket?" Draco asked, his smooth voice roughened by sleep.

Luna's brow furrowed in confusion. "Racket? Oh! You mean the music." She turned to face the piano again, a small smile upon her face. She now had plenty of material for her nightly fantasies. "I love to play the piano. It's ever so much fun." Once again, she placed her fingers on the keys and began to play.

"Is that what you call that? Playing?" he asked. He sounded amused. That was good, right?

"Technically, I believe I am playing an arpeggio," she responded smartly, her fingers running from the bottom key to the top and back again … over and over and over. "It's my favourite thing to play."

An exasperated – but still amused, she hoped – huff came from the man behind her. She bit her lip as she heard him moving closer until he was standing beside the piano. He lazily leant against the instrument, and her breath caught at the erotic picture he made, his pale form a stark contrast to the ebony wood.

"That is certainly not an arpeggio. Budge up," he ordered imperiously, sliding onto the bench next her.

Luna stared at him as she slid to her left to allow him room to sit. They had not been this close to each other since Hermione's wedding. His masculine scent was intoxicating, and she inhaled deeply in an effort to imprint it into her olfactory memory. Draco's arm was pressed against hers, sending fire racing across her skin straight to her …. Merlin, his proximity was wreaking havoc in her brain.

"What you are playing," he began snidely, "is a glissando. This is an arpeggio." His long fingers stretched across the keys and began to play a chord, one note at a time. He repeated the arpeggio a few times, before stopping and folding his arms across his chest. Turning his head to face her, he looked down his nose at her. "You see the difference?"

Luna nodded earnestly. "Oh yes, certainly. The difference is quite clear. Thank you for showing me. Do you play the piano?" She had heard music coming from the drawing room late at night on occasion and had always assumed it was Neville, but now she wondered if she had been wrong.

The storm in Draco's eyes flashed ice for a moment before warming again to a foggy grey. Saddened by the loss of the storm, she sighed, the smile falling from her features as she realised she had inadvertently caused him to remember his painful childhood.

"Of course, I play. What sort of aristocratic pure-blood would I be if I had not been forced to endure years of piano lessons?" He stuck his nose into the air pretentiously before sliding a glance at her and winking.

Luna's smile returned. "Oh, won't you play something for me, Draco? Please?"

He heaved a long-suffering sigh and with narrowed eyes, gave her a calculating look. "No," he said, raising a hand to forestall her protests. "However, I will teach you how to play something." He stood, moving to stand behind her. "Move your arse to the edge of the bench, pet."

Luna was delighted at his offer to teach her a song, but she was beyond thrilled at the term of endearment, even though she knew he used it often with women. Still, he had never used it with her before. How lovely! She did as she was told and scooted to the front edge of the bench. The next thing she knew, he was sitting behind her, her hips cradled between his legs and his chest flush against her back. His arms came around her sides to the keyboard. It was official; she had just died and gone to heaven.

"Watch me," Draco said, placing his fingers on the keys and beginning to play. "This piece is called Heart and Soul, and it is quite easy to learn. You see, I'm simply repeating the same four chords." He repeated the series of chords several times before stopping and positioning Luna's fingers on the keys. Rather than moving his hands away, his fingers paused on hers, lightly caressing them for a moment. Luna's eyes closed in rapture before he cleared his throat and removed his fingers from hers. "Now, you try," he instructed.

Luna began to play the chords haltingly at first, each time improving until she was playing with ease. Staring at her hands as she played, she smiled so widely her cheeks hurt. "Oh! I'm doing it, Draco! I'm playing the piano!"

"Obviously," he stated dryly. "I am instructing you, am I not? What else did you expect? Now, you need to learn the melody line. Watch."

Within a quarter of an hour, Luna was able to play the melody as well, and Draco began to improvise on the piano, embellishing his part and making up his own lyrics. "Cod and sole," he sang animatedly, his rich baritone filling the room. "I like to eat fried fish. Cod and sole, it is my favourite dish. Truly, I'd like to eat some now!"

Luna laughed until her eyes watered and her stomach hurt, Draco's own deep chuckle resonating in her ear. Relaxing against his chest, she removed her hands from the keyboard, and watched contentedly as Draco continued to play, his chin now resting on her shoulder. She watched as his fingers stretched across the keys, the music shifting from the light-hearted tune he had taught her to something more classical, more soulful, more melancholy.

"What is that piece called?" she whispered, not wishing to distract him.

Rather than answer her, Draco continued to play, his arms brushing against hers as he seemed to lose himself in the music. It suited him, this musical lamentation. Underneath the pretentious façade, even under the sly wit and dry humour, there remained a sad, lonely man who was pouring all of it into this one piece of music. It was heart-wrenching … and it made her love him all the more.

When the piece ended, Draco's fingers remained on the keys until the final strains of music faded. He slid his hands from the keyboard only to place them on her bare upper arms, his thumbs absentmindedly stroking her sensitized flesh. Luna was instantly reminded of her exact location – pressed up again his bare chest and wedged between his thighs. She closed her eyes and memorised the moment, the feel of his hands on her skin and his body against hers, his warm breath against her cheek.

"Moonlight Sonata," he murmured suddenly.

"Hmm?" What was he talking about?

"The piece I just played. Moonlight Sonata. It's by a Muggle composer – Beethoven."

She smiled softly. A Muggle composer. Draco Malfoy had certainly come a long way since his days at Hogwarts.

"It was lovely," she said. "Thank you for this morning. I had a very nice time." Turning her head slightly, she impulsively pressed a kiss to his cheek. She felt him stiffen and hesitantly raised her eyes to his.

The storm was back, his silver eyes darkening as he gazed into her own grey ones. Her mind briefly registered that the unidentifiable emotion had returned to his face just before he raised a hand to her cheek.


His voice sounded different to her ears, deeper and more sensual than she had ever heard it before. She felt his hand move, his fingers fanning out against her neck, his thumb tracing her lower jaw. Her breath quickened as he slid his thumb to caress her full lower lip.

"Luna?" he whispered.

"Yes?" Was that husky sound her voice?

"Have you ever been kissed?"

Slowly, she shook her head no and watched as he swallowed reflexively.

"Would you like to be?"

"Oh, yes. Please," she responded breathily as her eyes flittered shut and his mouth lowered to hers.

It was much different than she had ever imagined. His lips were unbelievably soft and warm and … oh, just ever so lovely. Unsure of what she was supposed to do, she raised a trembling hand and threaded her fingers into the silken strands of his hair. Inexpertly, she attempted to mimic the movement of his lips against hers.

"Open for me, pet," he murmured against her mouth before touching his tongue to her lower lip.

Luna's eyes opened briefly in surprise before she realised what he meant and enthusiastically opened her mouth to allow him to deepen the kiss.

It was a good thing he had wrapped one arm around her back; without that support, she might have melted right off the bench. Her senses were on overload. She had dreamt of this for so long, and she desperately wanted to remember each and every moment of it – the feel of his lips as they moved against her own, the way his tongue brushed against hers, the pure male scent of his skin permeating the very air she breathed. It was glorious. Unable to contain it any longer, Luna moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, Draco wrenched his mouth from hers, his eyes wide in shock. He leant away from her and ran a shaking hand through his hair.

"Bloody hell, Luna. I –"

She covered his mouth with her hand. "If you are about to apologise to me, I really wish you wouldn't," she said, her tone somehow managing to be simultaneously serious and dreamy.

"I - Merlin's beard. I don't know what to say."

His shell-shocked expression was almost comical, and Luna found herself stifling a most inappropriate giggle. "It's all right, Draco. I quite enjoyed your kisses. You're very good at kissing, you know."

If anything, he appeared even more out of sorts after that statement.

"I'm hungry," she said, smothering yet another giggle as he merely blinked at her. "I'm off to the kitchen for breakfast. See you later." With a quick peck to his cheek, Luna stood and all but waltzed from the room.

As she made her way to the basement kitchen, she grinned broadly. At last, things were looking up. Perhaps Fate was finally making its move. Regardless, after that kiss there was absolutely no way she was waiting any longer.

Opening the kitchen door, she nodded to herself. The prophecy hadn't said how they would come together, only that they would. Maybe it was time to take a more Slytherin approach. Yes, a little scheming might not be remiss – not if she wanted Draco all to herself any time soon. And after all, she was her mother's daughter.

It was time to get her wizard.

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