Hi this is the prologue to my new story: 'The legend of the Torine'.

The legend of Torine is a story featuring Brendon Birch and Dawn (Berryshipping). It's an adventure about their journey and finding "The Torine". And I can reveal My OC Jack will be in this story. He is coming into this story I can't wait to put him in! I hope you like him as much as you did in love in the strangest places

:::Summarry of the story:::

Brendon's Dad, professor Birch, has been reported missing after his latest discovery of possible where abouts of the 'Torine'; an anceint historical artifact. Brendon is determined to finish what his Dad started before the evil organisation T.O.E decide to take control. On top of that, Brendon is on a search for his father but ends up running into a new friend who set out to help him on the quest. But with TOE gaining nearer and nearer to the Torine; Brendon, Dawn and Jack have to take drastic measures on their adventure...

What do you think?

This chapter is an introduction to it all really. I know this chapter is short but I want to give you all the general idea of what this story's theme and style of writing is going to be like. I won't be putting the story up for a while, I just want to know if people would read it even if it's Berryshipping (Brendon x Dawn). It gives us Contestshippers something to celebrate because Hoennshipping is out of the picture completely in this story!!

I want you to read this first before I post the story up. I'm really excited about this story because it's a new shipping that I don't think anyone has really tried before. But a reviewer gave me the idea.

When you read this could you please listen to on youtube (while reading):

Tidus and Yuna's sky theme – click the first video that comes up. The music is so beautiful, so inspiring and touching; I hope think it fits to this prologue of 'The legend of the Torine'.

Thank you guys! I really appreciate it!

Enjoy (hopefully) :P

(A/N: This isn't really a prologue, just introducing the story really)


The legend of the Torine

Be warned, once you have read this, you are forever bound to the secret of the Torine. Are you positively sure you want to read further into this tale where malice and cruelty prevail at its finest hour? Now you've cast your eyes upon these words, you have sealed your fate. Yes I am talking to you, the person who is now wondering why their fate has been sealed.

The moment you even considered reading this story, the twist of fate begun.

Some say life is like a red rose, that grows eventually into something beautiful. Forever growing, forever learning. Some would say life is like a feather, you drift, float and fall to meet your destiny.

However, some would say life is like a glass sphere; like the Torine. Its smooth curves never ending, it's miraculous texture so soothing to the touch. Never-ending, its spherical shape forever in harmony with the air. The silver sphere that never ends. It lives through good, bad, dark, light, fear and hope. When it crashes into the depths of darkness, the beauty can no longer be traced. Instead it's hollow, meaningless. Nothing. And so the sphere sits in the dark, longing for the first burst of light again.

But alas, the sphere catches the light; it is a sight many would yearn to see. It shines, the sphere shines. Like when you reach the climax of your dream, or when you live your wildest aspirations. You shine. The rays of luminosity bouncing off the curved sphere, it creates a white glow around it. Refracting certain segments whilst other parts capture the magical light inside, the sphere shines; beautiful to the eye. Life begins to fall into place, everything so wonderful. Until, you slip, and fall.

As you fall, you gracefully hit the ground; the dainty delicateness of yourself crumbles. The sphere dies. The world never was perfect. Not everything has to be beautiful and peaceful. Many trainers of Poke'mon seek for perfection. They seek for an adventure that will sweep them off their feet with intense action and battling. Some trainers seek for a peaceful journey.

It is those who seek for a peaceful journey who get the unexpected.

A legend of such has never been told before; it was hidden, kept secret so no-one would know the truth. The truth about Poke'mon, why they exist, what they are and the Torine.

I am sure you have heard about the legend of Mewtwo, how an experiment went wrong in the lab. I know you have been told about Entei and the Ukown, Celebi, Jirachi the wishmaker, Deoxys and possibly even Norcinu.

But never, have you been told about the Torine.

There is one vital reason behind that. Anyone who dares speak of the legend of the Torine will perish in flames. It is part of the promise, part of the bond between the restoration of peace. Therefore, I can confirm this will be a part of my final words.

My final story.

It is a tale that fate does not want to tell. Nevertheless I am still going to tell you; the story has to be passed on.

I'm guessing you all know the usual heroes of the Poke'mon world. Ash Kachem, Misty Waterflower and Brock Pewter. You may also know Max Maple, May Maple and Drew Hayden. You may even know others such as Marina, Jimmy, Gary, Molly, Melody, Brianna.

But never- have you heard of him. The hero. His name is- Brendon Birch.

His name may ring a bell in your ears, but it's not enough to make you smile in joy. Not enough to make you feel inspired. It's not enough for you to appreciate what he put himself through so you could be sitting here today, alive.

The truth is; Brendon Birch has faced greater tasks than any of these popular heroes. He and his friends have been through many challenges and overcome them all; together. Now the story beings; I will tell you the story of the legend of Torine in exchange that you will promise to never let this tale die…

Do you like the prologue? I've left it with a sense of mystery for you all!

I think that it's time we gave Brendon a bit of credit, not loads, but I really am excited about experimenting with the idea of Berryshipping (Brendon x Dawn)

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