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Second Chances

"There are probably trees, trees and…well, trees. And grass. Maybe some rocks, and I wonder if there are any native--Daniel?"

There was no response at first. The young man continued to stare off toward the 'gate, oblivious to the rest of them. It wasn't the first time such a thing had happened either. Jack tried again. "Daniel."

Nothing. Carter and Teal'c looked up, glanced at him and then at Daniel.


He jerked, his boyish long hair swinging out of his face as he turned to look at them with wide blue eyes. "Huh? What?"

Jack crossed his arms on top of his gun. "You were doing it again."

"Doing what?"

"The whole spacing out thing."

"I was?"

Carter sighed. "You were, Daniel, but its okay."

"Oh…sorry," he apologized, flushing.

"She's right; it's no problem. We are about to head out though," Jack pointed out.

"Right," Daniel nodded. He fixed his pack on his back and looked toward the 'gate again as the chevrons began to light up as the stargate was dialed. He didn't say anything else, and when the wormhole opened he followed the other three of them up the ramp without a word. It was like that sometimes. There were days when he was excited and talkative about their trips through the 'gate and what they discovered.

But there were also days when he took a back seat. Jack caught a glimpse of carter giving Daniel a pat on the back before he stepped through the wormhole behind Teal'c and left them. When he stepped out on the other side, his feet hit gravel, and he saw a rock-covered clearing. The gravel gave way to dirt at the edges of the clearing, and, yep, trees. Lots of them. But there wasn't much else.

Jack turned around again and saw carter and Daniel step through the 'gate. The wormhole shut down a moment later, and the four of them were left looking around at P32-739.

"Not much to it," Daniel commented.

Carter shrugged. "Doesn't look any different from anywhere else, but there could be naquidah here. Checking for that'll come later. We're just doing a cursory recon right now."

"Right. So let's get to it," Jack prompted. "Daniel, you're with me. Carter, Teal'c, you go the other way. Meet back here in an hour and everybody keep your radios on."

"Yes sir," Carter nodded. Teal'c nodded and the two of them headed in one direction. Jack started in the other and Daniel followed him, but before any of them even got to the edge of the clearing, a sound became clear in the distance. Daniel stopped dead, and Jack frowned.

"Is it just me, or is that marching?"

Teal'c and Carter ran back toward them. "O'Neill, jaffa are approaching. We much conceal ourselves," Teal'c reported immediately, once they were all standing together.

"Ya think? Do we have time to dial out and get back through the 'gate without them seeing us or the address?"

"I do not believe so."

"Great…all right, everybody in the trees." He didn't have to tell them twice. They all hightailed in into the woods, hunkering down behind a few thick bushes between a couple of big trees. They could still see the 'gate and most of the clearing. That was also when Jack noticed that there was a trail leading off through the woods wide enough for a couple of people to walk side by side. The jaffa were probably coming from there. He made sure everyone else saw the opening of the trail.

Silent and unmoving, all of them watched the spot until they could see moving gray. After few seconds, and two jaffa shoulder to shoulder marched around a bend in the trail and out into the clearing. Behind them a little ways were three more sets of jaffa marching the same way, but it looked like someone was in-between the middle two sets of guards. Someone shorter. It wasn't until the small group turn toward the stargate that he could see who it was.

Daniel pulled in a sharp breath. Jack grimaced. "Uh oh."

Teal'c look solemn, and Carter's eyes were wide. "Isn't that--?"

"Sha're," Daniel breathed. On impulse he started to move, but Carter helped Jack hold him back--talk about déjà vu.

"Oh no you don't. Those jaffa have staff weapons, Daniel."

The younger man fell back on his knees and looked at Jack desperately. "We can't just let her go!"

"What else do you want me to do!" Jack hissed quietly. "I want both her and Skaara back as much as you do, but we can't help her now. We have no idea how to get that snake out of her without killing her."

"But we'll find a way, Jack! We can't let her go now; we may never find her again. Even I know that!"

"Yes, and if you don't keep it down, she and her jaffa will find us," carter reminded them in a whisper. Daniel glanced at her and then back at Jack. The jaffa were almost at the 'gate with their queen.

"Jack, please! We have to get her away from them. We don't have to kill them. I don't want to kill them. We just knock them out or immobilize them."

"And what about Sha're? The Goa'uld probably has one of those hand thingies, and she could probably knock us all out easily."

Daniel winced. "Well…we'll have to knock her out to…somehow…" He didn't look happy about that part at all, but he appeared to know that if they were going to do this they would have no choice.

Jack looked at his friend for the longest moment he dared to take, before finally realizing that he couldn't say no. he looked around at Carter and Teal'c. "All right. On my mark, everybody fire. And…yeah, try not to kill the jaffa, but if it happens it's not the end of the world, and obviously don't hit Sha're anywhere critical. We just need the Goa'uld out."

Daniel swallowed. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, now be quiet and get ready to shoot." Daniel nodded and nervously pulled out his berretta. Jack hefted his M-15, as did Carter. Teal'c primed his staff weapon. "Uhm…Teal'c, I said let's try not to kill them, not 'let's fry their brains'."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. "I am not aiming for their heads, O'Neill."

Jack shook his head. "Nevermind." To himself he muttered. "This is crazy…"

"Jack, they're dialing the 'gate!" Daniel said urgently.

He turned to look. "Great. They're distracted. Let's move….now!" he jumped up and over the bushes, letting bullets fly. They had to get closer or none of this would do much good.

Carter jumped out after him, firing, and Daniel followed readily, but shooting hesitantly. Teal'c just stood where he was and started firing.

Two of the jaffa went down almost immediately, one from Jack's gunfire and another from a staff blast wound to the leg. Both were down and out, but the other two fired back. The Goa'uld spun and glared at them. Carter ducked and came back up, knocking out another one. Teal'c downed one more. That was half of them. Daniel was out on the edge of it, firing one round after another at a single jaffa who didn't seem to be affected at by it at all. Jack took that one down before he could take Daniel's head off with his staff weapon.

Unfortunately, that also brought the Goa'uld's attention to Daniel. When she looked at him, he froze, and Jack wanted to scream at him to move. But there were three more jaffa who were pushing their queen back toward the cover of the trees, still firing at them and avoiding being shot. They continued to keep SG-1 at bay, but the Goa'uld stepped out from behind them and raised a gold-covered hand, her eyes flashing.

"Daniel, look out!" Carter shouted.

"Daniel Jackson!" Teal'c warned.

But he didn't move in time. He was close enough to the trees that the blast of energy from the hand device blew him back into them. Jack didn't see where he landed, but he did hear a sickening thud. And then the Goa'uld started in after him.


He started to follow her, knock her out somehow, but his attention was diverted again when something slammed into his left arm. He cried out and his knees dropped from under him, and he realized that he'd been hit. It wasn't serious, he didn't think…but it hurt like heck.

"Sir!" That was Carter.

"I'm fine!" he yelled back. He saw Teal'c take out two more, and Carter ram the but end of her gun into the face of the last one. All eight jaffa were out now, and the Goa'uld and Daniel were nowhere in sight. Jack heard Carter and Teal'c hurrying toward him, but his vision was going dark.

"I'm fine…find Daniel and the Gould…" he grunted. Then the gravel came up to meet him and the world went black.

The blast blew him back into the trees, and he stopped only went a thin but sturdy tree trunk ended up right in his way. His back hit it and stopped, but his arms kept going. There was a horrible pain in one shoulder, he heard himself scream, and everything went abruptly dark.

When Daniel jerked back to consciousness, he was on the ground against the tree trunk. His head was pounding, his back ached, and his right shoulder was on fire. That was when he realized that the shoulder was dislocated. It was also when he remembered that he had seen Sha're, and just why he was laying here like this.

Coughing, Daniel sat up, almost, holding onto the dislocated limb. He didn't hear gunfire, or staff weapon blasts, and hoped that wasn't a bad thing. Hopefully it meant Jack and Sam and Teal'c had gotten the others. He hoped Sha're would be all right. Maybe he had been out longer than he thought, and they would come looking for him any moment. They had to have seen what happened to him.

Footsteps crunched in the leaves nearby, and he should have noticed that they were too light to be Jack's or even Sam's, but he was still a little out of it--not to mention in too much pain. No, he didn't realize until he'd looked up hopefully that it wasn't help that was coming.

His breath stopped again. It was Sha're--or rather, whatever Goa'uld controlled her. She stopped only a few feet in front of him and scowled.

"You," she snarled.

Daniel swallowed. "Sh-Sha're…"

"That was my host. Nothing of the host survives," she glared. She came closer, and he tried to get up, but ended up falling back against the tree with a cry of pain. The Goa'uld reached down, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up. The movement pulled on his shoulder, and the pain came out in a word.

"No!" He tried to struggle, but it hurt too much, and he ended up hanging from her grasp, gasping. She shoved him back against the tree trunk, and her left hand came up over him face. "No--ah!" Her hand device activated in his face, and what little hold he still hand on the ground vanished when his legs turn to jelly. The Goa'uld smirked at him, but he only perceived it vaguely through the agony spearing his head.

But Sha're had to be in there somewhere. The host couldn't just be gone. That couldn't be true…

Through his own helpless gasps, Daniel heard the Goa'uld laughing. "Now that I have this chance, I can eliminate you--and the rest of your nuisance of a 'team', the other two Tau'ri. The Shol'va will be brought to Apophis for punishment."

He wanted to reply, but found himself unable to speak anymore. All he could do was stare up at her, into the beam. No…it can't end this way, after we've looked for you for so many months…I can't die now…not without freeing you! By now his vision was fuzzing out, and he knew he wouldn't last much longer. Sha're!