Summary: AU. Phoebe didn't loose the baby. Cole came back from the Wasteland, as he did in the show. Phoebe tells him to stay away from her and that she never wants to see him again after what he;d put her through. He chooses not to fight back and try to show her she loves him. Instead, he followed her wishes and leaves her alone. He proposes a custody agreement where one parent got complete full custody and wouldn't be required to allow the other parent to see the baby. They chose to have the custody battle before the baby's birth. Phoebe and her sisters were confident that they would win and agreed to it, knowing they would be rid of Cole forever. However, the court ruled in Cole's favor because he had better conditions for raising a child. The court decided that due to living conditions, the baby was to live with Cole, and it was up to him, if he wanted to let Phoebe see the kid. He decided that since Phoebe made it extremely clear she never wanted to see him again, and that, had she won, she wouldn't have allowed him to see the baby, he wouldn't allow her to see the baby. As soon as the baby was born, Social Services came and took away the baby. They gave her to Cole. Phoebe has only seen her own child once, when she gave birth. She didn't even get to name her. Piper owns Quake and P3. Paige still works at Social Services, and has been trying to get Phoebe's kid back for the past 3 years, unsuccessfully. The baby is now almost 4 years old.


A 3 year old woke up on a Sunday morning. Her dark hair was in what were supposed to be braids, but her father hadn't been very successful at making them. She was in her daddy's bed. It wasn't very strange, in fact. Whenever she wanted to talk about her mother, or if she had a bad dream, her father would carry her off to his bed and talk with her until she fell asleep. She always felt safe when she slept with him because her father was strong and he would never let anything hurt her, he'd told her so himself. She was his little princess and he loved her and he'd never allow anything to hurt her and that was why being around him always made her feel safe. She didn't have a mommy like other little children, but she had a better daddy than anyone else did, so she was lucky anyway. She would never trade her daddy for anything.

Last night, she wanted to talk about her mother.

Cole looked down at his beautiful little daughter. She always asked him the same questions about her mother and he always gave her the same answer but he guessed it was comforting to her, to talk about her mother. He never lied, about anything, to his daughter. He valued her more than his own life, and if he could pass his invincibility to her instead, he would do so.

Yet, everytime he looked at her, he would feel the sorrow and pain of loosing Phoebe. It would be enough to make him resent her if he didn't love her so much. His daughter brought so much happiness into his life that he could not focus on the negatives surrounding her birth. He loved Phoebe. He probably always would, but he guessed her happiness was worth loosing her over. He wouldn't have fought so hard to gain sole custody if she hadn't threatened that he'd never see his daughter because she never wanted to see him again. He saw his daughter's eyes flutter open, "Morning, daddy."

Cole smiled at the little girl, "Good morning, my little princess." His daughter giggled at his name for her and he placed a kiss on her small forehead. Her stomach grumbled and she looked up at her father guiltily, "I'm hungwie." Cole laughed and picked up his daughter, taking her to her own room. "Come on, angel. Let's get you dressed and we'll go get something to eat. Would you like that?" The little girl nodded as he dressed her. He remembered how difficult it had been at first. He was much better at undressing that he was at dressing. Now, he had the hang of it. He only had the hair to master, but he hoped that would be achieved in time for the start of school.

She watched television while he went into his room and dressed himself. He heard Regis' voice and laughed at the idea of a three year old watching 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' Yet, he knew how smart his daughter was. She always seemed to memorize all the answers on the show and acted more mature than children twice her age. He sighed, he should've never let her watch these shows. She was going to grow up too fast. Yet, she never seemed content with Barney or other kids shows.

He walked out of his bedroom and picked up his little girl. They eventually made their way down to the Porsche, a new one that Cole got when he became a father - the 911 Carrera Cabriolet in black. He pulled up to Quake. He knew Piper used to work here, and that was how he knew of Quake to begin with, but it was safe to go there now. She hadn't set foot in Quake since she purchased P3 and it was under new ownership now anyway. His precocious daughter, who was always asking questions, asked "Daddy, what's this place called?"

He'd noticed quickly that his daughter always liked to know everything. She was a lot like him in that way. He was glad for the pendant he'd created to control her powers in, because if she was anything like him, it would take a while to learn how to use them, especially when most of them were evil. He had a hard enough time fighting demons and keeping them away from her, taking her powers away made it harder for her to be found. If anything, no one dared to attack him anymore, not after he'd proven his immortality. Attempts were clearly futile. In any case, his daughter was filled with too much goodness to ever even consider taking over as the Source. He'd been worried, the child had commanded Phoebe to do some evil things when it was inside her, but it was without cause. His daughter might as well be an angel.

"It's called Quake, sweetie." His daughter smiled at him, "Like earf quake, right daddy?" "Yes, like earthquake," he smiles at how bright she is. He thought she would probably change the world someday, with her mind, not her powers. She didn't need them or the temptation that went along with them. As long as she wore the pendant, her powers were useless, and he made sure she wore it all the time. The only power she had was one she had inherited from him - the ability to heal her self from magical injuries. He allows his daughter to run in front of him and up to the hostess. They are seated at table three. Cole reads the kids' menu to his daughter because, as smart as she is, it was impossible for her to read so much so soon. She already knew her alphabet, shapes, colors, and how to spell aardvark. She knew to read 'red', 'cat', 'hat' and 'bat'. She could even write her full name down, which, considering how long it was, was a great accomplishment. She also knew all fifty states and where they were on the map, something he thanked his assistant for. Having a gay man who loved children was essential to a guy who brought his daughter to work nearly all the time.

Daycare was fine, but who knew if those people could be trusted? He only sent her three out of the five days in a week. He knew it at least gave her some social interaction and independence. Granted, it was a daycare for those who worked in his building, so she wasn't very far, but it felt nice to give her a bit of freedom. He liked it best when she was in his office with him or his assistant though.

"Table 3!" It was a common occurrence to hear table numbers shouted. It simply meant that a new table was seated or the order was completed. Piper realized someone had to go serve the people, and being bored as she was, she decided to do it herself. She took a notebook and a pen, leaving the kitchen for the first time that day. Two dark haired people sat at table three. She could only see the adorable little girl. She looked like a doll. Her hair was a deep chocolate color. Her hair was in two haphazardly made pig tails. She wore an adorable red dress and Piper could see her silver shoes from under the table. She asks the little girl, "Hey Cutie Pie, are you ready to order?"

The girl smiles at her and looks as if she is pondering. Piper watches with a smile as the little girl scrunches her eyebrows before finally nodding her head and announcing, "Chikn and mashed. Daddy?" They both look to the girls father who is looking at the menu. Piper's mouth drops open in shock, "Cole?"

He looked up from the menu to see Piper looking at him. He knew that voice was familiar. He hadn't wanted to believe it. This wasn't supposed to happen! Dammit. These people were supposed to stay away from him and his daughter. He smiled, "Hey Piper, what's up?" It wasn't as if Piper was Phoebe. He most certainly wouldn't be capable of seeing Phoebe, but Piper, she was alright. Her eyes got a bit teary. Cole resisted the urge to groan. He was used to his daughter crying but he still didn't know how to handle grown women crying. He saw her visibly choke back tears,"Is this her?" He couldn't lie to her, and he knew she already knew the answer, so he simply nodded as she turned to look at his daughter again, "My God, she's beautiful." The little girl smiled and said, "Thank you, you are very pretty." Piper smiled through her tears at her niece. Cole, sensing that he should say something, says, "Princess, this is your auntie Piper."

The little girl smiled widely and seemed to gain energy as she spoke,"Hi Auntie Piper, do you know my mommy? My mommy has two sisters, are you her sister?"

Piper chuckled. She almost couldn't believe what was happening. Her niece and former brother-in-law were here, sitting in her restaurant. She could not believe her ears, how much did she know of her mother? Had Cole honestly been telling his daughter about her mother all this time?

"Yes, sweetie, I am. What's your name?" "My name is Prue." Piper's smile widened as she looked to Cole.

"Prudence Melinda Turner." Piper was more than confused. Why would Cole, who'd been nothing but a jackass through this whole ordeal, name the girl after her aunt? "You named her after Prue and Melinda Warren" He nodded, "I hope that isn't your daughter's name. That could be strange somewhere down the line, if …." She noticed that he never completed the sentence. She understood now why he did everything he had done. She knew he probably would never be able to face Phoebe after she'd broken his heart. Yet, she wished he would see her reasoning! She wished he'd continued his sentence and given her hope that the cousins would grow up knowing each other. Piper sighed, "Actually I have a boy. His name is Wyatt Matthew Halliwell." Cole smiled, "Wow, that's great Piper, congratulations. I'm happy for you." Piper smiled, allowing herself to accept Cole. Maybe, if she made nice with him,and little Prue asked about her, they would establish contact. Perhaps Phoebe could even seen her daughter. "Thank you. For naming her Prue, too. I'm sure Phoebe would've done the same."

He hesitated and then asked, "I know… How is Phoebe?" Piper dried her eyes and felt some anger rise in her. How dare he! He'd ruined Phoebe's life and taken her child away from her. Her tone was biting when she said, "She's holding up. I'm sure she wishes she could see her kid but yeah, other than that, peachy." Cole looked down at his plate guiltily. Good, he should feel guilty.

It was another hour before Cole and little Prue left Quake. Piper didn't try to talk to him again, not wanting to irritate him and ruin any chance of further communication. She felt some hope when she saw the 50% tip he left her. Either he felt guilty or he was truly sorry for what he'd done, either way, Piper hoped it would work to her advantage. She wanted to know the sweet little girl. She left almost immediately after her former brother-in-law did. She needed to talk to Paige as soon as humanly possible.

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