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Authors Note: Fist few chapters will be one incident a year, however when it gets to the sixth year that's where the story will probably settle. Story begins when Snape has just started to teach at Hogwarts.

Summary: Teaching shouldn't have been so difficult. However, he'd never anticipated that he'd be bewitched by an insufferably happy child. Yet, he wouldn't have her change for anything, even if it meant tearing his heart a new one and breaking one of the only rules that applied to Professors.


Chapter 1: Ponderings Of The Maddened

Samara was 10 minutes early to Potions. Like always, the door was locked, something Professor Slughorn would have never done. She found it a little hard to adjust to the new Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin. He wasn't as cheerful as Slughorn usually was. He seemed to be a rather mean and cruel man.

She sighed, sitting down on the floor in the hallway. She crossed her legs and pulled out her Potions book, opening it to where she'd left off. However, before she commenced reading she grabbed one of the several think black ponytails on her arm and twisted her long, straight, black hair into a sloppy bun. It was so she could keep her hair out of her hazel eyes while she read.

But like always, two strands of hair escaped her bun and framed each side of her face. As a result of having bangs when she was younger, these strands of hair only reached to about her chin and where forever elusive of any type of binding. Something Samara was quite used to by now and actually preferred.

Samara looked up when she felt someone cast a shadow on her reading. "Good morning Professor Snape," Samara said smiling. From where she sat, the already tall Potions Master looked like a giant. Greasy curtains of shoulder length hair framed his sallow face. A hooked nose protruded from between jet black eye that looked cold and most distant.

Severus raised a brow as she stared at the small second year. "Get off the floor Miss Green," Severus said, causing Samara to furrow her brow. However, she did as she was told, taking her book in hand. Severus didn't bother to watch her, but merely turned to his classroom door before sweeping inside.

Samara Green, no one in Slytherin was capable of earning half the points she earned with her brilliance. Neither had he ever seen any other Slytherin that was better liked by the other houses. However, she seemed the weaker like when it came to her Slytherin friends. He had to wonder at how someone like her could even get into Slytherin.

Severus had to admit that she was a very sweet and cheerful girl. She was very pretty and very friendly girl. However, after almost a year of having her as his students, all he wanted to find were her imperfections. After almost a year, all he could come up with was that she was very weak and impulsive. Perhaps she was a little naïve, idealistic and curious, though, he was unsure if he really considered those imperfections.

However, what he really hated was how light on her felt she was. Often times, she snuck up on him, her feet made no sound at all as she walked and Severus wondered if it was because she was incredibly thin and tiny. Her body seemed lost in her robes and she wasn't very tall. She hardly ever reached his mid-chest.

"Professor Snape?" Samara asked softly. Severus turned around and watched Samara taking her seat. She always kept her long hair tied up during Potions. He guessed it was to keep her hair out of her face to be better able to concentrate on her potion. However, he never failed to notice the strands on either side of her face that refused to join the rest in ponytails, half-tails, pigtails, braids, sloppy buns, or however else she decided to wear her long hair.

"Yes Miss Green?" He asked, a bit impatiently. He didn't have any patience this morning to be able to satisfy her curious nature. Samara seemed to be able to perceive this so she shook her had and took her seat. Severus was grateful for this.