Again, I do not own any part of the awesomeness of Bella Swan or Edward Cullen (or any other character).
Another ExB poem, 'cept this time it's in Bella's pov. Enjoy!

Emotions flowing through me,
Like water in a river.
The look you give me,
Makes me shiver.

My hand moves slowly,
Reaching for your face.
The look in your eyes,
Can never be replaced.

You grasp my hand,
And pull me in.
I can finally feel,
The silk of your skin.

Ice surrounds me,
As I'm engulfed in your arms.
Another one of your,
Subconsciously cast charms.

You whisper in my ear,
Three words of tranquility.
With me in your embrace,
You move with unknown agility.

Your face is so close,
Your lips are so rich.
It's not my fault,
If I become bewitched.

I'm leaning into you,
Or is it you into me?
Nothing else matters,
Except what I see.

As we kiss,
Your lips are the key.
And I know this love,
Is meant to be.

©2007 Taichi-Yamato4ever