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He was a fighter, that much he had always known. When he was boy, he and the other boys he grew up with were always getting into fights with each other. When he was nine, one of the older kids, a 14 year old, cornered him on his way home and 'taught him a lesson.' It was the only time he was ever beat up, not that he would admit it. Since that day, he had been working tirelessly to improve himself, to be better than anyone else.

When he was a teenager, other boys thought he has wasting time, always running, lifting weights, and exercising. That was, until they were the ones in trouble and needed Ronon's help. Then he was the man of the hour.

That's part of why he had joined the Satedan military in the first place. He could protect his planet, and he was damn good at it. His adult life had been spent fighting the Wraith, who seemed to have a strange, if not alarming, interest in Sateda. After they had destroyed him home and hunted him, he had become so used to fighting them for what they had done, he had forgotten how it was to fight on a team.

Then he met her. It probably wasn't the most dignified start to a friendship, him tying her up and all. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Ronon mused to himself. Now, he deeply regretted how he first treated her. Though, it was that act that brought her into his life.

Now he was part of the team. That took some getting used to. He hadn't fought for something in a long time. Sure, he was fighting the Wraith, but that wasn't something he was fighting for, that was something he was fighting against. Now he had a reason to fight other then personal vengeance, he had her.

Teyla had kept him grounded. Even when they had first met, she had that effect on him. No one had been able to do that to him before. It was unnerving and irritating. Slowly though, his irritation ebbed away into appreciation. He couldn't pinpoint the exact minute it happened, but suddenly one day it hit him like a blow to the face in one of their sparring sessions, he loved her.

Ronon rolled over in the bed and Teyla's sleeping face entered his line of vision. Her eyelids fluttered slightly in her sleep. Ronon smiled to himself and lightly brushed her hair out of her eyes.

He hadn't been looking for this to happen. In fact, he had never imagined it would. Well of course he had imagined, but that's all he thought of it, idle fantasies of a bored mind. He never thought the thoughts and dreams she provoked from him would damn near turn into reality.

True, not all of them did. He had had one particularly odd dream about Teyla, himself and a few Atlantis crew members…It involved scuba diving for a hidden treasure of tava beans and creating a football team of radioactive fish…And truth be told, that was one he was glad he never saw in his conscious life.

Teyla's face glowed, even in the dark bedroom they shared. Ronon ran his thumb softly across her jaw line, careful not wake her. He wanted nothing more than to protect her, keep her safe and away from any pain. He laughed to himself, Like she'd ever let me. She'd smack me just for suggesting she needed it.

Sure, he had saved her life a few times, no more than she deserved. Then of course, she saved his life right back.

He smiled down at her, curled into his side. He marveled and how perfectly she fit there, and how natural it felt to have her next to him. He squeezed her closer to him and buried his face in her hair. She still smelled fresh.

Teyla stirred in Ronon's arms and looked up, questioningly.

"Is everything all right?" She asked, trying to hide the sleep from her voice. And failing.

Ronon leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"Yeah, go back to sleep. Everything's great."