Title: What Life to Choose?

Disclaimer: All hail the great Tolkien, of whom I cannot compare to. This is a work of fanfiction.

Rating: PG

Summary: What every peredhel must choose. Written for the OAA prompt—Life.

What Life to Choose?

What life to choose?

What life is right?


A peredhel must make a choice—


Or mortality.


To be immortal is to live until the world ends,

To see the years of Arda pass,

To encounter many things,

To feel ageless, endless,



To be mortal is to live until you die,

To see only a few years,

To encounter fewer things,

To feel age, temporary



What choice is the better one?

Which will give you the greater reward?


An immortal grows weary of life,

Life that he has lived for so long,

Wishing it may end.


But a mortal longs for eternal youth,

Life that is infinite,

Wishing it could go on.


Immortals never forget;

They remember everything a person has done,

Who helped them,

Who wronged them.


Mortals will always forget.

Once they die, they have no more memory,

And others will also soon forget them.


Eternity or ephemerality?

Unending days or numbered days?


Immortality or mortality?


Peredhel, man lîn?

Na Alfirin egor fireb?

The End


Peredhel – half-elf

Man lîn? – What is your choice?

Na – to be

Alfirin – immortal

Egor – or

Fireb - mortal