Disclaimer: I do not own the Suite Life of Zack and Cody otherwise it wouldn't be safe for young children to watch

Disclaimer: I do not own the Suite Life of Zack and Cody otherwise it wouldn't be safe for young children to watch.

A/N: I have a couple things I want to say:

This fan fiction will contain twincest in later chapters (for those who for some reason don't know what that is, it's incest between twins). If you do not like twincest then don't read this fan fiction and lecture me on why twincest is disgusting. I rated this M for a reason.

I just recently got into this series so forgive me for not including characters and adding O.C.s. My O.C.s will just be minor.

Chapter 1

Come on you can do this. Cody thought as he stood outside the room where the school was holding it's first Gay-Straight Alliance meeting. Cody didn't think he was gay, for he still liked girls, but recently he had been having dreams about making out with his brother Zack. Cody didn't think much of the dreams at first, until he woke up one morning to find Zack standing over him, asking why Cody was moaning the words "Oh Zack!" over and over again in his sleep while hugging and kissing his pillow. Cody was embarrassed that Zack had heard (as well as seen) all of that and immediately tried to deny it. Zack's reaction however, was not what Cody expected. To Cody's surprise, Zack wasn't disgusted, but he had a blank expression on his face, and then he turned and walked out of their room. After that, things had been slightly awkward between him and Zack, which was part of the reason Cody had decided to go to this meeting.

"Hey there," said a voice that startled Cody "thinking about joining?" Cody turned to find a female teacher, whom he had never seen before, standing right behind him. She had short hair, and looked rather young, but Cody could tell she was a teacher, because of her nametag. This teacher also sort of looked like a guy, but her voice was female.

"Uh, I was just uh………" Cody stammered "It's okay if you want to join, we will keep it confidential until you're ready to come out." said the teacher.

"Umm, can I ask you a question?" asked Cody

"Sure, what?" "Well um, are you uhhh…"stammered Cody again, but he didn't have to finish because the teacher smiled and nodded

"When did you realize you were?" Cody asked again.

"Well," answered the teacher "I was about your age. I didn't think I was at first, I mean I had a great boyfriend, but one night one of my friends told me that she was in love with me, and then she kissed me. It was the best kiss of my life, and we've been going strong since."

"Oh that's…cool…I guess…"said Cody, thinking about how he would be able to tell whether he was gay or not, it wasn't like Zack would do the same to him.

"Since I've told you my story, why don't you tell me yours before we go in?" suggested the teacher.

That brought Cody back to earth. "Uhh… well I'm not really gay."

"That's ok you don't need to be, but I can tell there's more that you are not telling me." she replied

"Well, I don't know if…" said Cody unsure of whether to tell her or not.

"You can tell me I promise to keep it confidential," said the teacher.

" We-ell," said Cody trying to figure out how to tell her. "I've been having these weird dreams about making out with my bro- I mean, this guy, and well I didn't mind it at first, until one night he was…um…over, and he said he over heard me saying his name, and…kissing my pillow. So now things are awkward between us, and I don't know what to do."

"Well do you love him?"

"Of course he's my broth-I mean…I'm not sure."

The teacher gave him a funny look, but said, "Why don't you just tell him."

"What if he doesn't accept me?" asked Cody

"Well you won't know until you try, you know he might even like you too."

"How would you know?"

"Why else would it be awkward with him?" said the teacher with a wink "Now come on, let's go in."

But Cody only heard her first sentence. He was busy thinking. Yeah I can tell Zack, but it doesn't mean I have to tell him that it's about him and me I can just say it's someone else…no I can't lie, I'll just tell him straight up.

"Um, are you coming in?" asked the teacher, while she opened the door.

Cody came back to earth, "Actually, I just remembered I have to get home I have a lot of homework." He said not even thinking about doing his homework.

"Alright then, you can come talk whenever you want, by the way I'm Ms.Carter, but you can call me Laura."

"I'm Cody," replied Cody still thinking "Well bye and thanks!" Cody called while heading out the door

"Anytime!" called Laura as she watched Cody leave.

Later, Cody had made it back to the Tipton, and had finally realized what he wanted to say. Okay, I'm just going to be honest and tell him, and maybe he will understand. Cody got to the suite he shared with his mom Carey, and his brother. Cody took a deep breath and opened the door. "Zack, I need to talk to you…"

End Chapter

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