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Chapter 6

It was Wednesday, four days since the DATE. Also four days since the twins had last made love. That Sunday after Carrie wanted to spend the day with them and Monday they had to go back to school and Cody had focused on his homework as usual, as well as doing extra projects for the "fun of it." This took up a lot of time and Zack was getting frustrated. It irritated him that every time he was in the mood, Cody would push him away, claiming that they both had homework to do

Cody's already done his homework though thought Zack. Although he himself was struggling as usual he couldn't understand why Cody wouldn't let him put his homework aside, so they could just mess around for a bit.

"Because you have a history test coming up." said Cody suddenly from the table where he was ding his extra credit science project on mushrooms. "How is it you always know what I am thinking?" asked Zack. Cody smiled "I guess it's a "twin thing" Zack smiled and shook his head that his own words were used against him. He turned back to his history books when suddenly a thought just crossed his mind.

"Hey Cody?" Zack said looking back up at his brother

Cody hesitated before replying "Yeah Zack?

"Can you come help me? This isn't making sense"

Cody sighed "Zack it's about the American Revolution, remember when you had that weird dream about the Boston Tea Party you told us about?"

Zack shuddered "I remember Bob was wearing petticoats and a frilly dress. That was disturbing! It would have been nicer if I would have dreamed of you wearing that."

"Well keep dreaming, because I'm not gonna cross-dress again, not even for you!" Cody said although he was blushing.

"Oh, come on!" replied Zack, "You actually make a very cute girl. Remember that time we almost won the beauty pagent. "

This made Cody blush even more, partially because Zack said he looked cute, and partially because at the end of the beauty pagent when he pulled out so that girl Rebecca could win the money Zack decided to enter in his place, thus also dressing as a girl, which was also very cute.

Zack smiled when he saw Cody blushing and in a daze, probably...no Zack knew his twin was remembering the pagent. "From that look on your face I guess I was a cute girl too." he said with a evil grin

Cody snapped out of it, and looked at Zack embarrassed "Do your homework" he ordered

Zack had to laugh that his younger brother was bossing him around cute he thought. "I can't," he responded "I still need help."

"What do you need help with?"

"I having trouble reading these words, maybe you could read it to me?" Zack replied with a smile

Cody rolled his eyes and walked over to Zack. He usuallydidn't like doing Zack's homework for him, but he had a feeling Zack would keep bugging him, and he did want to get his project done. "OK where are you at?"

"Right here." Zack said pointing to the chapter he was supposed to read.

Cody began reading, however Zack wasn't listening, slowly he put his arm around Cody. Cody paused for a bit and removed Zack's arm, then continued reading. Zack decided to do the old 'yawning and accidentally let his arm drop around the person next to him trick.' again Cody removed his arm, and this time moved away. Zack moved closer and this time put his arm around Cody's waist. Cody slammed the book shut.

"Hey if you're not gonna listen, then I'm not gonna help!" he said, as he tried to get up but Zack grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

"C'mon," he said "It's been a long time, I need a release to help me focus."

Cody sighed again, "But you're test is Friday."

"So?" Zack responded

"So, I don't want to be the reason you fail." Cody said "Besides all you seem to ever want is sex."

"Whaddya mean?"

"Every time we're alone, all you want to do is just have sex, when I'd rather cuddle. I bet you couldn't even go a full week without sex!" Zack stared at his twin shocked "But I've already gone four days without it." he replied "Isn't that good enough."

Cody almost laughed, but realized that Zack was serious. "Look if you can make it till Saturday, and pass your test on Friday, then sure I'll let you do whatever you want."

Zack perked up, "Seriously?" he asked

"Yes, but you have to meet both conditions, meaning you can't just go until Saturday, and get a D on your test in the process. It will have to be a C or better. And you have to do it yourself."

Zack smiled, although he knew it would be hard he still wanted to do it because of the prize he would get at the end. "Can I at least have a kiss before I start?" he asked with a pleading look

Cody smiled he couldn't help but give in "OK but just a small one." He leaned closer to his brother and brushed his lips against Zack's. However Zack grabbed him and forced his tounge into Cody's mouth. Cody pulled away

"I said 'just a small one'" he said breathlessly "Yeah, but I need the extra love if I'm going to have to go the rest of the week." replied Zack with a wink as he turned back to his books.

Cody shook his head as he watched his brother focusing. It was really cute how he furrowed his brow trying to read it. Cody then went back to his project, once he sat down he looked to see if his brother really was concentrating, then he blew a kiss at his brother and whispered "Good luck Zack, I know you can do it."

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