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Rated: T

Title: Sing a Song of Sixpence


Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye;
Four and twenty blackbirds
Baked in a pie.
When the pie was opened,
They all began to sing.
Now, was that not a dainty dish
To set before a King?

The wind began howling on a wet November night. Relentlessly blowing the yellow leaves to the ground of the Atobe estate. Atobe Keigo sat in front of his fireplace in his study, gazing at the coin he found in a book. An English sixpence, dating back to the eighteenth century. It was to be considered an antique now, rather than money. Atobe gazed at the sixpence through the light, holding it up high.

A groan was heard from the other room; Atobe turned to the large double doors and saw a dishevelled Fuji just waking up from his soft sleep. Something had been different about his boyfriend today. Atobe felt it in Fuji's attitude, it was greatly concealed but it was there nonetheless.

"Awake, Syusuke?" Atobe called, putting the sixpence in his pocket.

Fuji yawned, "Just barely."

Atobe knew better than to interrogate his boyfriend on things Fuji obviously did not want to discuss. However, that didn't stop him from being worried about Fuji.

Fuji walked up to Atobe, tiptoeing on the cold marble floor. Atobe turned around before Fuji reached him and narrowed his eyes at the new cuts on Fuji's arms and shoulders.

"Syusuke, how did you get those?"

"Oh they were nothing, just some rough practise."

Atobe counted them, some where deep and red, others merely scrapes. In all, there were twenty-four of them hidden deep within the sweetness of Fuji's skin.

The Ice King reached up to touch them. Smooth markings trailed down the almost perfect skin. Fuji shivered as Atobe's fingers traced the markings with wonder. Some were in perfect symmetry, others rough and jagged. Atobe reached up to kiss the markings.

"Tennis didn't do this, Syusuke" Atobe commented, "don't lie to ore-sama."

"Saa, if I told you, I'd have to kill you," Fuji smiled innocently, taking Atobe's hand away from the markings. He bent down to kiss his boyfriend on the lips.


"ATOBE-SAMA!" Was the first thing Atobe heard as he stepped out of his limo and into Hyoutei. By nature, he smiled and turned to the caller; the president of his fan club. She has been chasing Atobe ever since Atobe had entered Hyoutei and often is found in the tennis courts with her large banner depicting Atobe's face.

"Hello, Hatakeyama-san," Atobe levelled his gaze at the obsessive girl.

"I made you some cookies!" She held out a batch of cookies, "Well, actually… my maid helped me since the first batch turned out bad."

Since her maid helped, it should be edible, but I'd better make Kabaji eat some just in case. "Ah… thanks."

"Anything for Atobe-sama!"

Kabaji soon found Atobe and started dutifully following him around, taking his orders. Atobe sat down in the cafeteria and took out the elaborate box of cookies. He listlessly started counting them; one… two… three… Twenty-four cookies in all, perfectly made, just like Fuji's wounds.


Fuji sat underneath an oak tree that day at lunch with his close friends Kawamura. His lunch consisted of some sort of sandwich that his sister no doubt concocted out of the remnants of the fridge. As he was conversing with his friend, he couldn't help but notice a man in a black suit hovering somewhere near him. It couldn't be Atobe being over-protective; Atobe's men wore lavender or indigo suits. It had to be the same person as yesterday, the person that gave him the cuts.

"Fujiko, is it just me or has someone been stalking you lately?" Kawamura asked.

"Saa Taka-san, it's probably nothing to worry about," Fuji replied, "you know me."

"I'm not worried about you, I'm more worried about the person stalking you," Kawamura smiled earnestly.

Fuji laughed, "If he's bothering you, I'll go talk to him."

Fuji got up promptly and walked towards the man in black. The man was surprised to see Fuji approach him but quickly recovered.

"I thought that you'd leave me alone if I let you do what you were ordered yesterday," Fuji said coldly, "I only agreed because you said you would've gotten fired."

"Yes, but she said I had to prevent you from getting close to Atobe-sama."

"Oh but I am close to Kei-chan, there's nothing you can do to prevent what's already happened," came Fuji's nonchalant reply, "Yet she holds on to this false hope?"

"Do not speak of her that way."

"You're working for Hatakeyama-san, ne?"


"Of course I know, I always do. Tell Hatakeyama-san that if she values her pride, leave Kei-chan and me be."

"Ah," The man walked away from Fuji.

Fuji returned to Kawamura, smiling innocently as ever. He picked up his sandwich and took a bite without another word. Dating Atobe Keigo definitely was not a walk in the park but it had it's rewards. He had not a doubt that Hatakeyama would not bother him or Atobe again.

"Fujiko… who was that man?"

"Oh just some servant," Fuji replied.

The King was in his countinghouse,
Counting out his money;
The Queen was in the parlour
Eating bread and honey.
The maid was in the garden,
Hanging out the clothes.
Along came a black bird
And snipped off her nose!

Nothing would be a more fitting description.

A/N: Yeah, not the greatest story, couldn't really categorize this one so it's general. I got the idea from reading Godchild by Kaori Yuki, great series. Morbid. Seriously, most of the nursery rhymes are really morbid, this story was supposed to be a bit morbid but I guess it didn't come out quite right. Fuji and Atobe were out of character anyways.

Sixpence is my friend's favourite nursery rhyme and one of my favourites, so I thought it would be fitting to use it as the first one. I love the way it flows. If you have a favourite nursery rhyme, feel free to tell me and I'll see if I can write something around it.

I've always wanted to write an AtoFuji fic, I guess this is my debut. Everything here is like symbolic, there isn't really a blackbird, a king, queen or maid but it's not hard to think of who's who and what's what. If your really don't get it, just ask me in your review.