Pairings: Kisarazucest if you look closely… tho these people are young



Title:Good Night, sleep tight


Good night, sleep tight

Don't let the bed bugs bite


Separate entities, together yet apart, identical, yet different. Society has shaped the boys and they have grown apart, but their actions, thoughts and feelings are together, equal and indistinguishable.

"Good night, sleep tight, Ryou."

"Don't let the bed bugs bite, Atsushi."

Identical hands reached out to turn off the lights, identical hands brushed the long hair back from each other's faces and identical hands held each other as they glanced fearfully around the room. It was the twins' bedroom in the Kisarazu household, a small room with a queen sized bed in the middle and two desks lining the side. The twins were curled up snuggling in the queen sized bed, whispering silently.

"Bed bugs?" Asked Atsushi.

"Mother used to say that to us." Ryou reminded the younger twin.

"Do they exist?"

"I hope not."

"But if they do?"

"I dunno," Ryou glanced around nervously.

"Hey, remember Itsuki today?" Asked the other twin in an attempt to distract himself from the fear.

"Wasn't he--" Ryou started.

Atsushi grinned "-Weird about digging the hole-"

"-For the geography class, yeah." Ryou finished the train of thought.

"Soon he'll just be blowing the hole out from his nose!"

"Yeah, he might as well, the way the air comes out of it…"

"Kinda reminds me of-"

"-- a bull!" They both said together, laughing identical laughter and gripping each other's hands.

As their laughter fell short, they glanced nervously around the room again. The air in the room seemed to ripple with their fear. Outside, the wind lifted the curtains, beating around the window, causing shivers of fear to the boys in the bed.

The hand around Atsushi's tightened, "It's-"


"Should we…?"

"Close the window? Yeah…I think…"

"Let's go."

The boys shivered as they sat up, still holding each other's hands and wearing identical blue cotton sheep pyjamas, they got off the bed and took a tentative step towards the window. Logically, one should have gone while the other one waited but the horror of independence and being alone rendered them incapable of sense.

"It's hard." Atsushi commented.

"Won't budge." Ryou frowned.

They were still holding each other's hand, using two arms to close the window instead of four.

"It's cold."

"I know."

"I'm scared."

"Me too."

Ryou finally let go of Atsushi's hand and four hands reached out to pull down on the window. The twins screwed up their face in concentration, and using all the strength young boys could muster, they finally managed to close the window. Jointly, they held hands and went back to the bed together.

"Remember-" Atsushi said again.

"The nightlight-" Ryou, once again, read Atsushi's mind.

"We used to have-"

Ryou grinned, "Dinosaurs."

"Spaceships." Atsushi grinned back the identical grin.



"D'you remember, Atsushi, we used to tell each other alien stories in bed."

"Like the one-" Atsushi recalled.

"About Zonko-kun the Martian!"

"Who liked to drink tea-"

"With milk-"

"And sugar."

The twins shared their identical laugh again for a couple of minutes, and then became serious, gazing into each other's eyes.

Atsushi sighed, "I wish we had nightlights."

"We're older now, we don't need nightlights." Ryou declared.

A crack of wood rendered the twins immobile for as long as young boys could indeed be immobile. Both faces were frozen in identical fear until a jerk made Atsushi wince.

"Ow, Ryou, you just kicked me."

"Sorry, could help it."

"Never mind, what was that sound?"

Ryou looked earnestly into Atsushi's eyes, indistinguishable from his, "I dunno…" And they fell quiet for a moment.



"Still awake?"

"Yeah… what?" Ryou mumbled irritably.

"Ryou! Ryou!"

Ryou saw the terrified look on Atsushi's face and quickly scrambled to look were Atsushi was gazing now with intensity.

"Bed bugs?" Atsushi mouthed silently, pointing at a dark shadow on the wall.

"Don't be silly, Atsushi, bed bugs aren't that big." Ryou said uncertainly, trying to convince himself as well as Atsushi.

"Really, Ryou, are they small?"

"I don't think they exist but if they do, we'll just use our bunny-chan slippers and beat them!" Ryou smiled encouragingly at his younger twin. Atsushi seemed to accept that idea.

"Okay!" Atsushi's yawn turned into a grin, "let's sleep now."

The twins yawned at the same time. "Night." Identical voices whispered.

And all became quiet.


Good night, sleep tight

Don't let the bed bugs bite

And if they do

Just take your shoe

And beat them till

They're black and blue!

A/N: Yeah, I think you'd be able to tell that this occurred years before the Prince of Tennis series took place, they were wayyy younger here. Let's say around… 4-7? Maybe older than four, around 6-11 since they used to tell each other stories and that was probably around 4 or 5 (They do act obscenely childish…but then they CAN be scared of bugs even if they're guys). I'd like to think the Kisarazu twins used to be really close cuz that's just cute. I can just picture mini-Kisarazu twins in their blue sheep pjs holding hands and trying to close the window. It's such a cute picture. –Fangirl kyas- n.n Oh, btw, Ica like died, so I edited it myself.

BTW, Ral calls Atsushi Sushiboi for obvious reasons… random info.