Slowly his eyes blinked open in the early morning's haze. They would have to start moving soon if they wanted to connect back to the main force. The man rolled over with a heavy sigh, his piercing eyes, stare up at the permanently gray and cloudy sky like laser beams. With a slow exhale he closed them again.

It wasn't always like this. He was sure that, at some point in his life; things had been much different. Sometimes he would have dreams, that he could never fully remember or understand when he woke up; but that didn't stop him from trying.

'A flash of yellow—the sound of a radio—bright blue eyes—a shriek of terror and pain—the resounding crunch of metal against metal...'

"Sam?", a gruff but sleepy voice echoed in his head; He tried to ignore it, tired to focus his thoughts on the dream he had had. What had He been dreaming of?

"Sa--!" The warm metal body that he had been laying on shifted abruptly, and he rolled off with a light umph.

"Are you alright? You're leaking." the deep, resounding voice of his comrade inquired.

With a frown, he slowly brought his small, but sturdy metal limb to his face. He was indeed leaking. 'I wonder why?' he briefly thought as he looked up at his dark silver friend as if he might know the answer.

Numbly his mind tried to think past the thick sea of blurriness that always seemed to encase it. No the dream was gone, and with the thousand conflicting thoughts. It was time to start moving, he knew that but his mind was stubbornly trying to pull him back to something. Something what was it?

A small and almost unnoticeable jolt went through his mostly metal, and wire frame. Slowly he looked into the the face of his partner, a distant and semi-vacant look was in his eyes as his mouth opened and with slow deliberation words tumbled out, "Ironhide, who is Sam?"