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Give my memory back!

A young girl stood in the middle of a grand throne room. Her eyes were filled with tears. She wore all black, and her brown hair hung limply at her shoulders. She started at the white box in front of her. The box that now held her father.

"Why Papa?" She wondered sadly. She cast upon the memory of finding him in the rose garden, dead on the ground. She had screamed so loudly, the neighboring kingdom had even sent guards to her aid. The ninja of her father's court had latter told her stepmother, the queen, that a single kurini to the head from a distance had done the job.

Mitsuki had taking over the kingdom as soon as the king was officially pronounced dead. And then she began to change. The young girl all was knew Mitsuki didn't like her. But Mitsuki become unusually cruel to the princess.

"TENTEN!" Mitsuki's high pitched voice broke the silence. Tenten turned and walked to her stepmother's quarters. As she walked, she pasted many of the servants who had helped her father raise her after here mother's death.

"Princess," A maid with red hair stopped her outside Mitsuki's door. Tenten turned to face the woman who had been her mother figure for fourteen out of her sixteen years. "Your mother is up to something, be careful." Tenten only nodded.

Opening the large wooden door, Tenten entered what had been her father's room. Days ago, it had been a room of wisdom. Now it looked like a gaudy nightmare. Mitsuki was terribly over indulgent.

"You wanted to see me mother?" Tenten asked. Her long black dress dragging along the marble floor. The blond woman looked up from the letter she was writing.

"Yes, I have very important news!" Mitsuki said. She signed her letter, and then pressed the family seal onto the letter. "There its official!" She handed the paper over to Tenten. She took the smooth paper in her small hands and began to read. Her eyes got very large.

"I-I don't understand!" She said.

"It means what it says." Mitsuki stated.

"But, but this means that-"

"That I am selling you to another kingdom as a slave." Mitsuki said flatly. She snatched the paper from the girl's hand.

"No one will bye a princess of a kingdom as powerful as this!" Tenten spat at her stepmother.

"But they will if they don't know you're a princess." Mitsuki said soothingly. "Anyway, I am not really sealing you, I am giving you as a gift to a king in a kingdom so far away that he has no idea what happens here."

"But, but why?" Tenten asked. She began to back away from Mitsuki. But Mitsuki only came closer.

"I want to rule this kingdom. And bye law, since I am not royal blood, I won't get to rule. If I knew that, I never would have killed your father." Mitsuki stated. Tenten widened her eyes and backed up until her back hit a wall.

"But, but Nikko-san said a ninja killed Papa!" Tenten trembled. She had all was been afraid of her stepmother. Now she was terrified.

Mitsuki smiled an evil smile before bringing her hands in front of her chest.

"I was once a ninja. But I was only good at one thing, aiming and throwing kurini. And rearranging and removing memories." She performed several hand signs and stepped up to Tenten's face.

Tenten looked into the eyes of the woman she had at one time loved. But now, she could feel only hate.

"You want forget everything. You won't forget your name, or that you were born in this kingdom. And that's about it." Mitsuki explained as she placed her two fingers on Tenten's pale forehead.

Tenten felt her childhood being ripped from her head. Then darkness over took her. Mitsuki grabbed her child. And smirked. She dragged her over to the couch and placed her on it. "Katherine!" She called. The red haired maid came in. "Dress her in a dress she can get dirty in, okay?" And with that Mitsuki left the room.

Katherine had watched everything. Her eyes weld up with tears as she looked at the princess lying on the couch. "I am sorry, Tenten-Chan."

The scene fades black.

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